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Google Docs Alternatives

 10 Best Google Docs Alternatives

Over time, our computers have gotten smaller and more portable and this phenomenon, coupled with fast internet speeds, has allowed us to work on-the-go....

Google Docs Now Uses Machine Learning to Fix Your Silly Grammar Mistakes

Google had long resisted using third-party vocabulary tools in Google Docs, adding support for Grammarly only recently. But it doesn't seem to fancy the...

Google Denies Security Breach at Google Docs Following Yandex Controversy

Google has issued a statement denying the integrity of Google Docs was compromised in any way, even as the Russian media this week reported that...

13 Cool Google Docs Tips and Tricks You Should Use

A lot of people use and prefer Google Docs over the likes of Microsoft Word, due to the simple fact that Google's offering is simple...

10 Useful Google Docs Add-ons You Should Use

Google Docs offers a robust set of tools to easily create professional documents and manage them but that's not everything it has to offer....

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