7 Things You Should Do Before Minecraft 1.21 Update Release

The Minecraft 1.21 release is around the corner and everyone, including us, is so excited to finally play around with the crafter, trial chambers, and new blocks. If you already have a Minecraft world you will be playing in with the newest update, then you should make some preparations. This guide will show you the major things you should do before the release of the Minecraft 1.21 update to get ready for the new content.

1. Stock up on Copper and Tuff Blocks

New building and decorative copper and tuff blocks arranged together

Minecraft 1.21 brings loads of new copper and tuff blocks, including copper grates, copper bulb, chiseled copper, copper doors and trapdoors, tuff stairs, slabs and walls, tuff bricks, polished tuff, and more.

So, the first thing to do before the release is to gather lots of tuff and copper blocks.

Tuff generates only deep underground, so exploring caves or strip-mining are both amazing ways to locate and get some of this stuff. Copper ores are usually generated throughout the Minecraft world, but most ores appear around Y level = 47 and 48. Our Minecraft ore distribution guide will help you even further in finding copper and other ores.

2. Make a Witch Farm

In case you didn’t know, witches are now guaranteed to drop 4-8 redstone dust on death. So, witch farms are far more reliable and powerful due to this change. If you want to play around with redstone in Minecraft a lot, then a witch farm will help you get all the redstone dust you’ll need for crafting recipes.

3. Gather Resources to Make Crafter

Crafter crafting recipe

Speaking of redstone, one of the most important additions in the Minecraft 1.21 update is the new crafter. This block requires a redstone signal and can auto-craft any item.

Furthermore, using a crafter is quite expensive, as it requires five iron ingots, two redstone dust, a crafting table, and a dropper. Making an iron farm is therefore essential, but it will also help out in making so many other components.

The Witch farm will take care of all your redstone dust needs and a cobblestone generator will provide all the cobblestone you’ll need for droppers. Moreover, if you make a tree farm, you’ll have an unlimited source of logs and wood for the rest of your world’s life.

4. Make Backup Gear and Food

This update majorly focuses on the trial chambers and the combat challenges inside it. So, the more prepared you are for the battles, the better. As the fourth thing to do before Minecraft 1.21’s release, we would recommend you make several diamond swords, or even better netherite swords, shields, and each piece of diamond or netherite armor.

After that, you’ll want to enchant them with sword enchantments and best armor enchantments, so you can be as powerful and protected as possible. Not only that, but you will want to have mending enchantment on them and your main gear, as well as a Minecraft XP farm so you can easily repair the items.

Having a great source of food is just as important. So, making a cow farm for steak, chicken farm for cooked chicken, or a villager trading hall for the golden carrots is highly recommended.

5. Prepare a Cartographer and a Shepherd Villager

Cartographer and shepherd in Minecraft

While we are on the topic of villagers, let’s take a look at cartographers and shepherds. One of the ways you can find trial chambers is by buying a Treasure map from the cartographer and following it to the structure.

So, to prepare for this update, you should breed villagers and apply the job of a cartographer to the villager via a cartography table when the update drops. They sell the map when at the journeyman or third level, so you’ll also have to gather some emeralds. You may need several villagers to get the map.

On the other hand, a shepherd’s master-level trade is three paintings, and Minecraft 1.21 added 20 new paintings to the game, so you’ll want to decorate with them. You may also make a wool farm if you want to make the paintings yourself.

6. Back up Your Minecraft World

After you’re done gathering resources and preparing the mobs, it’s time to back up your world. By doing so, you ensure that your world is safe from any potential issues or bugs that might appear in the first week of the update as well as because of trimming your world, as shared in the next section. Backing up your world is simple. Here are the steps explaining the process:

  • Open your main Minecraft folder or type %appdata%.minecraft in the Run app.
  • Now open the “saves” folder and find the world you want to back up.
  • Simply copy the entire folder and paste it in the same “saves” folder (just make sure to rename it, so it’s not the same as the original world) or in another folder for safekeeping.
  • If anything goes wrong with the world, you can simply load up the backed up world file, by placing it back into the “saves” folder and finding it inside Minecraft.

7. Finally, Trim Your World

When you update your world, the game will choose not to disturb the already-generated chunks. So, the trial chambers will not spawn in areas you have already loaded or explored. Thus, many players tend to trim their world before the update to remove all chunks where they haven’t done anything significant.

This will ensure there are trial chambers closer to your spawn point, and you don’t have to travel for tens of thousands of blocks just to locate the first one. However, trimming your world is not all that simple. It requires you to install an app that will modify your world file size and delete chunks. You can check out this video tutorial on the topic to get started.

And there you have it, everyone. If you have reached the end of this guide, it means you now know about the most important actions you can do before the Minecraft 1.21 update releases next week. Which one will you do first?

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