Lenovo Legion Y7000P with Intel 14th Gen Teased in China

lenovo china teaser showing upcoming legion y7000p gaming laptop
Image Courtesy: Lenovo China
In Short
  • Lenovo Legion Y7000P has been teased through the company's China social media account on Weibo.
  • The internals of the laptop have been revealed. The CPU shown looks similar to the previous architecture, pointing us toward Intel 14th Gen processors.
  • The unveiling should happen in early January 2024, as per the info given in the post.

Lenovo has just teased the Legion Y7000P gaming laptop in China. Many other Legion laptops (such as Y8000, Geek Pro G5000, and more) will be released here, too. While the naming scheme is different, these China-exclusive Lenovo laptops will be positioned similarly to Lenovo’s global lineup, which consists of Legion 5, Legion 7, and other gaming laptops.

In the recently unveiled teaser by Lenovo on Weibo, we can see a theatrical heist taking place at Lenovo HQ. The man (clearly a part of the Legion) finds his way to the top-secret area. This is where he finds exactly what he is looking for. The Lenovo Y700P Gaming Laptop is shown, and the protagonist of this short teaser holds up an Intel chip with forceps.

lenovo china teaser showing legion y7000p gaming laptop with intel 14th gen processor
Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh spotted in Lenovo China’s teaser | Image Courtesy: Lenovo China (Weibo)

Internals of the gaming laptop are revealed, and the CPU looks very similar to previous 13th Gen processors. This points us toward new Intel 14th Gen processors based on a ‘Raptor Lake Refresh‘ architecture. Intel China had previously confirmed these laptop CPUs are coming soon.

It is heavily expected that this upcoming Lenovo Legion Y7000P Gaming Laptop will be configurable, with up to a 14th Gen Core i9-14900HX chip. This particular model should feature 24 cores & 32 threads, similar to its predecessor (i9-13900HX). The clock speeds should be higher on the 14th Gen model, providing a marginal performance uplift.

Various other pictures of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P had leaked earlier, too. We recently covered Lenovo ThinkBook 14+, a productivity laptop that is launching in 2024 with Intel Core Ultra processors (Meteor Lake Architecture).

lenovo legion gaming laptops leaked ahead of launch with intel 14th gen processors
Intel 14th Gen (i9-14900HX & i7-14650HX) previously leaked on Lenovo Legion Pro 5 laptop

Within that same leak, there are photos of the Legion Y7000P along with several Lenovo laptops. By the way, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop had also leaked before. Two Intel 14th Gen processors (i9 and i7 variants) were seen in that previous leak.

Lenovo Legion Y7000P: Price & Availability

The price of the Lenovo Legion Y7000P has not been revealed for now. However, the availability has been teased officially by Lenovo China. In the Weibo post that showed the teaser, the translation reads, “See you in January!

This points towards the launch date of Lenovo Legion Y7000P being early January 2024. New Intel 14th Gen CPUs with Raptor Lake Refresh architecture for laptops are also expected to launch in that same timeframe.

What are your thoughts on the Lenovo Legion Y7000P gaming laptop? Are you planning to buy Intel 14th Gen, or are you more interested in gaming laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors? Let us know in the comments below.

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