How to Find and Catch Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld

In Short
  • Jormuntide Ignis is a fire dragon-type Pal that is only found in the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld.
  • Try to weaken Jormuntide Ignis using water-type pals like Azurobe, Jormuntide, or Suzaku Aqua and use Legendary Pal Sphere to capture it.
  • Also, find Huge Dragon Eggs and Huge Scorching Eggs on the Mount Obsidian of Volcanic Island and hatch them to get a Jormuntide Ignis.

If you’re close to wrapping up your Palworld journey, you must be on the hunt for the most powerful Pals. For that, you might want to check if you have Paldeck entry #101B, Jormuntide Ignis, with you. As a cross-type Pal, Jormuntide Ignis is a solid companion for higher-level fights in Palworld. Along with fighting end-game bosses or pals, it can be a great pal to assign at the base.

Jormuntide Ignis can be your Gordon Ramsey as it comes with kindling level 4 and can cook pretty fast if you assign this pal a job. However, finding this deadly dragon can be difficult. Thankfully, we have gone through the troubles to help you find and catch Jormuntide Ignis.

Jormuntide Ignis Location in Palworld

Before we begin, there is one important thing you should know. There is only one place in Palworld where you can find the Jormuntide Ignis. You cannot breed other Pals using even the best breeding combinations to get it either. However, you can find Huge Dragon Eggs and Huge Scorching Eggs near the Mount Obsidian of Volcanic Island to hatch Jormuntide Ignis from them.

The Huge Scorching Eggs are easy to find in this area, but the chances of getting a Jormuntide Ignis are kind of slim. The Huge Dragon Eggs are already hard to find, but it always guarantees good Pals unless you are unlucky enough to get a Relaxaurus from them.

This might not be a fast way to get this Pal, but it is worth the try if you have located Huge Eggs in Palworld.

Find and Catch Quivern and Jormuntide Ignis in No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary
No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary

To find a Jormuntide Ignis, head to the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is located northwest of the Volcanic Island. To get there, go to the Ruined Fortress City travel point and move towards the northwest to locate this island. You can travel to these coordinates (-668,-112) to reach there faster. Get yourself one of the fastest water Pal mounts to reach the sanctuary easily.

How to Catch Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld

Once you have tracked down this pal, it is time for you to defeat it. While catching Pals like level 50 Jetragon is tough, Jormuntide Ignis comes with its side of offenses.

Jormuntide Ignis fight Jormuntide Ignis after finding location

Jormuntide Ignis can deal electric, fire, and dragon-type damage to you and your Pal. That is why you will need to prepare before trying to take it on. So, below are a few tips you can apply to catch Jormunitde Ignis:

  • Get Legendary Spheres: Although Jormuntide Ignis is not ideally a legend status Pal, it is level 45 after all. So, we recommend you grab some Legendary Spheres before you venture into the wild sanctuary. It will increase your chances of capturing the fire dragon. So, make sure you have at least 10-15 Legendary Pal Spheres on you while you go to capture Jormuntide Ignis.
  • Don’t attract attention: The Wildlife Sanctuary is full of rare, high-level Pals. It is smaller compared to other parts of the map. This results in other Pals getting attracted to you and fighting another Pal easily. To avoid such encounters, try taking on Jormuntide Ignis during the nighttime.
  • Use Water Pals: Now, after knowing Jormuntide Ignis is a dragon-type pal, you might try to use an ice-type Pal. That will be a huge mistake as more than half of Jormuntide Ignis’s arsenal consists of fire-type abilities. This can easily destroy your ice-type Pal. Thus, try using Pals like Jormuntide, Azurobe, or Suzaku Aqua to defeat Jormuntide Ignis easily.

And if you’re lucky enough, you will get a bunch of Jormuntide Ignis by using our tips. Now that you know how to catch Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld, go and get the fire dragon. Don’t forget to use it as your cook at the base.

This pal also comes with a lot of offense so having it in your fighting party is not a bad choice. Have you got the Jormuntide Ignis yet? Let us know in the comments section.

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