How to Make and Use the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Whether you are a beginner exploring Minecraft or a veteran speedrunning Minecraft seeds, the Eye of Ender is an inevitable item to come across. But it doesn’t spawn naturally and neither does it behave like any other item in the game. That’s why it is the cause of confusion for several Minecrafters. Luckily, we are here to fix that by covering how to make and use the Eye of Ender in the simplest way possible. But it requires a lot of in-game traveling, so let’s get started!

Eye of Ender in Minecraft: Explained (2022)

What is the Eye of Ender in Minecraft?


The Eye of Ender is an uncommon utility item in Minecraft that doesn’t spawn naturally in the world. It’s the primary item you need to visit the End dimension in Minecraft, which is where the Ender dragon resides. But you need items from the overworld and the Nether dimensions to craft the Ender Eye. So, in a way, it’s the item that connects all Minecraft dimensions with each other.

Items Required to Make an Eye of Ender

You only need the following items to make an Eye of Ender in Minecraft:

We suggest you collect enough ingredients for more than 12 Eyes of Ender at once. Doing so will ensure you have enough of them to activate the End portal, even if you lose some on the way. This usually happens because the Eye of Ender randomly breaks when thrown. Once it breaks, you can’t get the Eye of Ender back. So it’s always good to have some extra Ender eyes for backup.

Ender Pearls

Enderman and Ender Pearl

Ender pearls are easy to obtain in your Minecraft world. You can get them using the following methods:

  • Killing Endermen that spawn in all three dimensions of Minecraft
  • Looting Chests in Woodland Mansions and Strongholds
  • Trading with expert-level cleric villagers (find out about various Minecraft villager jobs here)
  • Bartering with Piglins in the Nether dimension

If you want to take your Ender pearl collection to the next level, we suggest you make an Enderman farm in Minecraft. It is the perfect tool to get an unlimited supply of Ender pearls (and XP). Though, you only need one Ender Pearl to make an Eye of Ender in Minecraft.

Blaze Powder

Follow the steps below to get all the blaze powder needed to make the Eye of Ender in Minecraft:

1. First, make a Nether portal and travel to the Nether dimension.

Nether portal in Minecraft

2. Then, find a Nether fortress, which is where the Blaze mob spawns.

Nether fortress in Minecraft

3. After finding the fortress, roam around till you stumble upon a Blaze. Then, kill it to obtain Blaze rods. Though, keep in mind that not every Blaze drops the rods, so you might have to fight more than one Blaze to get the rods.

Blaze in Minecraft

4. Finally, place the blaze rods in the crafting area to turn them into blaze powder. You can do so using crafting tables and even in your player inventory.

Blaze powder recipe

Minecraft Eye of Ender: Crafting Recipe

Once you have the Blaze powder and Ender pearls in your inventory, it’s time to create the Eye of Ender. You can place both ingredients anywhere in the crafting area. We have placed the Eye of Ender and Blaze powder next to each other to get an Eye of Ender. The recipe here doesn’t follow a strict order, and you don’t even have to place them next to each other if you want.

Crafting Recipe of Eye of Ender in Player Inventory

Not to forget, the crafting recipe of Eye of Ender is a two-item recipe. So, you can even make it in your player inventory without relying on the crafting table.

Uses of the Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Ender Eye is the ultimate item you need to reach the End dimension and kill the Ender dragon, finishing the game’s main plot. Having said that, an Eye of Ender has the following purposes in Minecraft:

  • Crafting Ender Chests
  • Locating Stronghold
  • Activating End Portal

Craft Ender Chests with Ender Eye

Ender Chest in Minecraft

Using Eye of Ender, you can craft one of the most innovative storage blocks in Minecraft. The Ender chest allows you to access stored items from any location with ease. When you make an Ender chest in Minecraft, it is linked to an individual player and cannot be seen by anyone else, so your treasures are secure.

Though we have linked the guide in the above paragraph, you should know that you need Obsidian blocks and an Eye of Ender to craft the Ender chest.

Find Stronghold with Eye of Ender

Follow the steps below to use the Eye of Ender and find Strongholds in your Minecraft world:

1. First, make sure you’re in the overworld dimension. Then, throw the Eye of Ender in the sky using right-click or the secondary action key. It will automatically fly 12 blocks toward the nearest stronghold.

Use Eye of Ender in Minecraft

2. If the stronghold is far, the Eye of Ender will go upwards, and it will move downwards if the stronghold is near. Moreover, if the Ender Eye keeps going down toward the same spot, that’s where your Stronghold is located. Now, you simply have to dig down.

Eye of Ender in upwards direction

Activate the End Portal in Minecraft

Once you have found the stronghold, it’s time to put the Eyes of Ender up to their main task:

1. First, explore the stronghold structure until you come across the portal room. It has the End portal floating on top of lava with a mob spawner next to it.

Portal Room in Stronghold Minecraft

2. Then, go to each of the End portal frames and use right-click or the secondary action key to place the Eyes of Ender in them. Once all the 12 Eyes of Ender are in place, the portal will get activated.

End Portal with 12 Eyes of Ender

If you want to go into the depth of finding this structure we suggest you read our dedicated guide to finding the stronghold in Minecraft.

Make and Use Eye of Ender in Minecraft

Whether you were struggling to find the End dimension or crafting an Eye of Ender, we hope our guide has solved your queries. But before you jump into the portal, you must be prepared to tackle one of the strongest mobs of Minecraft. For that, we suggest you carry some of the best Minecraft potions and a bunch of tools backed by Minecraft enchantments for support with you. With that said, which is your favorite dimension of Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!

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