Intel 14th Gen i7-14700HX Benchmark Reveals a Sweet Upgrade!

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The latest lineup of Intel Core 14th Gen processors is arriving soon. The company has scheduled an event in December for the launch of 14th-Gen Meteor Lake mobile chips. However, it looks like there are more 14th Gen chips coming to laptops, but those won’t be based on the Meteor Lake architecture. The Intel Corre i7-14700HX was recently spotted on Geekbench, and it revealed that this is quite a capable chip. Here’s all you need to know.

i7-14700HX Benchmark Reveals Exciting Gains

Firstly, you might be confused as to why there is an ‘i‘ in the processor’s name. Intel announced the rebranding of processors a long time ago. There is a simple explanation – the i7-14700HX is most probably not going to be based on the Meteor Lake architecture. So, it looks like Intel is planning to have both Meteor Lake as well as Raptor Lake Refresh-based processors under the 14th-generation lineup. That is the best speculation we have for now, and more will soon be revealed by Intel officially.

With that out of the way, we will now discuss the i7-14700HX. This new processor has scored 17,475 pts in the multi-core Geekbench 6 benchmark. That is a major performance boost over the last-gen i713700HX processor, which usually scores in the ballpark of 13,000 to 14,000 pts in this same test

The new 14th-Gen i7 processor will come with a higher core count too, which is the main attribute contributing towards the increased performance of this new CPU.

intel 14th gen processor i7 14700hx benchmark
i7-14700HX Leaked Benchmark (Source: Geekbench Database)

You can check out the leaked benchmark, which is uploaded to the Geekbench database here. The laptop which was tested was an Acer Nitro model. Hence, we can expect to see this processor make its way into a future gaming laptop by Acer. The Geekbench result also tells us a few exciting details about the upcoming Intel Core i7-14700HX mobile CPU:

  • Core/Thread Count: 20 cores, 28 threads
  • Maximum CPU Frequency: 5.287 GHz
  • Codename: Raptor Lake

Do remember that these details are from a leaked benchmark, and not Intel’s official specifications. We will know more when they officially release these CPUs sometime later this year. The specs are an upgrade over the i7-13700HX, which had a lower core and thread count of 16 cores with 24 threads. It will be interesting to see how the new HX series processors compare against Core Ultra chips, which will also be under the 14th-generation lineup.

intel core raptor lake HX processor
Raptor Lake HX Chip (Source: Intel)

While you’re here, you can check out everything there is to know about Intel 14th-Gen Meteor Lake processors. What are your thoughts on the leaked Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake i7-14700HX benchmark scores? Do you think it is a good upgrade over its predecessor? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Geekbench Database
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