Valorant Bind Map Guide: Layout, Callouts, Tips & Tricks, and More

In Short
  • Bind is a two-lane map in Valorant that is heavily favored toward the defensive side and contains two teleporters.
  • Raze, Gekko, and Viper are the ideal agents for this map while Killjoy or Cypher can make the B site a stronghold.
  • Knowing important callouts like hookah, shower, and elbow can help you while playing Bind.

Valorant maps are different in one way or another. While typical maps in tactical shooters were linear, Valorant got Bind from the initial beta phase, which changed how tactical shooters could be. Although not all players enjoy such gimmicks, after almost two years of existence, we can say that Bind is one of the unique maps in any tactical shooter. Being unique, Bind can throw some heavy burdens on you while playing on it. To help you with that, we’ve compiled a dedicated guide on the Valorant Bind map. With that, let’s begin.

Valorant Bind Map Overview

Bind Release Date and Location

Bind is one of the maps from the initial days of Valorant Beta. Although it was a beta map, the map was relaunched recently after undergoing some changes. After the changes were made, Blind made it to the Valorant maps list again on April 11th, 2023. Until the introduction of Fracture, Bind was the only map with no mid-section. According to Valorant lore, Bind is based in Morocco.

Bind Duality view
Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The map’s key feature does not have a mid, so you choose left or right. However, a teleporter is available for ease of rotation. Earlier, the map was more defensive-focused. However, after the changes, Bind somehow kept a balanced approach.

Despite the changes, it remains partial to the defending side. For being a gimmicky, short map with many unpredictable outcomes, professionals don’t love Bind that much. Whatever the case may be, Bind shows that Valorant wanted to keep things different from other tactical shooter maps.

Bind Minimap Layout Overview

As mentioned earlier, Bind has no mid. Despite that, Both Sites have four entry points combined. If you connect the long lanes, both A and B sites make a circle. The map also connects A short with a hookah and B long with a shower through two teleporters.

A short is the shorter route to A site, while A shower is the longer route. Similarly, B hookah connects to B site through a window whereas B long directly enters B site.

Bind map overview

Outside of B long is the fountain area that connects with the market and attacker spawn. A shower connects with the cave, and attackers spawn on the other side of the map. Both A and B have an elbow or L location that connects with the CT of their respective sites.

Bind is a congested map with many similar places on both sites. When calling for enemies or rotations, look for the proper site callout. Use the teleporters to your advantage and gain more victories.

Valorant Map Bind: Callouts

Let us look at the common and important callouts in the Bind map in Valorant.

Bind A site Callouts

Starting with Bind A site on Valorant, the map is divided into two parts. The Short to A site callouts are:

  • A Short
  • A Box
  • A Elbow
  • A Default
  • Back Elbow
  • A CT
A short callouts

The shower side to A site callouts are:

  • A Shower/ Bath
  • A Shower Corner
  • A Backsite Camp/ Cubby
  • A Heaven
A shower callouts

As mentioned in the images above, these are the most common and useful callouts in the Bind map on Valorant.

Bind B site Callouts

There is no mid in Bind, so let us jump to the B site. This site is also known as a stronghold for the defensive advantages Bind B site offers.

  • B Hookah/ Window
  • Under Hookah
  • Corner Box
  • B Garden/ Long
B entry callouts
  • B Elbow
  • B Backsite
  • B Tunnel
  • B Default
  • B CT
B site callouts

Best Agents for Bind Map in Valorant

Bind is a short map showing how entering a site can be difficult. So, as an attacking side, always prefer agents with more control abilities. On the support side, you can go with Brimstone as a controller for attacking prowess, but Clove’s abilities are best on this map.

Alongside a Clove, enter the site with a Raze or Jett. Raze is more preferred on Bind because of her corner-clearing abilities. Viper can be a great lurker on Bind if you are not into playing a passive Brimstone. Yoru is a wild card pick if you know how to use him in Bind. Furthermore, Gekko is a must for planting and initiation purposes in Bind.

On the defensive side, Bind is simple and easy. You can either get a Killjoy or Cypher and control B site alone or get an early operator on Jett for B long with an anchor on the site. Again, Viper and Raze are great on Bind in the defensive half, too. Here is a recap of the agents viable on the Bind map:

  • Raze
  • Viper
  • Cypher
  • Gekko
  • Killjoy
  • Clove
  • Yoru
  • Brimstone

Best Bind Map Tactics and Strategies

Although Bind seems like a balanced map, defending is far easier. The major reason behind this is short passages and little corners. It lets the defenders buy enough time for other teammates to rotate onto a site. The teleporter also makes so much sound that, if you are rotating through it, defenders know you are leaving. With that said, let us have a look at some cool strategies, tactics, tips & tricks on the Bind map.

1. Play Default (Playing Split)

Keep in mind that pushing together in any site on Bind can end up in a massacre. Be it opponent Raze’s Paint Shells or Viper’s Toxin, it is better to stay away from them. The ideal attack on Bind is to always play default, also known as playing split.

To execute this plan, play two players on B long, one outside hookah, one A short, and one on the showers. Do not overpeek and wait for a desperate defensive push. Once you catch enemies off guard, execute the site accordingly. This strategy will win you many rounds in Split.

2. Raze Judge Combo

In case you want to get some mid-rounds easily, you can manipulate enemies by pushing A short through elbow with a Judge as Raze. This grants you plenty of control over a majority of the planting locations in A site. If you have a Gekko, you can easily take advantage of this early Raze Judge push and plant spike using the overpowered Wingman.

Raze Judge Combo

On the defensive side, you can use the same Raze Judge combo to catch enemies off guard. This combination goes well in Bind, thanks to the congested areas and lack of escape routes. So, if you are good with those Blast Packs, use them and Judge enemies immediately. Having some friendly flashes ready before you go all out will be nice.

3. Make B Site a Stronghold

On the defensive side, B site can be defended by one agent. Agents like Viper, Cypher, and Killjoy are ideal for B site on Bind. While Viper can stay more aggressive with her spit and walls, Cypher and Killjoy can set up ideal traps to delay or defeat enemies in the blink of an eye.

Killjoy setup in Bind B

This strategy allows your teammates to play freely on other parts of the map. However, do not use the stronghold strategy on both sites. This might result in an overly defensive play that could cause disadvantages once a site is lost.

Bonus Tips and Tricks on Bind

Although Bind is pretty simple, where communication and execution is key, there are a few tricks you can apply as different agents.

  • If you are playing Yoru, using the fake teleport occasionally can make enemies guess where you can be. This, combined with the teleport, can help you in getting a few kills or even clutch in some situations.
  • As a Gekko, you can throw your Wingman or Dizzy through the teleport before jumping inside. This will help you gather intel if someone is already camping inside the teleporter.
  • The Cypher mains can easily deceive the enemies in Bind. All you have to do is shoot the tracking dart from your camera through the teleporter, which will make it sound like someone teleported.
  • If you have a Brimstone on your team, keep your ultimate until your enemies enter the shower, halls, or hookah. These places are very small, and the escape route is congested. This only means that the kebab in Turkey will definitely be cooked.

That was our full guide to the Valorant Bind map. What do you think about the map? Do you think it should be in the rotation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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