6 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Cypher in Valorant

Valorant is the one game where the more information you have about the playing field, the better. Cypher is one of those agents in Valorant who can gather information without putting him at risk. This makes him one of the best passive agents in Valorant. The agent always stays relevant in the Valorant agent tier list, and we believe that if you master Cypher, you can get solid victories. That is why we have made a list of tips & tricks that you should try as a Cypher in Valorant. With that said, let’s begin.

1. Utilize the Cyber Cage

If you are using Cypher, then the cage is the one ability you shouldn’t forget about. The cage goes through walls and has more height if it is on high ground. Using the full-size cage can help you create a one-way vision block or even a floating cage. If you put a cage on top of a Sage wall and deploy it, then even after destroying the wall, the cage stays afloat.

Corner cage trick using Cyber Cage

Another neat thing to have up your sleeve is the corner cage trick. If you are fighting an attacking team that rushes down a site heavily, then use the corner cage to drop out a cage and then hide behind the other corner. As we already mentioned, a Cyber cage can go through walls and objects, and it can cut off the vision of certain sections where you can camp undetected.

2. Trapwire Placement and Locations

The most important thing as a Cypher is to know Valorant’s crouch and jump lengths. This helps you put trap wire accordingly. Otherwise, enemies can dodge the trap by crouching or jumping over them. The trick is to crouch down and place the wire right on your eye level.

Cypher trapwire placing

Remember the Trapwire trips the enemies in contact until someone destroys it. If one does not destroy the trap and continues triggering it, the trap rearms itself and stuns again. So, if you know the right place to put the traps, the defense will do wonders.

3. Camera Sound Queue Trick

This trick is going to blow your mind. If you are playing Bind or Fracture, then use Cypher’s spy camera darts to open doors. This also triggers the teleporter door sound, which can surprise enemies. As there is no other ability that allows you to trigger the teleporter-style doors without getting close to them, this trick will be great for all passive nerds.

4. Stay Vigilant When Using Spycam

If you are using Cypher, then remember that while you use the camera, you are very vulnerable. This makes Cypher weak and very defensive. It is always recommended to stay in cover while spying. You can also put traps around you before using the spycam. If you have supportive teammates, then it’s better to ask them to watch your back while you spy away.

5. Know the Spycam Locations

Adding on to our previous tip, it is also important to know where to spy while you are doing it. As you might know, you cannot put the spy cams anywhere possible in the visibility range. However, there are certain places where you can put the cam outside of enemy vision. Check the gallery below for some neat examples:

If you use the spycam in the right locations, it will provide you with enemy feed for a longer period. This is because the enemies won’t be able to spot it as easily. This will grant you enough time to rotate or make strategies to retake occupied spaces.

6. Know Cypher Combos and Weaknesses

Some agents can easily negate Cypher’s presence on a defensive site. Jett, Raze, Gekko, Yoru, Omen, and Skye can be great against a defensive Cypher. Jett and Raze can use their movement skills to go over the traps.

Yoru and Omen can teleport over traps easily. In case you don’t have those agents in your team or they cannot cross for some reason, you can always send in Skye Trailblazer or Gekko Wingman to trigger the trap before entering the site.

Cypher with a ghost in hand

Valorant agents with damaging abilities like grenades or shock darts can also clear the Cypher traps easily. That is why it is important to keep your gadgets away from the mentioned agents. While Jett is a counter of Cypher, you can pick her as a compatible duo too. Sova, ISO, and Omen also go well with Cypher for their attacking contributions to the game.

If you pick Cypher, your primary goal will be to stall enemies on the defensive and gather information about enemy attacks and rotations. Since Cypher is equipped with such abilities, it won’t be difficult. Although you can pick Cypher on almost any map, Bind, Split, and Haven, are the must-picks.

We hope these tips and tricks to master Cypher in Valorant make your opponents uninstall the game! Already a pro and know more tips we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

Is Cypher still a good agent?

Cypher is a good agent for players who want to play tactical with a passive approach. Even after being a slow intel-based agent, Cypher can be strong thanks to the threat he possesses with traps.

Why does Cypher wear a mask?

Cypher wears a mask to keep his identity hidden. He also wears a hat with an antenna. This hat helps him use his ultimate ability, Neural theft.

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