Palworld Lullu Location and How to Catch

One of the most docile Pals in Palworld is the latest Grass type Pal — Lullu. Paldeck no. 115, Lullu is great for work at the base, especially for growing corps. In this guide, learn the location to find Lullu and how to catch it in Palworld.

Lullu Location in Palworld

Despite being an early Pal for the latest update, Lullu is only found on Sakurajima island. When you are on this island, travel to the Moonflower Tower.

Now, on the east and west sides of the tower, you will have Lullu roaming around. They are mostly hanging in a group near the cliffs. The eastern area is where you can find them in bulk. This area is just above the mushroom biome.

Lullu Habitat and locations in Palworld

How to Catch Lullu in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Lullu in Palworld

When you are in the cliff areas of the Moonflower area on Sakurajima island, follow the steps below to learn how to catch Lullu:

  • Carry Ultimate Pal sphere: If you are going to catch Lullu, Ultimate Pal Sphere is a must item to have. If you’re trying to catch it with Legendary ones, that can take a lot of time as the capture rate is low. You can also increase your capture rate from the Anubis soul statues.
  • Bring Fire Type Pal: Lullu is a Grass Type Pal and struggles against Fire Type Pals, as per the Pal Type Chart. Moreover, it is a docile one who is bad at combats. So, make sure you do not overkill Lullu while fighting it.
  • Avoid Moonflower ninjas: The toughest job while catching Pals near the Moonflower area is the ninjas roaming around. Do not engage in a fight with them as they can cut through you quickly and make it hard for you to catch the Pal.

That is how you can find Lullu and easily catch it to complete your Paldeck in Palworld. Have you captured Lullu yet? Tell us in the comments below.

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