How to Use ChatGPT to Make Money

How to Make Money with ChatGPT (10 Easy Ways)

Ever since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, things have changed dramatically in the tech landscape. The OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM) is so powerful that it can do multiple things, including creative work like writing essays, number crunching, code writing, and more. People are now using ChatGPT’s insane AI capabilities to make money on the side. You can readily use ChatGPT and its alternatives to build apps and services with zero knowledge of programming languages. It’s also being used for affiliate marketing, starting new ventures, and much more. So to learn how to make money with ChatGPT, follow our detailed article below.

1. Build an App, Website, or Service

The next best way to make money with ChatGPT is by building a product. And for this, you don’t need to learn to code. ChatGPT can help you translate your ideas into real products with step-by-step instructions on how to use frameworks, toolchains, programming languages, etc. Recently, Ihor Stefurak, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, built a Chrome extension with the help of ChatGPT, having zero knowledge of programming. And he made $1000 within 24 hours of launching the extension. That’s bonkers, right?

Chatgpt prompt to create a python program

You can become a solopreneur and build a business in a matter of hours. Want to build a cool-looking HTML page? Ask ChatGPT. Want to integrate Stripe for easy checkout? Ask ChatGPT. Get errors along the way? Again, you can very well ask ChatGPT to debug the code too.

That said, I would recommend subscribing to ChatGPT Plus in order to access ChatGPT 4. So, if you are wondering how to use ChatGPT 4 for free, there’s no way to do so without paying the premium price. And honestly, it’s worth it. ChatGPT 4 is good at code generation and can find errors and fix them instantly. While you don’t have to be a programmer, a basic understanding of logic would help you see what the code is doing. To sum up, if you want to use ChatGPT to make money, go ahead and build a tech product.

2. Get Business Ideas From ChatGPT

To make money using ChatGPT, you must use it to its full potential. In case you are unaware, ChatGPT is good at churning out new ideas for passive income. For example, you can run the below prompt in ChatGPT to ask about side hustle ideas, depending on your preferences.

I want to start a side hustle using ChatGPT. I want to take advantage of your technology but I'm not sure where to start. Please ask me as many questions as you like so you can help me with your best ability. 
side hustle using chatgpt

ChatGPT will now ask you a bunch of questions about your expertise, interest, challenges, and more. After that, the AI chatbot will come up with tailored business ideas that meet your ability and expectation. You can query further and conceptualize the plan on how to start it, what are the things to keep in mind, etc. You can also start with “Generate a new business idea for…” and then ChatGPT will come up with some amazing results.

3. Create an AI Chatbot

After the launch of ChatGPT, the demand for AI-assisted chatbots has only gone higher. Business companies, educational institutions, apps, and even individuals want to train the AI on their own custom data and create a personalized AI chatbot. You can earn good money if you learn how to train an AI and create a cool front end. Stripe has already created a ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant that understands its technical documentation and helps developers by answering questions instantly.

Creating an AI chatbot

We have also written a tutorial on how to train an AI chatbot on custom data. The best part is that to create an AI chatbot, you don’t need to be a programmer. You can ask ChatGPT to help you out with this as well. Ask it how to create an AI chatbot using Python, and it will start giving you instructions.

You can use the OpenAI API to find relevant information from the indexed JSON file quickly. You can also use Typescript to build the front end of your chatbot. There are many ways to do it, and ChatGPT will surely help you out. So if you want to sell the idea of a custom-trained AI chatbot for customer service, technical assistance, database management, etc., you can start by creating an AI chatbot.

4. Turn into a Prompt Expert

The best AI tools on mobiles and even the best ChatGPT alternatives have their own nuances. If you’re someone using AI image generators, the process of actually using them can get even harder. This is because artificial intelligence, while smart, can be dumb if not given the right prompts to work with. However, browsing across the Internet, you must have seen folks compiling a variety of prompts and selling them. Furthermore, you might even see people offering courses on AI prompt engineering. These, while initially unnecessary, have turned into proper careers.

Provided you have a surgical knowledge of AI and its use, you can become a prompt expert and make use of ChatGPT to make money for you. So, for the audience out there that requires detailed yet concise prompts to use Midjourney to generate AI art, you can be the one who steps in. In the same vein, if you have used ChatGPT long enough, you can even compile the best ChatGPT prompts out there and then sell a collection for as little or as much as you want.

Also, with ChatGPT Plus, you can get access to a variety of plugins. One of the best ChatGPT plugins we mentioned in our list is “Prompt Perfect,” which lets you generate detailed prompts. You can use this plugin to create and sell prompts easily.

Prompt-Perfect ChatGPT

However, do note that this will require a fair bit of experience in reverse prompt engineering and understanding how AI works to a degree. If you already possess that, then you can get started quite easily. For those who don’t, however, there are a ton of resources online. You can even use some of our guides linked above to get started and use ChatGPT to make money.

5. Create Videos with ChatGPT

There are many niche and sub-niche categories on the Internet which are yet to be explored. You can ask ChatGPT to come up with video ideas in a particular category. After that, you can ask it to write a script for the YouTube video as well. Once you are done, you can go to or to quickly create videos from the text along with AI-backed narration. You can now publish the video on YouTube and earn some money on the side. And if you want to generate AI videos in ChatGPT directly, follow our linked tutorial for detailed steps.

youtube video suggestions using chatgpt

Apart from that, you can create video content around topical events and monetize the content. For example, reaction videos are popular on YouTube, and particularly, people like to watch reaction videos in Shorts format (clip duration must be less than 60 seconds). With such niche content ideas and ChatGPT’s help, you stand to earn a lot of money.

6. Write e-Books and Self-Publish

According to a Reuters report, with the launch of ChatGPT, AI-written e-books have seen a significant boom on Amazon. This is because writing and conceptualizing new ideas has become much easier with ChatGPT. People are using ChatGPT to write e-books on many relevant and niche topics and selling them directly on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Recently, we also decided to explore the bot’s capabilities and use ChatGPT to write essays.

amazon ebook page

From children’s e-books to motivational lectures and sci-fi novels, people are publishing e-books in various categories with the help of ChatGPT. Since ChatGPT does not respond with long answers at once, you can start with the outline and slowly add each paragraph to your word processor.

You can also use Book Bolt, which makes it easier to create, publish, and market your e-books better on Amazon. Simply put, self-publishing e-books written by ChatGPT has become a legit new way to earn money, and you should definitely give it a try.

7. Create Audiobooks

The generative AI revolution has made it possible to create content in multiple verticals. Be it video, text, image, or audio, you can now create content using AI in no time. Especially, audiobooks can be easily created and distributed on the internet and you can earn a lot of money.

voice library in elevenlabs

You can generate stories or articles on ChatGPT and import the text to ElevenLabs AI to generate natural-sounding speech. To make audiobooks even more personal, you can clone your voice on ElevenLabs and create audiobooks in your exact voice. How cool is that? The Audiobook industry is expected to hit $33.5 billion by 2030 and AI is going to be a potential force behind its popularity.

8. Become a Data Analyst

With the help of ChatGPT, you can become a data analyst and earn huge money on the side. OpenAI recently released a feature called Code Interpreter that lets you upload files to ChatGPT. You can use it to upload data-heavy files and visualize the data in ChatGPT. Even if you have a cursory knowledge of how numbers work, ChatGPT can become your helpful friend and derive key insights from the vast pool of data for you.

How to become a data analyst with ChatGPT

You can upload XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, SQLite, etc. files to ChatGPT and ask Code Interpreter to create graphs, charts, and diagrams. You can get a holistic understanding of the data trend from the given dataset. You can follow our guide and learn how to enable and use Code Interpreter in ChatGPT.

9. Freelance and Create Content

Fiverr AI services

Finally, you can freelance in any domain and use ChatGPT on the side to make money. In fact, companies are now incentivizing people who use AI tools like ChatGPT to make the content look more professional and well-researched. Freelancing is not just limited to writing blog posts; you can also use ChatGPT for translation, digital marketing, proofreading, writing product descriptions, and more.

Fiverr now has a separate AI services category where you can find jobs related to AI fact-checking, content editing, technical writing, and more. So if you use ChatGPT fairly well, go ahead and freelance in your area of expertise.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

While making an AI chatbot might quickly help you earn money, this take is a bit different. ChatGPT is an easy enough tool to use. However, not everyone has the time or the inclination to leverage it. For such cases and more, you can become a full-fledged human assistant that uses ChatGPT. Ever since ChatGPT got access to the Internet, the things it can do have dramatically increased.

In the same vein, people can now enable and use ChatGPT plugins right now which have given the bot even more power. With the best ChatGPT plugins and the right skills by their side, anyone can use can the AI chatbot to make money. From overly simple tasks like sending emails and Slack messages to helping users perfect their code and drafting out entire stories and even language translation, there’s a lot you can do.

The best part is that you don’t even need a certified degree. All one needs to have is extensive experience with ChatGPT which, if we’re being honest, is abundant right now. While a bit unorthodox, you can use ChatGPT to make money using this way.


  1. People, Chat GPT is not a secret recipe that turns words into cash, it’s a tool, just like any other tool, that one needs to learn to manipulate correctly in order to achieve great lengths of unseen productivity, yes I will admit it. BUT, manipulate your tools wrongly, and your outcomes WILL BE DECEITFUL and painstakingly hard to interpret in terms of returned information.
    Remember one thing, humans tell machines what to do and how to do it, not the other way around. Not happy? Need to look at the big picture beforehand?
    Need to apply Hokums Razor principle to see things more clearly? Unplug the machine. Period.
    And as far as people being scared to have their jobs stolen “by this unknown tech”?
    Do your studies, do your researches, embrace the change, cover it’s biases and your own and use AI wisely to achieve great means in terms of productivity. You won’t loose your job, you’ll get a raise.

  2. In the first option where you said that chat gpt will give you a refund. Does that mean, we have to give our bank details to chat gpt? That’s not good right. It can be misused so easily?

    1. Not really. I think that section implies that ChatGPT can “find” places where you are usually owed unclaimed money from Government and for that, you have to go on their website and submit proof of your identity (name, address, phone number, etc). Once you have satisfied their identity criteria, they end up sending you a check.
      You can do this yourself by going to Google and typing “unclaimed property or cash [State]” and can search under your name and address to see if anything is available to you.

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    1. Hi. You can use ChatGPT-4 through Microsoft’s Bing AI. Just go to the Edge Browser and click the Bing icon, and you can start. Hope it helps. God bless.

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