Best Valorant Map Planner Tools (2024)

In Short
  • Get Gazoom or Valoplant to upgrade your game strategization as they are the best Valorant map planners.
  • Valorant map planners help you strategize tactics before you go and execute them in-game.
  • The planners also provide cool features like lineup learning for smokes or other post plants.

When it comes to tactical shooters, almost no game can compete with the importance and strategy that comes with Valorant. This makes it all the more important to learn the right timings, strategies, and lineups to be a successful player. While there aren’t a lot of customizable tools for strategies, we do have some in the form of map planners. So, if you are an aspiring Valorant Pro and want to plan your plays out, this one is for you. We discuss the best Valorant map planners to help you plan your lineups and attacks. With that, let’s begin.

1. Gazoom Strategy Tool

gazoom map planner preview

Starting with the best one on the list, Gazoom is a Valorant mapping tool you should definitely have in your arsenal. This tool has been made by Gazoom S.L. This website offers you a custom Valorant map strategy planner and lineups planner. The UI is simple, and you can easily navigate through the menu and options. However, the key ingredient that makes Gazoom number 1 is the game review and highlights feature.

You can install the Gazoom map planner app for Windows, and it will help you identify your plays from the game you play right after it ends. Through this tool, you can easily adjust your strategies and correct key mistakes.

So, if you want a real-time check of your gameplay, this app is a must-try. Watch highlights, make strategies, and share them with your friends through Gazoom now.

Key Features: Simple UI, Dynamic colors, Clips & highlights
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Valoplant map planner preview

Next is a tool that might be a little complex on the UI side, but it’s still great visually. Valoplant is a great strategy-building tool out there. This tool helps you with the utility range and placement. The best part about Valoplant is its amazing visuals to showcase abilities. Apart from that, there are so many features that any basic map planner tool on Valorant should have.

A key utility Valoplant comes with is the lineup learning tool. It is dynamic, and you can master any agent lineup easily if you follow the lineup guide. The two main things that cost Valoplant the top spot are the clips & highlights feature and the complex UI.

However, once you get accustomed to its UI, you will have a great time planning your next rush B strategy on Ascent.

Key Features: Colorful abilities, lineup tutorials, and amazing visuals
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Blitz lineup learning tool preview

While doesn’t provide any map planning or strategy, we do believe it deserves an honorary mention. Moreover, you still get an amazing Valorant lineup planner in this. So, if you are a lineup nerd who loves annoying enemies with abilities all day, then this might be your go-to place. Go and check it out now.

Key Features: Detailed lineups and information
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What is a Valorant Map Planner?

If you’re completely unaware of what a map planner in Valorant is, then read this first. To succeed in Valorant, you must always identify your pros and cons. First, you should always learn about the agents and the maps in Valorant.

Along with that, you need to strategize your attacking and defensive goals. That is where Valorant map planners come into play.

These planners help you plan your next attack or defense. Moreover, you can also check out your lineups, smokes, and other utilities through these planners. This will help you identify the right spots and situations for using various utilities. Some of the key things you can do with Valorant map planners are:

  • Agent-specific utility usage: These planners can help you practice your smoke or post-plant lineups. Lineups help you attack sites, clear corners, or secure a spike-defuse situation.
  • Attack and defensive timings: Through a map planner, you can have a proper overview of the map. This will help you strategize the full team attack or defense in certain situations.
  • Setting up counter-attacks: You can also analyze enemy movements and strategies to prepare for your counter-attacks. This will ensure you are taking the fight to your opponents before it’s too late.

Now that you have the best Valorant map planners with you, you can plan your play out. Once done, go and destroy your enemies who have better strategies. However, besides planning, there are a lot of other Valorant tips and tricks you can use to get better. Got a trick planned? Do share it with us in the comments below!

What is the best Valorant map planner?

Valoplant is considered to be a better planner. It comes with loads of visual clarification in terms of ability usage. However, it lacks a simplified UI and no highlights record option. That is why Gazoom is a simple and better map planner.

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