All Legendary Schematics in Palworld: Locations and How to Use

In Short
  • Legendary Schematics can help you unlock Legendary weapons and armor in Palworld.
  • You can get Legendary Schematics in various high-tier treasure chests or through the merchants.
  • Defeating the 17 different alpha boss Pals in Palworld also nets you Legendary Schematics.

Schematics are one of the easiest ways to get strong weapons or armor in Palworld. While they come in various rarities, it is the legendary schematics that unlock the highest level of goodies. Similar to Gold Keys, legendary schematics can be found in different locations. You can get them in high-level treasure chests or through the merchants in different parts of the map. But it can be difficult to keep track of all the legendary schematics or how you can get them in Palworld.

Let us make your job easier by listing all the 17 Legendary Schematics you can find in Palworld and the alpha boss (with locations) you need to defeat for them. With that, let’s begin!

Note: Defeating alpha boss Pals does not guarantee Legendary Schematics. In case they do not drop one, you can revisit the location again after one in-game night to make the Pal respawn.

Legendary Weapon Schematics

The Legendary Schematics for weapons will unlock blueprints for stronger weapons such as rocket launchers, assault rifles, handguns, etc. These weapons are stronger than the normally crafted ones.

Legendary Schematic Pal BossLocationCoordinates
Rocket LauncherJetragonOpen World-784, -322
Assault RifleBlazamutScorching Mineshaft-434, -532
Pump-action ShotgunSuzakuOpen World403, 254
HandgunBeakonOpen World-346, -254
CrossbowBushiSealed Realm of the Swordmaster-116, -491
Old BowKingpacaOpen World50, -460

Legendary Armor Schematics

The Legendary Schematics for armor will unlock blueprints for stronger armor such as metal armor, pelt armor, refined metal armor, etc. These armors are more durable than the normally crafted ones and provide better weather resistance. Check out all the schematics below.

Legendary SchematicPal BossLocationCoordinates
Pal Metal HelmetFrostallionOpen World-354, 509
Cold Resistant Pal Metal ArmorPaladiusOpen World447, 676
Heat Resistant Pal Metal ArmorNecromusOpen World447, 676
Cold Resistant Refined Metal ArmorLyleen NoctIceberg Mineshaft-142, 322
Heat Resistant Refined Metal ArmorAstegonDestroyed Mineshaft-578, -421
Refined Metal HelmMenastingDessiccated Mineshaft494, 82
Metal ArmorElizabeeDevout’s Mineshaft32, -183
Metal HelmWarsectSealed Realm of the Stalwart161, -224
Pelt ArmorAzurobeOpen world-53, -388
Feathered Hair BandPenkingSealed Realm of the Frozen Wings114, -352
Cloth OutfitChilletOpen World171, -416

How to Use Legendary Schematics in Palworld

Now that you know where to get the schematics, it’s time to learn how to use them. Once you have a Legendary Schematic in your inventory, it will unlock the legendary weapon or armor blueprint for you. This will work even if you did not unlock that weapon or armor from your technology list.

  • Legendary Schematic in Palworld Inventory
  • Legendary Armor unlocked from schematic in Workbench

After you have the legendary schematic, check the resources and the workbench you need. These will vary depending on the schematics. Now, go to the said workbench and craft the Legendary item using the resources mentioned. If you move the schematic from your inventory, the equivalent item will no longer show on the workbench.

With that, you now know about all the Legendary Schematics and their alpha Pal boss locations. Use these blueprints and make yourself top-tier equipment rigth away. What is the first item you want to get? Let us know in the comments below.

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