Android 15 Codename Confirmed by Google

Android 15 Codename Officially Confirmed
In Short
  • Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is out now for Pixel devices.
  • We installed it and confirmed the codename to be "Vanilla Ice Cream".
  • Google has stuck to their usual format of naming Android versions after desserts.

After a whole lot of waiting, Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is finally out for Google Pixel devices. So, if you own a Pixel device, you can install it right now. We installed it on the Pixel 7 Pro that we had at the Beebom office, allowing us to finally confirm the Android 15 codename as “Vanilla Ice Cream”. Talks of this codename have been making rounds of the internet since last year itself. But, this is as concrete and official as it gets.

On its developer website, Google has posted a screenshot of Android Gradle plugin code which confirms the Android 15 codename.

Android 15 Codename Confirmed by Google
Image Courtesy: Google

Google has, once again, been loyal to its dessert-themed “code” naming of its latest Android versions. For those unaware, the Android 14 codename was “Upside Down Cake.” Meanwhile, Android 13 came with the codename of “Tiramisu”.

Android 15 DP1 Releasing tomorrow
Image Courtesy: Mohit Singh/Beebom

However, it was not always mere codenames, and Google actually attached the dessert name to its Android version numbers as well. For example, Android 8 was officially called Oreo, while Android 9, Pie. With Android 10, Google officially ditched the dessert-themed naming, calling it just “Q”. However, internally, Android 10 was being called “Quince Tart” by Google. Ever since these Android monikers have just turned into internal codenames.

As for the Android 15 features, we already prepared a wishlist for the same that you can check out. However, this is just a chapter, as far as DP 1 goes. Going by the usual history of Android OS releases, you can expect to see DP 2, followed by two Beta releases and two Platform Stability releases, leading to the final stable release.

What do you think of the new Android 15 codename? Also, should Google bring back its quirky, mouth-watering dessert-themed naming back, officially? Let us know in the comments down below!

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