Google Docs Now Lets You Add Text Watermarks to Documents

Google Docs Now Lets You Add Text Watermarks to Documents

In September last year, Google made it possible to add image watermarks in Google Docs. The feature allowed brands and businesses to add their logos to documents with much ease. The company has now improved the feature with the ability to create your own text watermarks within Google Docs.

Add Text Watermarks to Documents in Google Docs

When you add a text watermark, it will appear on every page of the document. The feature is ideal for adding the “Confidential” or “Draft” watermark in official documents. The best part, however, is that your text watermarks are preserved when you’re importing or exporting Microsoft Word documents.

To add a text watermark in Google Docs, navigate to Insert -> Watermark -> Text and type the text. You can choose to change the font, adjust transparency and font color, make the text bold or italic, and set the watermark’s position as diagonal or horizontal. Check out the feature in action below.

Google Docs Now Lets You Add Text Watermarks to Documents
Image: Google

If you see gaps in the watermark, Google notes that it could be because of the document text’s background color. As a solution, you can choose to remove the background color of your text to see the entire watermark in the document. To remove the watermark, you should right-click the watermark and choose “Select watermark”. From the side panel that appears now, click on “Remove watermark“.

remove watermark google docs

The option to create text watermarks is available to all Google Workspace customers, alongside G Suite Basic and Business customers. The feature is getting a gradual rollout in the rapid release and scheduled release domains. The rollout started on January 24 in the rapid release domain, with scheduled release domain rollout expected on February 14. If you’re not immediately seeing it, don’t worry as it could take up to 15 days for the feature to appear on your end.

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