7 iOS 14 Leaks that I Am Most Excited About

Even though a dark cloud is hovering over WWDC 2020, and it’s all but confirmed that Apple’s showpiece event will get included in the already long list of the big events canceled due to the fast-spreading Cornoavirus, there is no let-up in the rumors surrounding the upcoming iOS 14. And, going by some of the most recent iOS 14 leaks, Apple has got several eye-popping features to show off – come this fall. Spoiler alert! While overall performance improvement seems to be the central theme of the whole affair, the tech giant doesn’t want the excitement for all-new iOS 14 to subside. If you haven’t been able to catch up with those endless trails of leaks, now is the right time to get into the thick and thin of the features that are likely to grace the next-gen iteration of iOS.

iOS 14 Leaks: 7 Features We Are Most Excited About

For those of you longing for the desired freedom to set their favorite apps as default may finally get a breakthrough. Though Apple isn’t yet going for the crazy home screen customization, some baby but notable improvements are on the cards. Heck, what are the other goodies iOS 14 has got in store? Well, it would be better to get into the heart of this iOS 14 leaks roundup to discover them.

1. List View for Apps

If you have tried your hands on Apple Watch, you would most probably be aware of the list view. Just in case you haven’t got a chance to look through this neat feature, let me tell you that it allows users to view all the installed apps in a list on Apple Watch. With its implementation in iOS 14, you can take a quick glance at all of your iPhone apps perfectly organized in alphabetical order. What’s more, it will also come with some handy filters to view app categories such as apps with unread notifications and recently used apps.

List View on Apple Watch

As someone who has tried out every iteration of Apple Watch, I’m really pleased to know that Apple is reportedly going to bring it on the iPhone. It’s going to make it much easier for users to take a glance at all the installed apps. So, no more diving deep into app folders or hopping from one screen to the other just to see what apps have you got on your iPhone!

While my wish for a full-on home screen customization akin to what exists on Android still seems to be in the wilderness, this has kind of raised hope that Apple is perhaps considering to slightly loosen up the walled garden more seriously than ever before. Though a baby step, it does augur well for more cool things to come.

2. Support for Third-party Wallpaper Packs in the Settings App

iOS boasts some of the most eye-catching wallpapers, but their biggest bane has been not the lack of impressive quality but the lack of huge quantity. Add to that the very little scope for customization and even your brand new iPhone begins to feel a year old device barely after a fortnight – at least going by the home/lock screen. And it’s this age-old Achilles heel that has made me root for the alleged integration of the third-party wallpaper packs in the setting apps.


Going by the rumor mills, Apple is expected to introduce several wallpaper categories so that you have a variety of fascinating backgrounds at the disposal to design the home screen of your iPhone. If that happens to be true, you can expect your device screen to have a more pleasant appearance (if not look eye-candy) thanks to the beautifully designed collections of themes.

3. Fitness App

Whether you are a fitness freak obsessed with having the best figure in the town or a health-conscious person (like me) always on the lookout for ways to get fitter, the upcoming Fitness app in iOS 14 should sound like a melodious song in your ears.


Rumors have it that Apple is developing a full-fledged fitness app for Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV. Packed with several fitness-related videos, the app is said to work like a personal coach to help users walk through various workouts based on their specific goals.

The forthcoming fitness app will feature a variety of different workout types such as yoga, cycling, stretching, indoor running, rowing, core training, strength training, outdoor walking, and dance. With handy tips and personalized feedback, the app will guide you to achieve your goal.  As you may have already guessed, Apple Watch will let you keep a track of the progress through workout routines.

4. All-New Augmented Reality App

With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple launched ARKit to enhance augmented reality experience on iPhone and iPad. What appeared to be a big step forward back then in 2017 has failed to live up to the hype. However, things could change dramatically in iOS 14.


According to several reports, Apple is all set to launch a new augmented reality app (codenamed Gobi), which will enable users to get information about the world around them. Featuring integrations with Apple Stores, Starbucks, and other supported services, the app is said to allow iPhone owners to quickly access information about products in the specific areas.

Moreover, the new augmented reality app may also enable users to perform several tasks using QR code tags. Reports also suggest that iBeacons or Apple’s rumored AirTags could function as the triggers for various AR experiences.

5. Setting Third-Party Apps As Default

There is no denying the fact that iOS does come with some really good apps worthy enough to remain default forever. But (unfortunately) that’s not the case with each app. If the stock Mail app still seems poorly conceived as compared to their third-party counterparts, the first-party apps like calendar, calculator, and contacts appear to be just for numbers. As for Apple Maps, the trust deficit is still so high that most iOS users can’t help going for Google Maps.

Setting Third-Party Apps As Default

And when you add Siri’s inability to even understand your accent or answer basic questions, you may wonder why Apple forces you to use the first part offerings even though they aren’t good enough. Fortunately, folks at Apple have kind of understood this inherent pain and are already working to let you set third-party apps as default.

If Apple implements this long-awaited functionality in iOS 14, you will fire up Siri to play Spotify music without twisting your command, open a web link in your preferred web browser like Chrome, and directly open an email link in Gmail. In short, iOS will no longer force you to go back to the default apps even if you don’t want to use them.

In the backdrop of criticism that Apple offers an unfair advantage to its apps over competing apps, the tech giant is giving serious thought to removing several restrictions that been alleged to throttle the competition. Should those leeways come into reality, not only will they benefit the rivals but also offer the needed flexibility to users.

6. Sleep Tracking

While there is no dearth of good third-party sleep tracking apps in the market, the desire for a first-party sleep tracker has long been on my wishlist. And if leaks are able to get their prediction right, iOS will eventually have a built-in sleep tracker (rumored for Apple Watch) integrated with the Health app. As you can expect, it will let you set a personalized sleep goal, and the stock health app will provide recommendations for improving your sleep.

Sleep Tracking in iOS 14

Both the people suffering from insomnia and the ones craving for a good night’s sleep would benefit from the sleep tracking feature. As this feature will be deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, it will be able to show more pivotal data.

7. Slack-Like Mention System in iMessage

If given a chance, I would completely bring an end to my interaction with all the third-party messaging apps that I use across platforms in favor of an omnipresent iMessage. Though Apple doesn’t seem to be in the mood to unchain its messaging app, the tech giant has been spot on in taking cues from third-party apps for all the right reasons.

Slack-Like Mention System in iMessage

If the incessant leaks hold sway, the stock messaging app will come bundled with a host of much-awaited features including slack-like mention. For those unfamiliar, it will enable users to tag contacts with their names like @arjun. It can come in super handy in a group chat, allowing users to receive notifications when mentioned directly even if they have muted the conversation.

Apple is also likely to introduce a feature that will allow users to retract iMessages after sending them. Perfect for the times where you mistakenly send a message and want to destroy it to save yourself from a huge embarrassment. Besides, the rumors about the arrival of typing indicators in a group chat and marking messages as unread are also doing the rounds. Considering how user-friendly these features are, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them!

iOS 14 Leaks and Rumours Roundup at Your Disposal

So, these are the iOS 14 leaks that have been doing the rounds for quite some time. As all of them are much-awaited, I’m sure many of you might be willing to get them sooner than later. Have I missed out on any rumored feature? Do not forget to mention it in the comments below. Also, let us know about the features that you want Apple to roll out in the upcoming iOS version.

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