8 Best Tips & Tricks to Master Chamber in Valorant

Sentinels are one of the most wanted agents when it comes to defense in Valorant. Well, that was true until Valorant’s 18th agent, Chamber, arrived. Chamber is the most hard-hitting sentinel in the pack. His abilities make him so apt as a duelist that almost every Valorant Pro started calling Chamber a duelist agent. Well, sadly, the Frenchman was nerfed heavily over time, and he faded away from the meta. Despite that, Chamber still packs a fatal blow if he is in the right hands. So, if you also want to do the same and master Chamber, follow the tips and tricks below.

1. Hide the Trademark

Chamber’s Trademark ability is all about watching a spot on behalf of the team. It informs you whenever the enemy contacts or destroys it. Although the destruction of the Trademark still provides value, you would want to put it in a safe place to multiply that detection.

Trademark hiding location

If an enemy contacts Trademark, they are stuck in a slowing puddle for four seconds. This will help you or your teammate swing for a free kill. As the puddle also affects the entire area, the enemy count can increase. So, make sure you hide it well. The ideal place will always be behind boxes or corner points of the map.

2. Know Your Playstyle

Before you read about the other tips, remember why you picked Chamber in the first place. As a Chamber, your primary goal will always be to out-aim your enemies. So, make sure to grab the best crosshair codes before you enter the lobby.

Furthermore, even in defensive rounds, do not hesitate to peek early and use Rendezvous to dash out of the fight. I strongly suggest avoiding Chamber if you don’t have a good aim.

3. Use Headhunter over Classic

You would think Valorant veterans would remember everything. However, the best of gamers forget about using their secondary. After all, I hope you remember that switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading. However, Chamber only has to buy a couple of Headhunter bullets, unlike any other agents.

Chamber using headhunter

The Headhunter deals 159 damage on the head, 55 damage on the body, and 46 damage on the leg with every bullet. It also comes with an inbuilt aim down sight. So, next time you are out of bullets, do not forget to pull out the best sidearm in the game.

4. Be the save Round Demon

Chamber is also one of the finest save-round agents in Valorant. Thanks to his Headhunter, he can easily clear the pistol rounds. As it comes with aim-down sights, it is always a bonus for low-buy rounds. Headhunter bullets cost only 100 creds per bullet and can be bought up to a maximum of 8 bullets. This makes it a perfect save round or pistol round weapon.

Tour De Force Chamber

Even in eco or save rounds, you can buy Headhunter and save plenty of credits for the next round. In case you have ultimate Tour De Force, you can also save your credits and use that instead. Both guns that come with Chamber are capable of competing against strong weapons.

5. Don’t Forget Your Teammates

In some rounds when your teammates do not have enough money, you can spend credits on your Headhunter and use the rest to buy teammates a gun. This applies better in the rounds where you have the ultimate available.

As Tour De Force is an ultimate that costs you nothing, you can use your creds on other teammates while using it yourself. So be sure not to forget about your mates.

6. Use the Force

Speaking of Tour De Force, you already know it is the best sniper in Valorant. This is why if you play Chamber, you should use it as much as possible. Want to make it more interesting? The Tour De Force is a one-hit kill if the bullet hits the upper body. This especially helps users who aren’t good snipers.

Chamber using Tour De Force

On top of the insta-kill, it also creates a slowing puddle. This also makes it a better operator, as the slow field will make it hard for other enemies to run away. That can result in more than one kill in most cases. However, keep in mind that Tour De Force comes with only five bullets in it. Nonetheless, don’t forget about this gun.

7. Be the Operator Carrier

This leads to our next little tip for anyone who wants to master Chamber. If you are someone who plays Jett and uses the operator, you can switch it up with Chamber. Chamber is a much more reliable operator carrier. The slow field on every kill from Tour De Force already helps him get more kills or enough time to swing back.

Ideal Operator Carrier skills

Even if you are using a normal OP, you can easily escape after a kill using the Rendezvous. With just a 1.3-second teleportation duration, this is a perfect combination for any operator user.

However, ensure you stay within the range of the anchor, or you might end up being in a vulnerable situation. On top of that, having Headhunter as your sidearm also helps you quickly switch from OP to protect in close combat scenarios.

8. Have a Double OP Setup

Although you would not want to run a double OP setup in any other team comp, Chamber and Jett can be the ideal match made in heaven. Jett and Chamber are the only OP carriers who can easily escape a dicey situation. So, if you want to dominate a defensive map like Bind or Ascent, you know how to catch the enemies off guard.

That ends our list of the best tips to master Chamber in Valorant. Have even more suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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