5 Best Farms to Gain XP in Minecraft

As you may know, XP (experience points) plays a very important role in Minecraft. It allows you to enchant your gear, and you can make it essentially indestructible using the mending enchantment. All in all, having a source of these precious orbs is quite a big deal. So that’s why we have made this guide listing some of the community’s best farms to gain XP in Minecraft. Even though some can be built in the early game, you are more likely to make them in the late game.

1. Stacking Raid Farm

If you follow any popular Minecraft content creator on YouTube, you are probably already aware of this masterpiece. The stacking raid farm uses special mechanics to spawn multiple raid waves at the same time. Because of this, it is capable of producing a ton of XP, as well as even over 100k drops per hour. You’ll need plenty of resources to build it, but thankfully they’re mostly simple to get or make.

Stacking raid farm form ianxofour, one of the best farms to gain XP in Minecraft
Image Courtesy: ianxofour YouTube Channel

This farm can be run while you’re AFK using an installed auto clicker. The creator of this and most other farms is YouTube creator ianxofour. They are a Minecraft redstone genius and an unbelievably amazing player who teaches the community how to create simple but overpowered farms. Check out the link below to make the stacking raid farm in your world.

Video tutorial for the Stacking Raid Farm

2. Gold Farm

Gold is quite a useful item in the game. It’s a crafting ingredient, a precious block used as a beacon base, a villager trading item, a piglin bartering item, and more. So, to fulfill these functions, players end up making farms for gold generation. However, many of them require lots of materials and are time-consuming to build. However, the farm we have prepared for you is made by ianxofour, so you know it’s simple but amazing.

Part of the gold farm made by ianxofour
Image Courtesy: ianxofour YouTube Channel

You will only need a few different resources and a specific location in the Nether dimension. This farm uses Nether portals to transport zombified piglins from the Nether to the Overworld and back to the Nether. You don’t even need to do any spawn-proofing and the rates go through the roof.

The only downside to it is that you cannot AFK at this farm. But considering you can reach level 30 from level 0 in about a minute, it doesn’t really matter too much.

Video tutorial for the Gold Farm

3. Enderman Farm

Endermen are rather scary and tanky neutral mobs that pack a hefty punch. Because of that, they also give tons of XP upon death. So that’s why Endermen farms are one of the best XP in Minecraft. There is mostly one farm design in the community that can be altered in a few ways, though the core stays the same. It should be built away from the main End island in the End dimension and at the bottom of the world for the best spawn rate.

Enderman farm made by Rays Works
Image Courtesy: Rays Works YouTube Channel

It uses Endermen’s natural agro towards endermites and a long drop that will leave them at low HP. After they fall, you are free to swipe at and kill them very easily. This farm consequentially produces tons of ender pearls that you can collect and store.

Follow the link below to learn how to make an Enderman farm from YouTuber Rays Works, another brilliant Minecraft player with great redstone skills.

Video tutorial for the Enderman Farm

4. Wither Skeleton Farm

Wither skeletons are another one of the mobs that are strong, dangerous, and have valuable drops. So, they also give plenty of XP orbs when they’re slayed. If you have tried to make a wither skeleton farm before, you’ll know that most of them require you to spawn-proof a large area and obtain and place lots of wither roses so the other Nether fortress mobs spawned are killed.

Wither skeleton farm made by ianxofour
Image Courtesy: ianxofour YouTube Channel

Once again ianxofour brings us a different design that bypasses all of those tedious requirements, but still produces 135 wither skeleton skulls per hour. You will need to locate a Nether fortress in a special Minecraft biome and follow pretty specific rules.

The resource count is not all that heavy either, so you can even build this farm in the relatively early game.

Video tutorial for the Wither Skeleton Farm

5. Guardian Farm

The final farm for our list to gain XP in Minecraft is another ianxofour design. This guardian farm is different than most other farms that force you to drain the whole ocean monument structure and/or its surroundings.

It focuses on utilizing only one corner of the structure, thanks to the player’s standing spot being high in the air and a few chunks away. This farm also uses Nether portals to transfer the guardians higher up in the Overworld.

Guardian farm made by ianxofour, one of the best farms to gain XP in Minecraft due to guardian's XP drops being more valuable than many other mobs
Image Courtesy: ianxofour YouTube Channel

When the farm is completely set up, you can reach level 30 from level 0 with just a single swing of a sword in exactly 28 seconds. This is due to guardians having a higher XP drop value than most other mobs in Minecraft. In addition, because of the guardians’ thorns effect, you cannot AFK at this farm, since you’ll need to eat to regenerate your health.

Video tutorial for the Guardian Farm

So, those are some of the best Minecraft farms to gain XP. They were not listed in a specific order, since it’s up to the personal preference which one you’d like to or can make. All of these farms are worth building, as they not only provide you with XP but all sorts of other drops too.

We hope you found this Minecraft farm guide useful and insightful. What is your favorite farm on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Does fortune give more XP?

No, fortune and looting enchantments don’t grant any more XP than you’d get without them.

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