Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU Geekbench Results Leaked

meteor lake core ultra 7 leaked

Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Meteor Lake processor has seen tons of leaks, and even Intel has shown a Meteor Lake CPU with on-die DDR5 memory, similar to Apple’s M2 chip design implementation. We also know AI will play a major role in Meteor Lake CPUs. As we near the much-awaited Intel Innovation 2023 event, the benchmark result for the rumored Core Ultra 7 1002H processor has leaked online. As part of Intel’s rebranding, the ‘i’ has been removed, and we are starting to see it being reflected even in early CPU leaks.

Intel 14th-Gen Core Ultra 7 1002H Geekbench Leak

A new Intel Meteor Lake chip has made yet another appearance in the Geekbench Database. This time, the Core Ultra 1002H CPU has been taken through its paces in Geekbench v6. The listing was shared by X (formerly Twitter) user BenchLeaks. By the way, the performance of Intel’s upcoming Core i9 14900K was also leaked recently.

Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H processor comes with 16 cores and 22 threads, as revealed by the Geekbench benchmark leak. The base frequency mentioned in the leak is 3.4 GHz, with a max frequency of 4.98 GHz.

Basically, this will be a new Core i7 class CPU, denoted by the ‘7’ in the leaked CPU model name. Since it is part of the ‘Ultra’ and ‘H’ series Intel processors, it will be a high-performance laptop processor.

The early Geekbench 6 scores of the upcoming Meteor Lake CPU (Core Ultra 7 1002H) reveal a minor jump in performance for upcoming 14th-Gen Intel CPUs. Do note that these leaked CPU scores are super early.

intel meteor lake 14th gen leaked score

They definitely don’t tell us the final performance of the Core Ultra 7 1002H. Still, we will compare the leaked scores of this new CPU to its assumed predecessor, the Intel Core i7 13700H. Keep in mind that select i7-13700H laptops can definitely do better than the scores below.

Processor (CPU)GeekBench 6 (Single-Core)GeekBench 6 (Multi-Core)
Intel Core i7 13700H (13th Gen)2,20212,484
Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H (14th Gen)2,439 (+10.7% better)12,668 (1.4% better)
Scores of i7-13700H sourced from MSI Pulse 15 benchmarked on Geekbench 6

As we mentioned before, we cannot assume that this will be the final performance difference between the upcoming Core Ultra 7 and its predecessor. The company has not yet revealed anything specific (such as CPU model numbers) in relation to Meteor Lake, so this could just be an early prototype too.

Also, the other specification details in this Geekbench leak show only 12GB of RAM, which makes things a bit weird. Still, we are close to Intel’s 2023 Innovation event, set for September 19, and we will get a clear picture soon. You can read everything we know about the Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake processors here.

SOURCE Geekbench Database
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