This New Android 15 Feature Makes Persistent Notifications Bearable

In Short
  • Android 15 Developer Preview 1 introduced a new feature called 'Notification cooldown'.
  • This feature will gradually lower notification volume and vibrations when you receive repeat notifications from the same app.
  • It is enabled by default but can be disabled or only enabled for specific conversation apps.

The first developer preview of Android 15 did not include any big UI changes. However, one new addition piqued our interest. It’s a new Android 15 feature called notification cooldown, and it prevents your phone from repeating notifications by offering a practical solution. So, what is it, how does it work, and how do you enable it? We will answer all of these questions in this guide.

What is the Notification Cooldown Feature on Android 15?

As the name suggests, the Notification cooldown gradually lowers the notification volume and vibrations as you continue receiving notifications from the same app within a short period. This saves your phone from constantly buzzing and ringing from a barrage of incoming notifications.

Let’s say you have one of those friends who spam you with messages or are part of a chatty group conversation that keeps. Then this feature will be quite useful. However, if you are scared you might miss out on crucial notifications for certain apps then fret not. Google has thought about it as well and added an option to enable Notification Cooldown only for conversations as well.

Google has enabled this feature by default at least in this developer preview. However, we have provided a stepwise guide on how you can enable or disable this feature on your device if you have installed Android 15 Developer Preview 1 already on your Pixel device.

How to Enable Notification Cooldown in Android 15 DP1

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select Notification Cooldown.
  3. Tap on the Notification Cooldown option.
Visit Notification cooldown option from the Notifications menu in Android settings
  1. Here you will see three options to choose from. To enable this feature, pick Apply cooldown to all notifications.
  2. To use it for text chats, choose Apply cooldown to conversations.
  3. In case you decide to disable the feature completely then select Don’t use notification cooldown.
Enable or disable notification cooldown

That’s how you can turn on or off the Notification Cooldown feature on your Android device.

It is quite likely that this feature might see further improvements in the upcoming preview and beta builds. I would hope that Google adds an option to enable it on a per-app basis. Still, this feature made quite an impression and I only wish it had been introduced sooner on the platform.

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