Boost Your Image Quality to the Max with Aiarty Image Enhancer

In Short
  • Aiarty Image Enhancer is a solid AI tool for image upscaling, photo restoration, and more. It's available on Windows and macOS.
  • You have three different AI models for different purposes. You can upscale photos up to 32K resolution.
  • The image processing is done locally using the CPU or GPU which is great from a privacy standpoint.

Once in a while, you come across old images that look good on the surface but lack clarity and sharp details. Most of our old photos, low-quality images, and AI-generated images have blurry details and grainy noise. So if you are looking to fix your old images, I highly recommend using the AI-powered Aiarty Image Enhancer.

Aiarty Image Enhancer uses several AI models to upscale and generate extra details on the image, and the best part is that all of the AI processing happens locally on your computer. If you wish to learn more about Aiarty Image Enhancer, including how to use this tool.

Get a Free One-Year License for Aiarty

To assist Beebom readers in resolving image quality issues, Digiarty Software is hosting a giveaway for a one-year license for Aiarty Image Enhancer. This AI-powered tool can enhance image quality and intricate details, and increase image resolution to 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, or 32K.

Why Choose Aiarty Image Enhancer?

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a powerful software that combines 4-in-1 AI processing—denoising, deblurring, upscaling/restoring, and detail generation—in one click. It effectively enhances low-resolution AI art, JPEGs, and flawed photos by addressing blur, noise, grain, and pixelation issues, with up to 32K upscaling capability.

Supporting batch processing for over 1000 images simultaneously, it runs smoothly on consumer-level computers, supports NVIDIA/AMD/Intel GPUs/CPUs, and requires no advanced editing skills.

Bilder im Artikel-2
Image Courtesy: Aiarty

Key Features & AI Models

Aiarty Image Enhancer supports three different AI models for different styles of upscaling. Apart from that, some neat features let you quickly enhance your images. Let’s go through all the key features of Aiarty Image Enhancer, but let’s start with the models first.

  • More-Detail GAN v2

The More-Detail GAN v2 is the best AI model to upscale images to a larger resolution. It’s best suited for low-res images as it generates more image details and fills the missing pixels for greater clarity.

Unlike Diffusion models, it’s a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) model that works better in image upscaling. I tested this model and it works great for fixing blur and improving details.

More-detail GAN V2
Image Courtesy: Aiarty
  • Smooth Diff v2

The next model is Smooth Diff v2. As the name suggests, it’s a Diffusion model. It’s best suited for original images where greater detail in images is not required. For example, faces, smooth surfaces, and drawings. If you want to denoise images while maintaining the quality, this model is the one you should pick in Aiarty Image Enhancer.

Smooth Diff V2jpg
Image Courtesy: Aiarty
  • Real-Photo v3

The Real-Photo v3 model should be used in photos of landscapes, natural scenes, portraits, etc. For denoising, this is the best model. Also, if you have some old photographs and want to restore them, the Real-Photo v3 model should work better.

Real-Photo V3
Image Courtesy: Aiarty
  • 2-Pass Processing

Two-Pass Processing is a feature of Aiarty Image Enhancer that lets you run AI models twice on an image. For example, if you want to restore an old image, you can select a suitable AI model for it.

Once that’s done, you can enable 2-Pass Processing to apply another AI model on the image for smoothening or denoising. This way, you can run two AI models on the image to get even better results.

  • Fast Local Processing

In the past, I have used software such as Upscayl to enhance images, but it was taxing on my PC’s resources. However, one thing I noticed with Aiarty Image Enhancer is that it’s very fast, even on my entry-level Nvidia GT 730 GPU.

Images are processed almost instantly and models are downloaded on the fly. As far as performance is concerned, I am impressed with this tool. Since Aiarty Image Enhancer uses your CPU or GPU to locally upscale images, none of your images are sent to any cloud server, which is great from the point of privacy.

  • Upscale up to 800% Resolution

Next, you can directly upscale to 2K, 4K, 8K, or upscale by x2, x4, x8, up to 32K resolution. And if you want to add your own custom resolution, you can do that as well. Simply put, to fix pixelated and blurry images, Aiarty Image Enhancer is one of the best AI image upscaling tools out there.


How to Upscale Low-Quality Images with Aiarty Image Enhancer

Aiarty Image Enhancer is available to download on Windows and macOS for free. So, go ahead and download the setup file and install the program. Once installed, follow these steps to upscale low-quality images within seconds.

  • Launch the Aiarty Image Enhancer and click on the cursor button to import images. You can also batch-select images.
aiarty image enhancer tool
  • Once you select an image, it will automatically start the upscaling process.
aiarty image enhancer processing
  • As you can see below, the image upscaling is fantastic. It left me amazed when I first saw the output. Aiarty Image Enhancer successfully removed blurriness from the image and restored details with clear and sharp text.
  • Now, simply click on “Run” to save the image to your local directory.
difference in image detail aiarty

If you want to play with other settings, navigate to the right pane, and here, you can choose the hardware (either CPU or GPU), AI model, upscaling factor, enable 2-pass processing for image processing via two models, and more.

Aiarty Image Enhancer: Limited-Time Giveaway

With the launch of Aiarty Image Enhancer, the company is offering a limited-time special discount. Users can get a one-year license for free. We highly recommend trying this software to see if it meets your expectations and enhances your images as desired.

So that is how you can use Aiarty Image Enhancer to upscale images and fix blurry details and noise. I have used multiple AI image enhancer tools in the past, but this one has to be the most impressive because it also lets you generate more details. Other tools only smoothen the image details. On top of that, it also handles text restoration well, something that other programs struggle with.

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