How to Get and Use Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

In Short
  • To unlock Homeward Thundercloud, reach level 30 and spend 2 Ancient Technology Points in the technology tab.
  • To make this item, you need 1 Dazzi Cloud, 5 Electric Organs, 2 Ancient Civilization Parts, and a High-Quality Workbench.
  • Players can use the Homeward Thundercloud from their inventory to teleport back to the nearest base.

Traveling around Palworld islands can be time-consuming if you are far away from a travel point. It becomes the need of the hour when you are stuck in an Alpha Pal fight or surrounded by the enemy syndicate. Luckily, you can now save yourself from such situations using Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld. In this guide, learn how to get and use the Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld.

How to Make Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

1. Unlock Homeward Thundercloud

Crafting the Homewards Thundercloud requires planning. Level up fast in Palworld and hit level 30 to unlock its blueprint in the technology tab. You’ll also need 2 Ancient Technology Points, obtained by defeating Alpha Pals or Tower Bosses for the first time.

Unlock Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

2. Gather Homeward Thundercloud Resources

Once you unlock the item, you will need three resources to make it. Here are all three resources and how to obtain them:

  • Dazzi Cloud (x1): Go to the Dessicated Desert and find Dazzi roaming around the area. Killing or capturing them will give you 1 Dazzi Cloud. Make sure you are above 35 levels to fight them.
  • Electric Organ (x5): Defeating or capturing any Electric-type Pal will give you the Electric Organ. You can either defeat small Sparkit or Jolthogs around the map. We recommend you keep defeating Dazzi as they also drop Electric Organ with the Dazzi Cloud.
  • Ancient Civilization Parts (x2): Find Alpha Bosses like Knocklem or Jetragon and capture them for Ancient Civilization Parts. You can also defeat low-level Alpha Pals for the parts.

3. Craft Homeward Thundercloud

Once you have the resources, follow these steps to craft the Homeward Thundercloud:

  • Head to the High-quality Workbench and press the Select Recipe button (F on PC and X on Xbox).
  • Scroll down to find Homeward Thundercloud and click Start Production.
  • After the work is done, press the Acquire button (F on PC, X on Xbox).
  • Select Recipe in High Quality Workbench
  • Start Homeward Thundercloud production in Palworld
  • Acquire Homeward Thundercloud

How to Use Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

Using the Homeward Thundercloud is quite easy. Once you have it in your inventory, click on it and press use. This will start a channeling process and after a few seconds, the screen will go blank. After the loading period, you will be back to the nearest base.

It is a single-use item so it will disappear from your inventory once you use it to teleport in-game. While using the Homeward Thundercloud, remember that you cannot use it when you are in a dungeon or Tower Boss fight. When the channeling happens, you will take damage from enemies. So, ensure you are not outright zero HP when teleporting.

Use Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld

That is how you can use Homeward Thundercloud in Palworld to teleport to the nearest base. Have you tried the item yet to save your health or time? Tell us in the comments below.

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