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Shashank Shakya is an Entertainment Writer and has completed his Bachelors(Honours) with English Literature. He is a published writer. He boasts incomparable knowledge about the Marvel and DC universes along with other branches of entertainment with substantial experience in the feild of writing.


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Peacemaker Season 2

Peacemaker Season 2 Confirmed By James Gunn; To Be Set In the DCU

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John Cena was brought to the DCU in the role of Peacemaker in the year 2022. Initially, people had a fair share of doubts surrounding him being the choice for Peacemaker but John Cena proved everyone wrong with his excellent execution of the role. This series turned out to be so good that fans have been demanding a second season for quite some time now and it seems that James Gunn has finally heard the fanbase's demand. The Second season for Peacemaker is reprtedly in works and might release by the end of 2025 or early 2026.
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Moon Knight Season 2

Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More

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The first season of Moon Knight caught all of us by surprise with it's dark and gritty tone. Marvel dosen't usually do a lot of violence but with this one they did not hold back. However, The first season ended with a huge cliffhanger leaving the audience baffled. Now the bog question arises that when will Moon Knight Season 2 release? We may not know a lot but there have been certain developments that signal towards a positive future from the Moon Knight 2.
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