Intel 14th Gen Core i9 14900KF Benchmark Reveals Record Breaking Single-Core Score

Intel 12th-Gen Core i9-12900KS CPU Launched

Intel 14th Gen Core i9 14900KF desktop CPU has been tested in PassMark, and we have a leaked benchmark that shows the exciting single-core performance numbers. The flagship desktop CPU by Intel, being a 14th-generation Core i9 processor, has passed with flying colors. It has scored incredibly high in the PassMark CPU benchmark. Here are the details on this new leak:

Intel 14th Gen Core i9-14900KF CPU Benchmark Leaked

Intel’s 14th Gen Core i9-14900KF processor underwent testing on PassMark CPU Mark. It has outperformed the last-generation Core i9-13900K, which we have reviewed previously. Obviously, we all expect that from a new processor with improved efficiency. But how much better is it?

This leaked benchmark score of Core i9-14900KF reveals it is the fastest CPU in PassMark’s single-core performance rankings. It scores 4,939 points, which is 3.5% better than the last-gen processor (Intel Core i9-13900KS), which previously held the #1 ranking in this benchmark.

Intel 14th Gen Core i9 Leaked Single Core Benchmark Scores
Source: PassMark

We can see many other CPUs right below the Intel Core i9-14900KF. Compared to the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X, the leaked benchmark for the 14th Gen Core i9 desktop processor reveals it is ~14.4% faster in the single-core benchmark. Interestingly, Apple’s new A17 Pro chip, which made its debut in the iPhone 15 Pro, is also mentioned in the PassMark leaderboards for single-core performance. Impressively, it does not score too far behind compared to the 14th-Gen Core i9 processor. However, the A17 Pro chip is based on an architecture primarily designed for iPhones.

Below is a comparison (courtesy of Passmark) that pits i9-14900KF against other high-performance desktop CPUs, including the 13th Gen & 12th Gen Core i9 as well as Ryzen 9 7950X3D. It will be interesting to see if Intel’s latest desktop CPUs can outperform AMD’s gaming-focused 3D V-Cache CPUs. We have previously covered a leak showing the specs of Intel’s 14th Gen desktop CPUs. This article also reveals the 14th Gen Desktop CPU’s leaked Raptor Lake Refresh architecture. So, check out those details as well.

Intel 14th Gen Core i9 CPU compared against AMD Ryzen 9, Intel Core i9 13th Gen, Intel Core i9 12th Gen
Source: PassMark

PassMark has revealed the Intel Core i9 14900KF has a typical TDP of 125W, with 16 cores and 32 threads configuration. PassMark mentions that the TDP can go up to 253W. But, from our personal testing of the previous-gen Core i9 desktop CPU, we can expect the 14th Gen Core i9 CPU to potentially seek higher power (300W+), depending on your temperature headroom. The benchmark website also said that the turbo frequency for the i9 14900KF will likely be 6.0GHz.

You can also learn about Intel’s plans for its 14th-Gen desktop CPU lineup here and their new 14th-Gen Meteor Lake mobile processors via the linked guide. What thoughts do you have on this new leaked benchmark of the upcoming i9-14900KF desktop CPU? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake Core i9

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