Intel 14th Gen Desktop CPUs with Raptor Lake Refresh Architecture Showcased

intel raptor lake refresh 14th gen confirmed

Intel held its Innovation 2023 event recently, where they announced new Meteor Lake processors for laptops. But what about Intel’s 14th-Gen desktop CPUs? Looks like many have missed out on this key detail at the Intel Innovation 2023 event. Well, it looks like the company did in fact showcase new 14th Gen desktop processors at the event. Here are the details.

14th Gen Desktop CPUs Demoed by Intel

During the second day of Intel Innovation 2023, there was a pre-show event in which the 14th-gen desktop CPUs were showcased. The Intel spokesperson said that this is the first public appearance of Intel’s upcoming next-gen desktop CPUs and also confirmed what architecture they are built on.

As the leaks suggested, Intel 14th Gen desktop CPUs will be on the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture. Since we are currently on the 13th-Gen lineup, this is basically Intel showing off the 14th-Gen desktop processors.

The demo showed an unnamed Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processor running Unreal Engine MetaHuman software. This is Unreal’s latest technology, through which developing high-quality realistic facial structures, including animations, becomes easy. Sadly, we did not get details on which processor it was, during the demonstration. I did notice that it was running on a Corsair-based AIO cooling solution.

intel 14th gen raptor lake refresh showcased by Intel
Intel Showcases ‘Raptor Lake Refresh‘ Desktop Processors before the keynote | Image Courtesy: Intel

This confirms the details we previously covered as part of an internal leak of confidential data shared between MSI and Intel. Basically, the leak talked about ‘Raptor Lake Refresh‘ being the architecture for Intel 14th Gen CPUs. We also have the full lineup details, which were revealed in a different leak. Here are some of the key models of Intel 14th Gen desktop CPU lineup that we expect to come out soon:

Intel Core i5-14600K6 P-Cores, 8 E-Cores (14 Core Processor)
Intel Core i7-14700K8 P-Cores, 12 E-Cores (20 Core Processor)
Intel Core i9-14900K8 P-Cores, 16 E-Cores (24 Core Processor)
Intel 14th Gen processors for desktop
intel core i9-13900K unboxing
Intel confirms 14th Gen Desktop CPUs will use a refreshed Raptor Lake architecture, previously used on 13th Gen

If you want to know more about the performance figures, check out the leaked performance of the Intel 14th-Gen Core i9 processor, which broke the single-core performance records in PassMark and was spotted in a Cinebench 2024 benchmark.

Officially, the company has revealed little information about its new desktop chips. Still, whatever we got from Intel has confirmed what we know from leaks. Intel majorly focused on the AI features of Meteor Lake during its Innovation 2023 event, also introducing the new Arc integrated graphics with ray-tracing capabilities. All these features of Meteor Lake are probably not coming to desktop platforms before 2024. Intel has confirmed that Meteor Lake is on the way to desktops next year. For now, we get the Raptor Lake refresh architecture.

Are you excited about Intel Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors? Do check out the leaked benchmarks linked above. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Intel

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