Palworld Yakumo Location and How to Catch

Sakurajima island is named after its fine garden blossomed in Sakura trees. In these gardens reside many creatures. Paldeck #121, Yakumo is a dog Pal among these creatures. Although a Neutral Pal, Yakumo can be really strong when you come across it. Want to learn how to find and catch Yakumo in Palworld? Keep reading.

Yakumo Location in Palworld

Sakurajima island is known for its moonflower garden and the Sakura shrine. You can find many Yakumo during the day around this place.

If you are on Sakurajima island, go towards the central area to find these gardens and Yakumo itself. Players using quick travel can teleport to the Moonflower tower travel point and find Yakumo in Palworld.

Yakumo location in Palworld

How to Catch Yakumo in Palworld

Tips and tricks to catch Yakumo in Palworld

Once you encounter Yakumo, make sure you’re vigilant as they can be very aggressive. They also come in packs, so it is better to not engage until they are alone. After you find one separate from its family, use the tips below to catch it:

  • Keep Legendary Pal sphere: The Legendary Pal sphere should be enough to catch Yakumo. However, you might encounter higher-level Yakumo and if you want a better chance at catching them, Ultimate Sphere is the only option.
  • Use Dark type Pal: Yakumo is a Neutral type Pal so it is easier to defeat it using Dark type Pals. You can carry Astegon or Shadowbeak with you to obliterate Yakumo. But be careful, as you would not want to kill it before throwing that Pal sphere.
  • Dodge roll when they charge: Yakumo is an easy target if you can shoot it down fast and capture it. However, if it charges towards you, use the dodge button as it can break your whole shield or armor at one charge.

Although it is a hard find, our guide will help you find Yakumo and catch it using some simple tips and tricks. Got one already? Tell us in the comments below. Also, while you are here, read our in-depth review of the Palworld Sakurajima update.

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