Valorant Jett Guide: Best Tips and Tricks to Master Jett

If there’s one Agent you will always see being used a lot in Valorant, it will be Jett. However, there are some good reasons why she is the most popular agent in the Valorant agent roster. Even after unlimited nerfs, Jett is a fast-paced, gun-blazing, high-risk, and high-reward agent. However, playing her is not as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, we are here to help. If you want to master Jett, keep reading as we discuss the ultimate tips and tricks to try out. So, with that, let’s begin.

1. Know Your Role & Style

You know it is basically a cheat code when Jett comes as an unlocked default duelist. Duelists are extremely crucial on any map you are on. Where some of the duelists need certain team composition or situational advantage, Jett can barge in on a site and knock on the enemy’s doors as they start running back one by one. Jett is an agent for the players who have a fast-paced and aggressive playstyle.

Jett holding operator

On the attacking side, Jett is one of the few agents who can carry the Operator. In technical coaching guides, it is never recommended to use an operator on the attack, but exceptions are always rewarding in an unorthodox way. Jett can also give great site entries by herself. You can control the whole site and clear out the choke points without your teammate’s help.

On the defending side, Jett is undoubtedly the best operator carrier. Alongside how good she is as the carrier of the strongest weapon in the game, she can also occasionally catch enemies off-guard with the Judge and Shorty. Thanks to excellent mobility, Jett can easily escape harmful situations where she is stuck between multiple enemies. So, if all the above sounds like something you would fit right into, get Jett right now.

2. Know Which Agent to Pair

Regarding teammates, Jett is sort of a solo carry and can fit in with any agent at first glance. However, any agent with proper flashes and concuss utilities can be a bonus. The only thing important is that Jett needs to have a lot of moving space around her while she is involved in duels.

Jett with Raze and Killjoy

Agents like Breach, Omen, and Skye can be really helpful with their utilities while Jett takes on enemies. An honorable mention will be Sage, as her heal or revive ability, if used correctly on a good Jett, can change the course of any round of a Valorant game.

3. Jett Won’t Shine on Every Map

We can understand everything so far sounds so cool about Jett but let me remind you not to lock in Jett right away. Yeah, she can be a solo carry of any team composition on any given day. But if you are looking for a serious rank grind and you don’t want to lose out on any positive RR, then understand on which maps particularly you can play better agents other than Jett that can benefit you more.

Jett fighting Yoru in Icebox

In maps like Split and Bind, you can never go wrong with a Raze. Although both duelists together can be an amazing combination, if there is only one spot for a duelist pick, then do not go for Jett.

4. Updraft Trick After Tailwind

This trick will save your life the next time when you dash into an enemy site using the Tailwind ability. When you use Tailwind, it takes some time before Jett pulls out the weapon. This makes her vulnerable. However, if you Updraft right after the dash, you can pull out the weapon faster.

Updraft after Tailwind

It will also help you get into an off-angle or elevated space, which will make it difficult for enemies to shoot you. You can also bonk your head on obstacles like doorways or close corners that will help you hit the ground faster after the Updraft.

5. Use Cloudburst to Cancel Weapon Switch Animation

If you are one of those knife flexes or just bring out your knife to boost your movement every second, then this tip is for you. If you use Cloudburst before pulling out your weapon back from the knife, then the animation of weapon pull is reduced to zero.

Fast weapon equip trick using cloudburst

It helps you instantly equip your weapon. While we recommend keeping to your gun at all times if you absolutely must switch, then use this trick from now on.

6. Utilize Your Movement and Agility

Utilizing mobility is a big part of playing Jett. An average player’s aim will always be on the head level. Whereas if you use your Drift or Updraft to jump peek on angles and corners it will be hard for them to get an accurate shot. You can also move over certain structures to attack enemies from a place they would not expect.

7. Peek Aggressively

The best part about playing Jett is you are the most agile agent in Valorant. This gives you the advantage of being aggressive and duel-friendly. Always peek early from strong angles and use your abilities to get out of enemy situations.

Operator peek Jett

While this tip isn’t for the stable players out there, make sure to peek with intensity and speed to get in and out of risky situations with ease.

8. Curve Clouds to Create One-Ways

The one-way smokes are mostly of great utility for any controller agent in Valorant. However, Jett comes with her own set of smokes, aka the clouds. You can throw the clouds and curve them to make suitable one-way ways to take fights where you have the vision and information advantage.

one way cloudburst smoke trick

This effectively blocks the sightlines for enemies while ensuring you can still peek and eliminate them. However, make sure to have the element of surprise; otherwise, it won’t work.

9. Play with Confidence

With great power comes great responsibility, and Jett is no exception. That is why, before picking this agent, you have to have enough confidence to play her. It can be a major weakness if the team Jett is sitting behind the whole game, scared of taking fights. Utilize your ultimate throwing knives whenever your team is on an economic crunch and get your team that first breakthrough.

Confident peek using Jett

So, make sure you are confident enough to play any duelist, specifically Jett. Keep in mind that your agility and movement will not be enough. That is why sharpen your aim before entering the lobby as a Jett.

10. Know Which Agents Can Counter Jett

Jett has a lot of counter agents that can shut her down if the player is not cautious with movement and positioning. Agents like Kay/o and Skye on the attacker side can push Jett back from early peek angles. Also, a good Phoenix can flash out Jett in aggressive situations.

On the defender side, a controller like Brimstone can stall Jett for a longer period by cutting vision early. Brimstone can also attack the locations Jett can run into using his Incendiary. However, the hardest site entry is when a Cypher plays on a site. Proper trap setups can shut down Jett’s heavy movement around the locations. It is, therefore, essential to know the tricks these pesky agents employ to make sure you don’t run into any problems while playing Jett in Valorant.

And these were the best tips and tricks you should know to master Jett in Valorant. Already a pro and know more tips we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

Are Jett knives 100% accurate?

Yes, Jett’s knives are 100% accurate. This means you can be on ropes or in the air, and you will still accurately throw knives at the target.

Is Jett easy to master?

No. Jett is one of the hardest agents in Valorant. It takes a lot of practice to learn the movements and accuracy. However, it is simple to learn Jett, provided you’re willing to.

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