Xiaomi Working on Three Foldable Devices for 2021, Hint Various Patents

xiaomi to release 3 foldable smartphones in 2021

As the foldable phone trend continues to gain momentum, popular phone makers are trying to one-up each other in this new category. In 2020, we saw numerous foldable devices make their way to the market, and it seems like 2021 will be no different. The rumor mill suggests that Samsung might launch three new foldables in 2021. And now, a display analyst suggests that Xiaomi won’t be far behind the Korean giant.

The experienced display analyst, Ross Young shared a tweet (attached below) on 24th December claiming that Xiaomi will release three new foldable devices in 2021, and all three will have different kinds of the fold.

After his tweet, Dutch media LetsGoDigital have now reported that they have found several patents of foldable devices from Xiaomi in the recent past, from which some devices are expected to release this year.

Is 2021 Going To Be the Year of Xiaomi Foldables?

In the most recent patents, there are designs for three foldable devices with a clamshell design and four foldable devices with an inward folding screen. Each of these comes with a different kind of camera setup at the back.

Xiaomi foldabe smartphone patents for 2021
Collage of the renders of Xiaomi’s foldable smartphones | Images: LetsGoDigital

So, if we follow Young’s statement in his tweet, Xiaomi will release three new foldable devices in 2021. One will feature a clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip or the Moto Razr. Another one will feature an inward-folding screen similar to the Galaxy Fold and the Z Fold 2. The third one will feature an outward-folding display like the Huawei Mate Xs. Quite the variety, right?

Now, Xiaomi does not have a line of foldable devices to its brand name (the Mi Mix Alpha is a concept phone with a wraparound screen). So, it makes total sense for the China-based company to release devices that are trending in the market.

We have seen Xiaomi file a patent for a device with multiple folds earlier this year. Moreover, as per LetsGoDigital, all the other patents from the Chinese company happen to suggest that this will be the year for Xiaomi’s foldable devices.

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