Intel Launches Core i9-14900HX and 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX i5 & i7 CPUs

new intel 14th generation processors launched for 2025 gaming laptops
In Short
  • Intel Core i9-14900HX featuring 24 cores & 32 threads has been launched. This will be the most powerful Intel processor in gaming laptops.
  • Other i5 and i7 variants are also here based on Raptor Lake Refresh architecture.
  • Intel also launched Core non-Ultra processors (150U, 120U, 100U) along with 14th Gen non-K desktop processors (i3-14100, i9-14900, and more)

Intel has just launched the i9-14900HX along with various other 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX processors. These are based on the Intel 7 manufacturing process, as compared to Intel 4 on Core Ultra processors. CES 2024 for Intel was big, as the company has also launched new 14th Gen Non-K desktop CPUs and Intel Core (non-Ultra) processors, fully revealing their 2025 lineup for both laptops and desktops.

Among Intel’s new 14th Gen processors (from bottom to top) are the new Core i5-14450HX, i5-14500HX, i7-14650HX, i7-14700HX, and i9-14900HX processors. Speaking of upgrades, the Core i7-14700HX gets double the E-cores as compared to the previous-gen i7-13700HX. The desktop i7-14700K 14th Gen processor also received the same upgrade to its core configuration over the previous generation.

Specifications & Features of Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX (i5 to i9)

All Intel 14th Gen laptop processors, like the i5-14500HX, i9-14900HX, and others, are still based on the Raptor Lake architecture. It is a ‘refreshed’ version of the architecture. With this, a decent core clock speed improvement is observed across the board. Intel 14th Gen processors feature Thunderbolt 5, and even have support for Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

HX processors are unlocked for overclocking on certain gaming laptops, in addition to DDR5 memory overclocking as well. Below, you can find all the specifications of the new Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX processors:

Intel 14th Gen SpecificationsCores & ThreadsCore Configuration (P/E)Max P-Core Turbo FrequencyIntel UHD iGPU FrequencyTDP (Base/Turbo)
Intel Core i9-14900HX24 cores, 32 threads8 P-cores, 16 e-Cores5.80 GHzUp to 1.65 GHz55W / 157W
Intel Core i7-14700HX20 cores, 28 threads8 P-cores, 12 E-cores5.50 GHzUp to 1.6 GHz55W / 157W
Intel Core i5-14650HX16 cores, 24 threads8 P-cores, 8 E-cores5.20 GHzUp to 1.6 GHz55W / 157W
Intel Core i5-14500HX14 cores, 20 threads6 P-cores, 8 E-cores4.90 GHzUp to 1.55 GHz55W / 157W
Intel Core i5-14450HX10 cores, 16 threads6 P-cores, 4 E-cores4.80 GHzUp to 1.5 GHz55W / 157W
Max Turbo TDP (W) is configurable by the manufacturer based on the cooling capacity of their laptops

Core i7 and Core i9 14th Gen processors also feature Intel Application Optimization (APO). This effectively manages the allocation of your CPU resources dynamically, and the app is downloadable here on the Microsoft Store for compatible processors.

i7-14700K and i9-14900K (along with KF variants) also support this APO feature, which works within Intel’s Dynamic Tuning (DTT) framework.

Intel APO technology gaming performance improvements of new Intel 14th Gen raptor lake HX processors for laptops

We have already started to see new Intel 14th Gen gaming laptops by various manufacturers at CES 2024. The Lenovo Legion 9i Gen 9 has launched with i9-14900HX, paired with a 3.2K resolution mini LED display. MSI has also released a Titan 18 HX gaming laptop with the same Core i9 14th Gen CPU.

This new 18-inch beast by MSI has a 4K 120Hz Mini LED display and is paired with an RTX 4090. Acer Nitro and Predator series also got updated. Nitro 7 features up to Intel Core i7-14700HX processor. Predator Helios Neo 18 has been launched, featuring the highest-end Intel Core i9-14900HX.

Intel Core (Raptor Lake Refresh, 14th Gen) vs Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake, Series 1)

Intel Cor Ultra HX and H-Series

You might be wondering, why exactly Intel is launching new Raptor Lake architecture 14th Gen processors along with Meteor Lake architecture Core Ultra processors. The company is focusing on a new strategy for Intel gaming laptops in 2025.

You will now see Core Ultra (Meteor Lake architecture) based laptops and various Core i5/i7/i9 14th Gen laptops (Raptor Lake Refresh architecture).

Gaming laptops with new Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake HX processors will perform better. But Core Ultra laptops, like this upcoming one touted by HP as the world’s lightest 14-inch gaming laptop, will offer better battery life.

Many Core Ultra laptops feature Intel’s high-performance integrated Arc GPU, but some will come with dedicated graphics cards as well. Core Ultra processors also get the NPU chip which accelerates AI workloads, which 14th Gen processors do not feature.

Intel 14th Gen Non-K Desktop CPUs and Intel Core Non-Ultra Meteor Lake Processors Announced

intel 14th gen core i9 14900, i3 14100, and more processors released

Intel has also updated the 14th Gen desktop processors lineup further, with new non-K desktop processors at CES 2024. Now, Intel has released everything from the Intel Core i3-14100 all the way to i9-14900 desktop CPUs. A stock cooler will be included on these processors (unlike K-series i9 and others), but do not expect to unlock power limits with these included coolers.

Availability for new Intel 14th Gen desktop processors (non-K) begins today, and you will see local retailers start listing various new Intel 14th Gen processors. Intel has also updated the Series 1 lineup, which previously only had Core Ultra processors.

Now, there are non-Ultra Core CPUs, too, including Core 7 150U, Core 5 120U, and Core 3 100U. These processors were spotted on the Asus website, too, on the new Vivobook laptop.

What are your thoughts on the incredibly fast Intel Core i9-14900K? Intel’s processor lineup for 2025 for both desktops and laptops has been upgraded, so which processor teases you the most to upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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