Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs Unveiling at AI Everywhere Event

intel meteor lake processor

Intel 14th Gen processors based on the Meteor Lake architecture were previously revealed at the Innovation 2023 event held a few months ago. After what seems like a long wait, the company is ready to unveil these processors in an upcoming event that was recently announced. Called AI Everywhere, the event will feature a lot of announcements, including two new product series.

Intel AI Everything Event Announced: Details

Intel’s ‘AI Everywhere’ event will be held on December 14th, 2023 (10 AM EST). As per the official company post, it has confirmed that it will launch the first Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) processors here, along with new 5th Gen Xeon (Emralds Rapids) processors. The Intel Core Ultra lineup will be particularly exciting, being Intel’s upcoming flagship processors in the 14th-generation CPU lineup for laptops. The various Core Ultra mobile CPU variants that Intel is expected to launch are as follows:

  • Core Ultra 5
  • Core Ultra 7
  • Core Ultra 9

The other base variant, ‘Core’ processors, were not mentioned in the details of this event. However, they, too, should launch in 2024, slowly phasing the industry towards Intel’s newest architecture. These Core Ultra variants are focused more on performance, and the laptops that will launch later on with these processors will definitely be nothing short of powerful and expensive.

As one can tell from the event’s name, the most significant focus should be on artificial intelligence, where we will see the new chips performing through AI workloads. Meteor Lake architecture brings an NPU chip to the table, which completely changes the game when it comes to AI capabilities on a consumer-oriented chip.

Running AI models on the device itself (without internet) is possible now, thanks to the in-built NPU chip that barely sips power while providing high performance for AI compute workloads. In addition to this, there’s also the faster integrated Arc graphics, which even supports ray-tracing.

New Branding For Intel Core Ultra Flagship CPUs

Talking about the upcoming Xeon chips, we don’t have any confirmed details from Intel as of yet. At the Innovation 2023 event, they did show off an upcoming Intel Xeon 5th gen processor with a staggering 288 cores. A hybrid architecture is expected here, consisting of Intel 4 & Intel 7 process being used for different chiplets within the Xeon processor. We will know more about these soon!

Intel 14th Gen CPU Meteor Lake in Upcoming Lenovo Yoga Pro LAPTOP
New laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors will launch soon!

There’s a lot to unpack about Intel 14th Gen apart from the manufacturing process evolving to represent the company’s ‘biggest architectural shift in over a decade,’ which is why they’ve rebranded and removed the ‘i’ in Intel Core processors.

What are your thoughts on Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake officially launching at the company’s AI everywhere event? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Intel Newsroom
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