Intel Updates Evo Edition Standards for 14th Gen Laptops!

intel updates requirements for intel evo edition certification
Image Courtesy: Intel
In Short
  •  If you see a laptop with the 'Intel Evo edition' badge, it refers to having several modern features that should be in a new PC.
  • 'Intel Evo' standards have been raised, with the launch of Intel 14th Gen processors built on Meteor Lake architecture.
  • Intel Unison, the app that brings an ecosystem for your devices, is becoming even better with wider device support & exciting new features.

Amid all the announcements, Intel is coming with 14th Gen Meteor Lake, and the Intel Evo series is also going through some changes. The Intel Evo certification is receiving a new badge and raised standards for what makes a laptop Intel Evo-certified. The Intel Unison app is also being overhauled with notable new features.

‘Intel Evo Edition’ Explained; 14th Gen Brings Updated Standards

Intel Evo Edition essentially refers to Intel’s high standards that have been set for laptops. If you’re flooded amid the sea of options in 2023, Intel Evo will come to the rescue. Simply looking for the Intel Evo Edition badge on a new laptop will guarantee you receive a machine with several powerful features & reliable specifications. These apply to all aspects including battery life, PC wake-on time, connectivity support, display quality, and more.

With the introduction of a new CPU generation, the standards that make up an Intel Evo edition-certified PC have evolved. Now, artificial intelligence plays a huge role. An integrated NPU chip is a requirement for Intel Evo edition certification now. With the new NPU chip, several AI-related tasks are accelerated.

Offline processing of AI is also possible with the NPU. The laptop should be capable of AI features such as Microsoft Studio Effects, automatic screen dimming based on where the user is looking, automatic locking if the user leaves the vicinity of the PC, and more.

requirements for intel evo edition certification
Image Courtesy: Intel

Moreover, Intel Evo Edition-certified laptops will provide 10+ hours of real-world battery life. These Intel laptops will also start in less than <1.5 seconds, which is Intel’s target so that it can call the feature ‘Instant On.’ The new Evo laptop also has to provide 4 hours of battery life in 30 minutes of charging, so fast charging is a must-have, too.

Intel is also introducing a new test called ‘Cool Quieter Performance.’ Essentially, the company wants to have a standard for how loud the fans of an Intel 14th Gen laptop should get.

There are a few other hardware requirements. These include having a bright FHD+ screen, 1080p webcam, an EPEAT Silver certification (which refers to the electronics product being quite sustainable), WiFi 6E networking, Thunderbolt 4 Type-C support, Dual Channel RAM, and PCIe SSD. Overall, the latest Intel Evo edition laptops are going to be quite impressive! Check out all the requirements above.

Intel Unison App to Become Even Better

What exactly is Intel Unison? It is Intel’s attempt at making an ecosystem, and the Unison app does have many awesome features. Intel Unison is an app that works across devices to unify your computing experience essentially. Its notable features include transferring files between your phone & PC, making calls, and more.

So, how is Intel making the Unison app even better? Firstly, Intel is introducing wider device support for the app. Now, Intel says ‘any phone and tablet tablet’ can get Intel Unison and be part of your computing ecosystem.

intel unison app new features
Image Courtesy: Intel

Moreover, the Intel Unison app on tablets will let you share the tablet’s screen with your PC. Then, the tablet can act as a secondary monitor for your PC. The major upcoming features are Universal Control and Swift Connect. These new features will launch between mid-February and early April next year.

Swift Connect allows for seamless connection to various devices. Universal Control will be a killer feature, allowing users to control all their devices with a single set of peripherals (keyboard + mouse). Overall, the Intel Unison app combined with the latest Intel Evo edition 14th Gen processor will give you the most innovative Windows PC experience. Are you excited for the future of computing? Let us know in the comments below!

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