What to Expect from Apple WWDC 2024: iOS 18, macOS 15, and AI Features

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), one of Apple’s big annual events is scheduled for June 10, 2024, and the excitement is in the highest gear. This year, everyone’s waiting for Apple to make substantial strides in the already progressed AI space. While the Cupertino tech giant has remained tight-lipped, it has been working behind the curtain to showcase some bold changes by integrating Generative AI into iOS. Here’s everything you can expect at WWDC 2024, including the new iOS 18, macOS 15, visionOS 2, and more.

iOS 18 with AI Galore

iOS 18 Ai features Pro iPhones
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The headliner of the WWDC 2024 would be the AI capabilities woven into iOS 18. Apple is gearing up to catch up to its competitors in the AI league. According to Mark Gurman, the upcoming iOS 18 could be the biggest software update ever, all thanks to AI. Apple’s AI strategy will focus on tools that ordinary consumers can use in their everyday lives. We can expect an array of new AI features incorporated across the latest iPhone operating system. Some of them are:

  • Create custom emojis using generative AI
  • Faster Spotlight searches
  • Smart Recaps of missed notifications
  • Improved Safari web search
  • Photos retouching with AI
  • Auto-generated playlists in Apple Music
  • Reply suggestions in emails and text messages
  • Natural interactions and improved user personalization with Siri

In addition, iOS 18 will introduce some useful design changes that users have been waiting for ages now. The update will arrive with a more customizable Home Screen experience, offering greater control over the Home Screen app icon arrangement and the colors of the individual app icons. Finally, users will have the freedom to create blank spaces, columns, and rows between app icons. Besides, there would be an option to “change the color of app icons” for easy identification.

Starting iOS 18, Apple will support the RCS messaging standard to enable smooth communication between iPhone and Android users. This should bring several improvements like better group chats, read receipts, real-time typing indicators, audio messages, higher-resolution photos & video, location sharing, and more. Apart from the RCS support, Apple is likely to add a new text effects feature to the Messages app with iOS 18.

Also, we’ll get to see a bunch of new Accessibility features. Apple is also ready to supercharge some of its popular built-in apps like Mail, Notes, Safari, Photos, and Fitness.

Safari will receive an updated look and new tools, including an “Intelligent Search” option and a Web Eraser tool. Apple Maps may get Topographic Maps and an option to save custom routes as an alternative to the pre-selected routes. The Calendar app will have better integration with Reminder, the Photos app is likely to have AI integrations for editing, and Apple Music may gain auto-generated playlists and smarter song transition features. The Notes app will now let you record voice memos and perform more complex mathematical equations on your notes. This will surely bring the Apple’s Notes app closer to the Microsoft OneNote app.

For more details, you can visit our dedicated article on what’s coming in iOS 18.

iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18

The newest update for iPad owners, iPadOS 18 would incorporate most of the new features of iOS 18, expanded to seamlessly fit on a larger screen. Until 2019, iOS and iPadOS were similar in most of the aspects. But now, iPadOS slowly heading into its own realm with a unique identity. Just like iOS 18, iPadOS 18 will also offer new accessibility features, including Eye Tracking, Music Haptics, Vocal Shortcuts, and Vehicle Motion Cues.

One of the major additions would be the built-in Calculator app for the iPad lineup. Yes, finally after 14 years, iPads will get a native Calculator app. It would be available on all the iPads compatible with the iPadOS 18 update.

macOS 15

macOS 15

At WWDC, Apple will add a new member to the macOS versions. The upcoming macOS 15 is expected to feature a revamped Calculator app with the Notes app integration, a resizable window, a history tape feature, and updated unit conversation features. While there are no clues at the moment, the updated Mac Calculator app might be based on the new iPad app coming in iPadOS 18. Also, the Calendar app will have the Reminders integration so users can manage reminders from within the Calendar app.

Apple’s macOS 15 is expected to arrive with several new Accessibility features, including Adaptive Voice Shortcuts, a Live Speech enhancement, and an expanded app support for custom font sizes. Also, there are reports that the Freeform app will get a new Freeform Scenes feature to allow users to choose specific sections on boards to ease navigation. We’ll also get to see a revamped System Settings app on Mac and the Settings app on iPhone & iPad.

Just like iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, Generative AI will play a huge role in macOS 15.

watchOS 11

watchOS 11

Apple will also reveal the new operating system for its Apple Watch lineup. Compared to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac updates, the new Apple watchOS would be a fairly minor update with fewer additions and improvements. We can expect watchOS 11 to bring more health and fitness features to Apple Watch owners, and Artificial Intelligence may be present here as well. We might see new Watch faces, improved sleep tracking, and a Workout revamp.

tvOS 18

WWDC 2024 will also showcase tvOS 18, the latest upgrade of the tvOS platform that runs on the Apple TV. Last year, tvOS 17 brought some significant updates to Apple TV users, including Find My to the Siri Remote, FaceTime support, a revamped Control Center, Apple Fitness+ improvements, and more. What’s expected from tvOS 18? We’ll find that at WWDC.

visionOS 2


Now that Vision Pro is on sale, we can expect visionOS 2 at WWDC 2024. While there aren’t many rumors or reports about the visionOS 2 features, Apple revealed some new accessibility coming to Vision Pro users. The latest visionOS update will introduce system-wide Live Captions, enabling users who are deaf or hard of hearing to follow spoken dialogue in live conversations and app audio. With the support for Live Captions in FaceTime, Vision Pro users can enjoy the unique experience of interacting using their Personas

Other accessibility features include Smart Invert, Reduce Transparency, and Dim Flashing Lights for people who have low vision, or users who want to avoid bright lights and frequent flashing.

HomePod Software Version 18

Alongside the other major software updates, we can expect Apple to update the software on the HomePod and HomePod mini at WWDC 2024. Apple did not offer many features with the HomePod Software Version 16, which was launched in 2022. That said, a later 16.3 version brought temperature and humidity sensing to the HomePod mini. This year, Apple is rumored to make some big changes to the HomePod lineup, so we may hear some software announcements at WWDC.

Other Updates at WWDC 2024

Besides, Apple is expected to update its developer-focused apps, like Xcode, Swift, and TestFlight. The giant will also make some improvements to CarPlay. With the Voice Control feature, users can easily navigate CarPlay and control apps with their voice. There will be a Sound Recognition feature for drivers or passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing to turn on alerts to be notified of car horns. Colorblinds can use the Color Filters feature that makes the CarPlay interface easier to use with bold and large texts.

Will There Be Hardware Announcements at WWDC 2024

Generally, WWDC tends to be a software-focused event, but Apple has also released several hardware products in recent years. While a lot is scheduled in Apple’s hardware pipeline, there are no rumors yet that Apple will announce new hardware.

Also, in the latest newsletter, Mark Gurman does not expect to announce any new hardware at its WWDC 2024. He said, “There’s no hardware slated to be announced at WWDC, unless Apple unexpectedly previews a new device launching later”. So, if you’re expecting to see an M4 MacBook, be prepared to be disappointed. We are unlikely to see any hardware announcements this year.

We all know that Apple has a habit of surprising its fans, like the Vision Pro reveal at WWDC 2023. So, it’s better to stay tuned for any possible unexpected announcements.

What Time Does WWDC 2024 Start?

The WWDC 2024 keynote event will start at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Monday, June 10. If you’re wondering what time will WWDC start in your country/region, check out the times below:

  • United States: 10 AM (PDT), 1 PM (EDT)
  • Canada: 2 PM (ADT)
  • United Kingdom: 6 PM (BST)
  • Europe: 7 PM (CEST)
  • India: 10.30 PM (IST)
  • China and Singapore: June 11 at 1 AM
  • Japan: June 11 at 2 AM (JST).
  • Australia: June 11 at 1 AM (AWST), 2.30 AM (ACST), 3 AM (AEST)
  • New Zealand: June 11, 5 AM (NZST)
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