10 Best Speedrun Seeds for Minecraft

Unlike most sandbox games, Minecraft has a competitive community. It means that people are trying to build the best, craft the smartest, and finish the game fastest. Focusing on only the final element of the mix, we have a collection to help you find out the best speedrun seed for Minecraft’s survival world. These seeds are chosen to keep both the Nether realm and the overworld in mind. We have personally tested each seed in the list in Minecraft version 1.17.1. Some of them have the best strongholds, while the others feature some of the best loot. We are covering seeds and key location coordinates, for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions in this article. Now, unless you plan to use the best Minecraft mods, there’s no faster way to beat Minecraft beyond these best speedrun seeds.

Best Minecraft Seed for Speedrunning (2021)

Speedrunning seeds in Minecraft are always exciting to try. But if you are planning to make a record using any of these seeds, keep in mind that most of the community doesn’t count custom seeds in speedrunning records. Nevertheless, you can try out the seeds that interest you using the table below.

Best Speedrun Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition

These seeds are the best for speedrunning Minecraft on any device that supports the Java Edition. You can even install and run Minecraft Java on Chromebooks to use the following seeds. With that out of the way, let’s jump right in!

1. Rarest End Portal

Working End Portal Seed

If you are only going to try one speedrun seed for Minecraft, we suggest you pick this one. It is almost impossible to come across an End Portal with more than 4 eyes of Ender. But this seed gives us a working 12-eyed End Portal, which is activated from the moment we spawn into this world. It means that you can skip the Nether realm altogether. All you need to do is get some weapons and grab some explosive beds from a village to fight the Ender Dragon.

To keep you covered in terms of loot and beds, we spawn close to a Ruined portal and a village. Then, the rare Ender Portal isn’t more than 1000 blocks away from the village. A skilled player can speedrun this seed within 5-6 minutes, making it one of the fastest Minecraft speedrun seeds out there. Meanwhile, the current world record is 9+ minutes.

  • Seed Code: 9009198391873876587
  • Biomes: Plains
  • End Portal Digpoint Coordinates: X: 723, Y: 64, Z: 1149
  • Closest Village Coordinates: X: 168, Y: 67, Z: 312
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 136, Y: 69, Z: 168

2. Best Spawn Island Minecraft Seed

3 Villages Minecraft Seed

Major support that players get in survival Minecraft is from villages. This seed gives us one of the best village spawn ever. You spawn on an island that has three villages and a shipwreck. The shipwreck also has a buried treasure map, but I wouldn’t suggest looking for the treasure during a speedrun. As for the villages, you can find almost all types of villagers to help you with the resources.

Once you are done, you can dive underwater to find a Ruined portal. It’s half complete, so with just enough obsidian, you can quickly make it functional and explore the Nether. Then, after exploring the Nether, all that’s left for you to do is find the closest stronghold. You will find it at the edge of the forest and badlands biome located on the nearest piece of land.

  • Seed Code: -4060839488929676108
  • Biomes: Plains, Beach, Badlands, and Forest
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -108, Y:65, Z:-121
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 24, Y:43, Z:-264

3. The 2 Minute Seed

The 2 Minute Seed

Yes, you read that right. This seed practically holds the ability to speedrun the game in just 2-3 minutes and is the fastest Minecraft seed for speedrunning. In many ways, this seed feels like a custom edit of the existing 12-eyed seed. So, the best thing about this seed is that it offers you a 12-eyed Ender Portal merely a thousand blocks from our spawn village. But that’s not all.

If you want to do it traditionally, involving the Nether realm, there is even a Ruined portal next to the village. All you need to do is collect 16 obsidian blocks from the ironsmith’s chest and complete the portal. Then, you can choose to either spend your time in the Nether or quickly finish the game by running to the nearest stronghold.

  • Seed Code: -4530634556500121041
  • Biomes: Plains, Forest, and River
  • Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: 1011, Y:66, Z: -1220
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 184, Y:65, Z: 296

4. Instant Gateway to Nether

Gateway to Nether

the next best Minecraft seed for speedrunning spawns you next to an almost complete Nether portal. All it needs are 2 more obsidian blocks. Fortunately, the village right behind the Nether portal has an ironsmith’s chest with 6 obsidian. The same village will also provide you with the rest of the essential resources, including food, for your adventure.

You can then enter the portal by activating it using the fire charge from the Ruined portal’s chest. In the Nether, you will spawn almost equidistant to a bastion as well as a nether fortress. Both are located in the opposite direction. If you find one, you can easily make your way to the other. Then, all that’s left for you to do is come back and locate the nearest stronghold, which is a thousand blocks from the village.

  • Seed Code: 188956244577457
  • Biomes: Taiga

5. Smallest Stronghold and Lucky Spawn

Smallest Stronghold and Lucky Spawns

This seed might not be for every player, but it can do wonders in hands of skilled veterans. Let’s break down what all this seed on our list of best Minecraft speedrun seeds has to offer. We spawn next to a Ruined portal, and you only need one obsidian block to turn it into a Nether Portal. And well, you can find obsidian in the chest next to it.

But, you will have to enter the Nether unless you are willing to go to a small village in the neighboring Taiga forest. The portal spawns you close to a Nether Fortress, so you won’t have to stay long in Nether.

If you somehow survive the Nether, you need to travel to the smallest stronghold ever, which is underwater. And since you don’t have many tools, it is perfect to enter the End portal without fighting many mobs or digging too deep. But if you don’t want to meet the Ender Dragon unprepared, there’s an ocean monument right by the corner to contest. So, practically, this is the coolest seed to speedrun in Minecraft. But it demands serious combat skills too.

  • Seed Code: 4165224956755711246
  • Biomes: Plains and Taiga
  • Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: -1280, Y: 48, Z: 1152
  • Closest Village Coordinates: X: 312, Y: 64, Z: 248
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: -1352, Y: 55, Z: 1256

Best Speedrun Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock

These seeds will run across all versions of Minecraft Bedrock, including PC, consoles, and even Minecraft PE. But keep in mind that you can’t expect ready-to-use End Portals in the Bedrock edition due to its programming. We did find one such seed while creating the list of best Minecraft seeds, but it wasn’t useable.

6. Exposed Stronghold at Spawn

Exposed Stronghold Entrance and Library in a Spawn Village

Minecraft Bedrock doesn’t allow readymade End Portals, but it allows spawning next to the stronghold. This seed is one of the best examples of that. You spawn in a Taiga village that has an exposed stronghold library on its surface. It’s located next to an unblocked staircase, where you can find water and even some villagers.

As for the village, there are plenty of resources, caves, and food to have you covered in your Minecraft speedrunning journey. All you need to do is find the closest Ruined portal or lava pools, get the eyes of Ender using Nether, and beat the game. Thanks to the huge number of beds in the village, you can easily beat the Dragon by exploding them in the End. Just make sure to not spend too much time in the Nether during the speedrun.

  • Seed Code: 322161687
  • Biomes: Taiga
  • Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 696, Y: 55, Z: -280

7. Best Nether Speedrun Minecraft Seed

Reliable Nether Survival Seed

Usually, entering the Nether realm means struggling for a long time till you find the fortress. But not with this seed. It spawns us close to a plains village, where you need to make your portal. You will have to spend some time collecting lava for the portal, though, as there’s no Ruined portal near the spawn point. You can probably get diamonds from one of the villager’s chests. If not, there are multiple caves in the area as well.

Once you enter the Nether, there’s a Bastion Remnant next to our spawn. If you look further, there is also a Nether Fortress nearby, which is all you need to finish the adventure in this realm. Furthermore, you will have plenty of time to find the stronghold after coming back to the overworld.

  • Seed Code: -2063911105
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 67, Z: 56
  • Nether Fortress Coordinates: X: -389, Y: 70, Z: 75
  • Bastion Coordinates: X: 128, Y: 70, Z: 80

8. The 10-Minute Seed

Our next recommendation in this list of best Minecraft speedrun seeds is my favorite one. It’s a highly competitive seed that can even beat a few of the Java Edition speedrun seeds listed above.

The 10-Minute Seed

We spawn next to a fairly large village with multiple lava collection points and water for the portal. You can even use the nearby Ruined portal, but you won’t necessarily need it. In the Nether, we spawn next to a Nether fortress that has a blaze spawner in it. So yeah, you can get back to the overworld as quickly as you left it.

Finally, as for finding the stronghold, there’s no need to travel anywhere. The stronghold is located below our spawn village. And if you were wondering about tools and resources, the village has four blacksmiths. Overall, it will be pretty hard to find a Minecraft speedrun seed with capabilities similar to this one.

  • Seed Code: 1395837543
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: 984, Y: 67, Z: 40

9. Stronghold in Ravine

Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village

This seed offers us plenty of good resources for speedrunning the game. As long as you can tackle the Nether in this seed, it will work like a charm. To begin, you need to travel a few dozen blocks to a plains village with a ravine next to it. The ravine and the village will give you plenty of resources and tools to get started. Then, you can locate a Ruined portal. There’s one close to our spawn point.

The journey in the Nether realm might take some time, but once you are done, the rest won’t take long. When you are back, jump into the ravine, collect a few chests and enter the End portal to finish the game. Keep in mind that this portal, unfortunately, has no eyes-of-ender installed. So, you will have to collect blaze power and ender pearls to make 12 eyes of ender.

  • Seed Code: -526746112
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 840, Y: 64, Z: 72
  • Village Coordinates: X: 1070, Y: 64, Z: 180

10. Best Village Minecraft Seed for Speedrunning

A Collection of Lucky Villages

If you like villages in Minecraft, this seed is perfect for you. We spawn near a massive plains village that has a stronghold below it. You can find its walls peaking into the ravine next to the village. Moreover, there’s a desert temple with its amazing loot and TNTs near this village. But that’s not all. There’s a desert village with another temple in the same area, and you can even find a blacksmith in it.

With such a variety of resources, you can quickly build a Nether portal. The diamonds, along with lava from the ravine and the desert pools, will help you in that process. And once you are back to the overworld, the stronghold will be waiting for you to conquer the game.

  • Seed Code: ace
  • Biomes: Desert and Plains
  • Village with Stronghold and Ravine Coordinates: X: 584, Y: 68, Z: 136
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 664, Y: 65, Z: 264
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: 1080, Y: 67, Z: 232
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 69, Z: 200

BONUS: Best Speedrunning Seed for Minecraft 1.18

The best Minecraft 1.18 seeds are still finding their way to the users. So yeah, I won’t be surprised when people come out with the new best speedrunning seeds. But until that happens, we have you covered with this special seed that we tested on Java Minecraft 1.18 pre-release 4.

Two Large Snowy Villages and Best Loot at Spawn

The seed spawns us between two large snowy villages. One of them has an ironsmith whose chest gives us 7 obsidian blocks. Meanwhile, the other village has plenty of farms to help with food.

After looting resources, under one of the villages is an underwater ruined portal. You can finish the portal with your obsidian blocks and light it with a fire charge in its chest. As for the Nether, you spawn close to a fortress. That means it won’t take long to come back to the overworld.

Finally, the stronghold is something you have to travel for. The closest one is located around 2000 blocks away from spawn, but you have plenty of time to reach there and still achieve an impressive speedrun record in this Minecraft 1.18 seed.

  • Seed Code: 4887167405268088711
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean and Snowy Plains
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 171, Y: 51, Z: 101
  • Village Coordinates: X: 129, Y: 62, Z: 84
  • House with Obsidian in 2nd Village Coordinates: X: -142, Y: 64, Z: 132

Use these Speedrun Seeds to Finish Minecraft Quickly

With such diversity, I hope you were able to find the best speedrun seed that fits your playstyle. Now, you can have some fun in the Nether or directly jump into the End Portal to complete Minecraft as quickly as possible. There are many ways to speedrun this sandbox game but experimenting will help you find which way is best suited for you. For additional help, you can install Forge in Minecraft to run mods and enhance your experience.

If you have already used any of the Minecraft seeds listed above for speedrunning, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. Speedrunning can be new and exciting to some players, so if you have a record or some tips, drop them in the comments to help our readers. Speedrunning is all about saving time. So, don’t waste a moment longer and start trying the best speedrun seeds for Minecraft.

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    1.171. use it, they all work, you can upgrade to 1.18 if you want

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    U use the right edition?

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      Because 1.18 changed seed generation, try the seeds in 1.17.1 then convert to 1.18

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