Is Palworld Coming to PS5 and PS4?

In Short
  • Palworld developers have confirmed in their Steam Q&A that they do not have plans for a PlayStation port as of now.
  • One of the PlayStation’s main figures, Shuhei Yoshida, congratulated Palworld's team on X (formerly Twitter).
  • When a user asked if the PlayStation team was going to help port Palworld to the console, Shuhei replied Yes.

Palworld has been breaking records ever since its launch on PC and Xbox in January. With over 19 million players across both platforms, this so-called ‘Pokemon with guns’ game has quickly become a fan favorite. However, it is not available on all platforms for now, and that naturally means a lot of players are missing out. PS5 players, in particular, are sad about Palworld not being available on the console. While there isn’t much information out there for now, let’s talk about if Palworld is coming to PS5 and PS4.

One of the things known from day one is that Palworld will not be available on PlayStation consoles. But, will it eventually come to Sony’s console? Palworld developer PocketPair has already answered this question in their Steam Q&A section.

“We don’t have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development!”

Thankfully, this hints at the fact that Palworld coming to PS5/PS4 isn’t fully out of the question just yet. Another possible tease of the devs working on a PlayStation emulation came when Shuhei Yoshida, one of PlayStation’s main figures, took to X (formerly Twitter) and congratulated the Palworld team on January 20.

Moreover, when a user replied to that post asking to help the developer team “for a faster port of Palworld” to PS5, he replied with a “Yes.”

This means Palworld could potentially come to PlayStation sooner than we imagine. Whether it is this year or in the coming years, Palworld adding PS5 and PS4 to next year’s early access roadmap will be amazing to witness.

As the game has promised to stay in early access for at least a year, it is unlikely that a PlayStation port will come within this window. With that said, you can enjoy Palworld from Steam or Xbox for now. You can also move your Xbox save to Steam if you want to migrate it.

So now you know if Palworld is coming to PS5 and PS4 or not. If you want more updates, stay tuned as we will get you the latest news as soon as it arrives.

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