List of All Palworld Passive Skills and Their Effects

Every action you perform in Palworld revolves around your cute little Pals, who are an integral part of this game. As soon as you catch a Pal, you will notice they all come with some unique skills. Also known as passive skills, these grant your pals better attack damage, defense, or high workability at your base. But what do these passive skills do, and how many are there? Learn all that and more as we talk about all the passive skills in Palworld and their effects below. So, with that, let’s begin.

Palworld: All Passive Skills

We have divided passive skills based on their effectiveness by 4 tiers. Tier 3 includes the best skills in them, whereas Tier 2 and Tier 1 include good passive skills to use in the early game. Try to avoid the Negative tier passive skills, as they aren’t that great.

Tier 3 Passive Skills

Passive NamePassive Effects
LegendAttack +20%, defense +20%, movement speed +15%
LuckyWork speed +15%, attack +15%
Logging Foreman+25% player logging efficiency
ArtisanWork speed +50%
Burly BodyDefense +20%
Diet LoverDecrease in hunger less likely by 15%
Divine Dragon+20% dragon attack damage
FerociousAttack +20%
Lord of Lightning+20% electric attack damage
Mine Foreman+25% player mining efficiency
Motivational Leader+25% player movement speed
Stronghold Strategist+10% player defense
Vanguard+10% player attack
WorkaholicSanity drops 15% slower
RareWork speed +15%, attack +15%
Swift+30% player movement speed

Tier 2 Passive Skills

Passive NamePassive Effects
Runner+20% movement speed
SeriousWork speed +20%
MuscleheadAttack +30%, Work speed -50%

Tier 1 Passive Skills

Passive NamePassive Effects
AggressiveAttack +10%, defense -10%
Abnormal-10% incoming neutral damage
Botanical Barrier-10% incoming grass damage
Blood of the Dragon+10% dragon attack damage
BraveAttack +10%
Cheery-10% incoming dark damage
Capacitor+10% electric attack damage
Coldblooded+10% ice attack damage
ConceitedWork Speed +10%, defense -10%
Dragonkiller-10% incoming dragon damage
Dainty Eater10% hunger depletion
Earthquake Resistant-10% incoming ground damage
Fragrant Foliage+10% grass attack damage
Hard SkinDefense +10%
Heated Body-10% incoming ice damage
HooliganAttack +15%, work speed -10%
Hydromaniac+10% water attack damage
Insulated Body-10% incoming electric damage
MasochistDefense +15%, attack -15%
Nimble+10% movement speed
Power of Gaia+10% ground attack damage
Positive ThinkerSanity drops 10% slower
Pyromaniac+10% fire attack damage
Suntan Lover-10% incoming fire damage
SadistAttack +15%, defense -15%
Veil of Darkness+10% dark attack damage
Work SlaveWork Speed +30%, Attack -30%
Waterproof-10% incoming water damage
Zen Mind+10% neutral attack damage

Negative Passive Skills

Passive NamePassive Effects
SlackerWork speed -30%
PacifistAttack -20%
BrittleDefense -20%
DestructiveSaniety drops 15% faster
Bottomless StomachSatiety drops 15% faster
UnstableSanity drops 10% faster
GluttonSatiety drops 10% faster
DowntroddenDefense -10%
CowardAttack -10%
ClumsyWork speed -10%

Best Passive Skills in Palworld

Astegon with best Palworld Passive Skills
Try to get Pals with more Positive Passive

There is no right way to get a passive skill on a Pal. However, you can breed parents with passives using some of the best breeding combos, and the passive will reflect on the child. It is always better to use a Pal with multiple positive passive skills in Palworld. Here are some of the best Pal passive skills you should look for when using a Pal:

  • Legend: This is a guaranteed passive if you capture legendary Pals like Shadowbeak. Once you have one Pal with a Legend passive, use them in the breeding farm. This will get you a child Pal with the Legend passive. It is an easy way to get the Legend passive skill. This is a great trait in a Pal as it gives +20% Attack, +20% Defense, and +15% Movement Speed.
  • Lucky: You will find the shiny Pals in several places on the map. These shiny Pals contain the Lucky passive skill. Lucky Pals are very useful for working in the base and protecting it if you assign jobs to Pals. This passive gives the Pals +15% Work Speed and +15% Attack.
  • Motivational Leader: Despite being a passive skill found in lower level Pals, Motivational Leader increases your movement speed by 25%. This will allow you to travel across the map faster in the early going and catch more Pals using your Pal Sphere.

These are all the passive skills and their effects in Palworld. Make sure you use the Pals with better passive at base or boss fights. Which passive skill do you think is the best in-game? Let us know in the comments below.

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