How to Make a Minecraft Wool Farm

There are plenty of uses for wool in Minecraft, so no doubt why players want to have it in bulk. Since it can be dyed in 16 colors, it’s a great bright and vibrant building block. Moreover, a few rather essential blocks contain wool in their crafting recipes, such as a bed in Minecraft, and it comes very much in handy when exploring an ancient city in Minecraft. Thankfully, this block can be farmed easily, and in this guide, we will show you how to make a wool farm in Minecraft.

Mechanics of a Minecraft Wool Farm Explained

The wool farm in Minecraft is pretty straightforward to construct. Although a bit expensive, we recommend you first build an iron farm in Minecraft and then you can focus on this farm. The wool farm uses the sheep-eating grass mechanic. Every time a sheep does so, it will regrow its wool if it was sheared.

The change of block state of that grass block can be detected with an observer and a dispenser will then shear the sheep. It’s the Hopper Minecart below that will collect the sheared wool, and you get infinite wool without much work. You do need to keep the dispensers filled with shears at all times, though, to keep the farm running.

Materials Needed to Make a Minecraft Wool Farm

Every Minecraft dye color will have its own module in our wool farm, but you can also make a farm for all colors. We have included a list of materials required for both here:

For each color module, here are all the materials necessary for a wool farm in Minecraft:

  • 1 Sheep
  • 1 Chosen Dye
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Hopper
  • 1 Hopper Minecart
  • 1 Rail
  • 1 Observer
  • 1 Dispenser
  • Shears (9 is maximum)
  • 1 Full Solid Block (of any kind)
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • Glass
  • 1 Slab or Stair (of any kind and also optional)
  • 1 Piston (optional)
  • 1 Redstone Torch (optional)

If you are planning to make a wool farm for all colors in Minecraft, you need the following materials:

  • 16 Sheep
  • Every Dye
  • 32 Chests
  • 16 Hoppers
  • 16 Hopper Minecarts
  • 16 Rail
  • 16 Observers
  • 16 Dispensers
  • Shears (144 is max)
  • 16 Full Solid Blocks (of any kind)
  • 16 Redstone Dust
  • Glass
  • 16 Slabs or Stairs (of any kind and also optional)
  • 1 Piston (optional)
  • 1 Redstone Torch (optional)

Build a Wool Farm in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First, place a hopper facing a double chest. Then, add a rail on the hopper.
Hopper facing into a double chest with a rail on top
  1. Next, place a hopper minecart on the rail.
  2. After that, put a grass block (or alternatively a dirt block, that will later turn into a grass block) above the hopper minecart.
  3. Now, you can either leave it like so or use a piston to push the grass (dirt) block into the hopper minecart. Simply, place a piston on a grass (dirt) block looking downwards and attach a solid block to its side and then place a redstone torch on that block.

Note: This will activate the piston and push the grass block into the minecart. If you chose this route, you will need to remove the rail minecart is sat on before pushing the grass (dirt) block. The farm will function either way, but it’s more compact like this.

Minecart inside a grass block with a hopper below facing into a chest
  1. Place an observer looking at a grass block in or on the hopper minecart.
  2. Then, place a dispenser on that observer facing towards the grass block. Next, place a solid block attached to the observer and place redstone dust on it.
  3. Then, fill the dispenser with as many shears as you can. This will make the wool farm functional in Minecraft.
Add an observer, dispenser and a solid block with a redstone dust
  1. Surround the grass (dirt) block with more grass blocks, so that the grass can spread. After that, you should build at least two-block tall walls (so sheep cannot escape) of some transparent blocks, like glass, around the grass block in or on a minecart, so the grass doesn’t turn into dirt.
  2. Lure the sheep with a lead or wheat into that holding cell. Sheep can only be dyed when they have wool in Minecraft, so make sure to dye it before you put it in the wool farm or temporarily disable the farm. If you pushed the grass block into the minecart, place a slab or stair above the chest, so you can open it.
Add glass, grass and a sheep into the module of the wool farm in Minecraft
  1. You can place these modules one block apart and then decorate and rearrange them in any way you want to make a perfect wool farm in Minecraft.
Four modules of a wool farm in Minecraft side by side

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How do sheep regrow wool in Minecraft?

After you shear a sheep, it’ll look for a grass block. Then, it’ll eat the grass and immediately regrow its wool.

Is wool farm worth building in Minecraft?

Yes, it definitely is. Wool is used in many different scenarios and is quite frequently needed. So, if you make a wool farm early in your world, you’ll have plenty of wool to build, plan or sneak with.

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    This is very helpful, I really need wool for my survival world. I’m making a iron golem farm and I need 27 yellow wool. I built 10 stalls of yellow sheep and in 12hrs I got 18 stacks of wool! Thx <3 Sans

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