How to Make Smithing Templates in Minecraft 1.20

Smithing Templates are one of the most exciting features of the Minecraft 1.20 update and they are changing the game in the best way possible. Whether you want to find Netherite and use it or just want to look the best in your gear, these templates now affect everything. But what exactly are Smithing Templates in Minecraft and how can you make one? Let’s find out!

What is a Smithing Template in Minecraft

 Smithing Template in Minecraft

As its name implies, a Smithing Template is a utility item that is used inside the Smithing Table in Minecraft. It allows you to customize your armor and upgrade all of your pieces of equipment.

There are currently two types of Smithing Templates:

  • Upgrade: This template allows you to turn your diamond tools, weapons, and armor into Netherite items.
  • Armor Trim: This template allows you to add new patterns to the pieces of your armor in 10 unique colors.

Smithing Template Locations: Where to Find Them?

Each Smithing Template spawns in a unique structure within the world of Minecraft in all three dimensions: Overworld, Nether, and the End. Use the table below to find the spawn location of each Smithing Template:

Smithing TemplateLocation
Netherite UpgradeBastion Remnant
Sentry Armor TrimPillager Outpost
Dune Armor TrimDesert Pyramid
Coast Armor TrimShipwreck
Wild Armor TrimJungle Temple
Tide Armor TrimOcean Monument
Ward Armor TrimAncient City
Vex Armor TrimWoodland Mansion
Rib Armor TrimNether Fortress
Snout Armor TrimBastion Remnant
Eye Armor TrimStronghold
Spire Armor TrimEnd City
Silence Armor TrimAncient City
Wayfinder Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Raiser Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Shaper Armor TrimTrail Ruins
Host Armor TrimTrail Ruins

If you want to know more about each of these locations and what each template does, we have a dedicated guide to all locations of Armor Trims in Minecraft, which is worth checking out.

How to Create Smithing Templates in Minecraft

Items Required to Make Smithing Templates

You need the following items to make a Smithing Template:

  • 1 Smithing Template (that you want to duplicate)
  • 7 Diamonds
  • Crafting Table
  • 1 Building Block (that corresponds to the template)

Each Smithing Template requires a unique solid block to complete the crafting recipe. Use the table below to find the related solid block for each of them:

Smithing TemplateKey Ingredient
Netherite UpgradeNetherrack
Sentry Armor TrimCobblestone
Dune Armor TrimSandstone
Coast Armor TrimCobblestone
Wild Armor TrimMossy Cobblestone
Tide Armor TrimPrismarine
Ward Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Vex Armor TrimCobblestone
Rib Armor TrimNetherrack
Snout Armor TrimBlackstone
Eye Armor TrimEnd Stone
Spire Armor TrimPurpur Block
Silence Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Wayfinder Armor TrimTerracotta (regular)
Raiser Armor TrimTerracotta (regular)
Shaper Armor TrimTerracotta (regular)
Host Armor TrimTerracotta (regular)

Crafting Recipe of Smithing Templates

Follow the steps below to craft a Smithing Template in Minecraft:

1. First, place your crafting table on a solid surface, and then right-click or use the secondary action key on it.

Crafting Table in Minecraft

2. Then, put the Smithing Template in the middle cell of the topmost row of the crafting area.

Upgrade Smithing Template in crafting area

3. Then, place the building block corresponding to the template in the cell beneath it.

Netherrack in crafting area

4. Finally, fill all the remaining cells with diamonds, and you will end up with 2 Smithing Templates in Minecraft. You can learn how to find Diamonds in Minecraft via our guide linked here.

crafting recipe of Smithing Templates

How to Use Smithing Templates in Minecraft

Smithing Table UI in Minecraft 1.20

Considering the two types of Smithing Templates in Minecraft, there are two main methods of using them:

  • Netherite: You can use the Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template in Minecraft by combining it with a diamond gear and a Netherite ingot in the Smithing Table.
  • Armor Customization: You can combine the Armor Trim Smithing Templates with a piece of your armor and a colored material to customize your armor.

The latter is a bit complicated, so we have created a dedicated guide that goes over how to customize armor in Minecraft. You can refer to the same to learn everything you need to know about Armor Trims.

Just like that, you’re now ready to make copies of Smithing Templates in Minecraft. But, make sure you know all about the ore distribution of Minecraft to easily find all the diamonds you need for the purpose. Not to forget, you can also easily set up a villager trading hall to have an alternative way to collect diamond gear. With that said, let’s go back to the topic at hand. Which is your favorite Smithing Template in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!

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