Palworld Crude Oil Extractor: How to Use and Top Field Locations

In Short
  • In Palworld, players will need to be level 50 to unlock Crude Oil Extractors from the technology menu.
  • To craft a Crude Oil Extractor, players need to gather 250 Pal Metal Ingots and 50 Circuit Boards. It is built on top of an active oil mound.
  • Players can also look for pre-built Crude Oil Extractor mounds near Sakurajima, Obsidian, Astral, and Desert islands.

Crude Oil is a new and important resource in Palworld that helps upgrade your character. Although there are many ways to get Crude Oil, one of the consistent ways is by using the Crude Oil Extractor. However, you can only use this tool at Crude Oil locations. So, in this guide, learn how to use Crude Oil Extractors, along with the best field locations in Palworld.

How to Make and Use Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld

Before we check out the locations, you must know how to make a Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld. You can only extract oil from oil fields after using these extractors. Here are the steps you need to follow to make and use a Crude Oil Extractor.

1. Unlock Crude Oil Extractor

The first thing you need to build the Crude Oil Extractor is to unlock it from the technology tab. To do so, level up fast in Palworld and reach 50 levels. Then, go to the “Technology” tab and unlock the Crude Oil Extractor.

Unlock Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld

2. Build Crude Oil Extractor on Oil Field

Once you unlock it from the technology tab, go to an oil field and open the build menu. Now select the Crude Oil Extractor from the Production tab.

Make sure you have 250 Pal Metal Ingots and 50 Circuit Boards in your inventory to build it. With these resources, go on top of an oil mound and place it. Make sure you have put a Palbox and build your base. You cannot build a Crude Oil Extractor outside of the base.

Building Crude Oil Extractor on oil mound

3. Use Crude Oil Extractor

Well, just building an extractor is not enough. To power it, you will need a Power generator. Use 50 Ingots and 20 Electric organs to build a Power generator.

Crude Oil Extractor use in Palworld

Once you build a generator near the extractor, use a Pal with level 3 or 4 Electricity Work Suitability (Relaxaraus Lux) on it. This will keep the generator running and Crude Oil production will start in the extractor. Once the production is done, you can collect Crude Oil. As long as your generator has electricity, it will keep extracting oil.

Key Crude Oil Extractor Field Locations in Palworld

Now that you know how to build a Crude Oil Extractor, you need to find active oil fields. There are many Crude Oil Fields in Palworld, but here are the best locations we found on different islands:

1. Sakurajima Island Crude Oil Locations

Finding active oil fields on Sakurajima island is easy as a brown patch appears on your map. But do not worry. Here are the coordinates to the best Crude Oil locations on Sakurajima island:

  • -512,170
  • -636,275
  • -373,128
  • -524,294
  • -656,325

2. Astral Mountains Crude Oil Locations

Unlike the Sakurajima island, finding oil field locations on other islands can be a bit difficult. If you are fond of snow and love to make a base near the Astral Mountains, here are some best coordinates for Crude Oil locations there:

  • -211,630
  • 146,423
  • 141,418
  • 97,420
  • -335,277

3. Mount Obsidian Crude Oil Locations

Although most of the islands have two oil mounds in these areas, Mount Obsidian has one special place where you can find three active oil mounds. This can help you produce a lot of Crude Oil faster than other areas. Here, the coordinates are:

  • -854,-454
  • -845,-386
  • -792,-635
  • -791,-658
  • -710,-733

4. Dessicated Desert Crude Oil Locations

Being a desert biome, it is obvious to find plenty of oil mounds around this island. However, not all are as good as the others to make a base around it. Here are the best coordinates for the Dessicated Desert active Crude Oil locations:

  • 314,485
  • 294,234
  • 494,478
  • 414,517
  • 375,692

That is how you can use the Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld after finding these active oil locations. Have you started farming Crude Oil yet? Tell us your favorite location in the comments below.

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