Chromebooks recently got the ability to run Android apps via its new developer channel release and that has opened the gates to new functionality for Chrome OS devices. Basically, you can now use your favorite apps like WhatsApp on your Chromebook. There’s a catch though. The Play Store considers the Chromebook as an Android 6.0 tablet, thus you can only install apps that are compatible with tablets and as we know, WhatsApp isn’t available for tablets.

WhatsApp not compatible Play Store Chromebook

However, you can install and use WhatsApp on Chromebook through an alternate method. Here’s how to do it:

1. Firstly, you will have to install WhatsApp on your Chromebook. Since it’s not available from the Play Store, you can download the app’s APK from WhatsApp’s official webpage. Once downloaded, check our post on how to install APK files on Chromebook to install WhatsApp.

2. Once WhatsApp is installed on the Chromebook, open it and tap on “Agree and Continue” in its welcome page. After which, you should get a message saying “Note: tablets are currently not supported”. Click on “Ok“.

WhatsApp tablets not supported

3. Then, WhatsApp will prompt you for permissions. Click on “Continue” and grant the permissions. Once done, enter your mobile number along with your country code and move ahead. Select “Ok” when WhatsApp prompts you to confirm the number.

WhatsApp number verification

5. WhatsApp will then try to detect an SMS sent to your number but it obviously won’t be able to. So, check your phone and enter the code manually, sent via SMS from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp verification code

6. After the code is verified, your WhatsApp account should start up with the usual set up.

WhatsApp on Chromebook

Well, that’s it and you can start using WhatsApp. You can send messages, send media and even make calls with ease. In fact, we were surprised to see that WhatsApp works like a charm om the Chromebook, as you even get push notifications when the app isn’t open.

WhatsApp working on Chromebook

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Use WhatsApp on your Chromebook with ease

While Chromebook users always had the option to use WhatsApp Web, it’s no match against the full fledged WhatsApp app. Especially since the app seems to work exceptionally well on Chrome OS. However, you will have to follow the aforementioned steps first to get the app started on Chromebook. So, do it now, if you have a Chromebook compatible with Android apps and do let us know if you face any issues or problems.


  1. how to instald whats app on croom book please give me some link for download a whatsaap on my croombook thanks

  2. Hi! I’ve installed whatsapp web on my chromebook, but there isn’t a video call icon option. Any idea why it isn’t a part of the interface on the chromebook but it is on my phone?

  3. Yes, If you can understand how to install it on Chromebook. Who actually decides on the

    complexity if getting computer programs working ? Is it some sort of guru who is paid

    by the industry to make the customer employ a self taught computer expert ? It’s a bit like

    buying a new car, and being offered a car with three wheels , only to find to get it running you

    need to buy a forth wheel.

  4. I put WhatsApp on my Chromebook but unfortunately I then couldn’t use my mobile as it said my number was already in use huh!

  5. This is a pretty stupid article. It cannot be used on more than one device at a time, so it works either on your phone or Chromebook or tablet etc… Installation is exactly as you’d install it on your phone, so there is no point to this article. You can run Whatsapp on the browser version simultaneously with your phone however, this is the only option for using it on two or more devices.

  6. i installed watapp on my chromebook but then i couldnt use it on my phone seems the phonenumber can only be linked to one thing does anyone else have this problem

  7. I have managed to get WhatsApp on my Chromebook but there is no video chat available on my version. Why is this?

  8. Seems crazy that Whatsapp hasn’t made a version of their app compatible for Chromebook… i would guess a big percentage of Chromebook users are also Android phone users and generally younger… seems like a core demographic. I can use instagram and snapchat on my chromebook but not Whatsapp? Huh?

  9. Does this still work today?
    And if so, can the app, after being installed, be updated through Google Play or would one have to manually install the newer APK to update the app.
    My goal is to have WhatsApp exclusively running on a Chromebook so I can get rid of my smartphone, leaving WhatsApp on the Chromebook synced to the phone number in my feature phone.

  10. Hey there ! Quick question. If I’m browsing on Chrome and I click on a “WhatsApp Click to Chat” link, will it open the app or WhatsApp Web ?

  11. i am using google pixel book..when i install from playstore it says ‘”device incompatible” ””””’ ? and its asking turn on chrome os developer mode to install whatsapp.apk file ? i dont dont know how to install it ….please give me ways to use whats app in goolgle pixel book..

  12. I reckon this way your whatsapp will be *moved* from your phone to your Chromebook no?
    Don’t think this is what most users would want tough …