How to Make Bundles in Minecraft 1.20

Imagine roaming around the Minecraft world and finding rare items like diamonds only to realize you have no space in your inventory to store them. Now, you can either leave them in a temporary chest and hope they are still there when you get back. Or, you can throw away other precious items to store even rarer ones. Neither of these situations feels right, though. Luckily, soon you won’t have to compromise anymore. With the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update, the developers might be looking to add the long-teased bundles to the game. So you need to learn how to make bundles in Minecraft, and you can then expand your storage with ease.

How to Craft Bundles in Minecraft (2022)

Note: Currently, bundles are only available as an exclusive experimental feature in Minecraft 1.20 Java Snapshots. Their mechanics are subject to changes during the Bedrock release and later stages of development.

What is a Bundle in Minecraft

Bundles in Minecraft

Bundles are an upcoming storage item in Minecraft that allow you to save up space in your inventory. They are like storage pouches to carry small but valuable stuff with you. With every bundle in your inventory, you will get up to sixty-four bundle storage cells or one stack storage slot. The bundle’s storage capacity changes depending on the item you store in them. Let me explain.

How Do Minecraft Bundles Work

Storage Options in a Bundle of Minecraft

A bundle expands your inventory’s storage by adding multiple stackable slots for stackable items and a new single slot for non-stackable items. Let’s understand it by an example.

  • Non-Stackable Item: If you put a single non-stackable item like a potion bottle, a weapon, and a tool in a bundle, you can’t place anything else inside it.
  • Stackable Item: In Minecraft, a stack refers to the quantity of an item that you can group together in the same storage slot. Items like building blocks can be stacked in a group of 64. Meanwhile, other items like Ender pearls make a group of 16 items. So, you can place a complete stack of the same item in a bundle.
  • Different Stackable Items: If you don’t put an entire stack of the same item in a bundle, you can also put different quantities of distinct items in it. They will take up space as per their stackability. Here are some examples to help you understand how it works:
    • If you put 8 Ender pearls (which are stacked in a group of 16), 50% of the bundle’s area is filled. Now, you can only put 32 sticks (50% of the 64 stick stack) into that bundle.
    • Secondly, if you have a bunch of items, and all of them stack into groups of 64, then you can put a total of 64 items in the bundle. Irrespective of how many copies of that item are in that bundle, each item will count as one.
    • Lastly, if the bundle is storing a non-stackable item like a pickaxe, it can’t store any other item – stackable or not.

Enable Bundle Datapack in Java Edition

To make bundles in Minecraft, you first need to make sure that they are in your game. Currently, bundles are only a part of an experimental Minecraft Java snapshot as a data pack. Follow the steps below to learn how to enable it:

1. First, open Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the Java edition’s “Installations” tab.

Activate Snapshots in Minecraft Launcher

2. Then, go back to the “Play” tab of the launcher and select the “Latest snapshot” from the versions dropdown list. After that, click the “Play” button to launch Minecraft.

Latest Snapshot Minecraft

3. Once the game launches, click on the “Single player” button on the home screen.

Minecraft SinglePlayer Option

4. Then, click the “Create New World” button located at the bottom of the world menu.

Create new world in snapshot

5. Within the world settings, set the mode to “creative” for your ease, and click on the “Data Packs” button.

Datapacks in Minecraft Snapshot

6. Within the data packs section, click on the “bundle” data pack to move it to the “Selected” area and activate it in your world. You can activate the other data pack too if you want other upcoming features like camels in Minecraft.

Bundle Data pack in Minecraft

So now, your newly created world will have bundles enabled by default. Keep reading to learn how to create bundles and use them in Minecraft.

Items You Need to Make a Bundle

You need to collect the following items to craft a bundle in Minecraft:

The most reliable way to obtain strings is by killing spiders and cave spiders that spawn in dark areas. Alternatively, you can also kill striders and cats, as they sometimes drop strings. But if you wish to play passively, you can obtain strings by breaking cobwebs that spawn in various overworld locations.

Rabbit Hide and String

Meanwhile, rabbit hide is most commonly obtainable by killing rabbits that usually spawn in the desert, snowy, and taiga biomes. Not to forget, you can also tame a cat in Minecraft, and if you are really lucky, get a rabbit hide as a gift from the cat.

Minecraft Bundles: Crafting Recipe

Once you have collected the items, follow these steps to craft a bundle in Minecraft:

1. First, place rabbit hide in each cell of the bottommost row of the crafting area.

Rabbit Hide in bottomost crafting row

2. Then, place one string in each corner of the topmost row of the crafting area.

Creating bundle in Minecraft - half recipe

3. Finally, except for the middle cell of the middle row, fill all the remaining cells with rabbit hide. And with that, your bundle is now ready-for-use in Minecraft.

Crafting Recipe of Bundles in Minecraft

How to Use Bundles in Minecraft

Bundles don’t work like chests or the player inventory. You have to use them as manual items. Follow these steps to figure out how it works.

1. First, make sure you have an empty bundle in your inventory. It is represented by a bundle icon with an open mouth.

Empty Bundle in Minecraft

2. Now, left-click to hold that bundle within the inventory. It will then move around alongside your cursor.

Selected Item

3. Finally, hover over the object you want to put into the bundle and then right-click on it. The selected items will be stored in that bundle following the above-mentioned storage mechanics.

How to Use Bundles in Minecraft

And if you want to get the items out, you simply need to pick up the bundle and right-click in empty slots. The item that was picked last will come out first, following a stack order.

Make and Use Bundles in Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft’s storage and inventory are finally getting a much-awaited update, and it’s better than you can imagine. The previously unveiled bundles are coming to the game to change your storage choices forever. But they are only one of the many new upcoming features. You can also get camels in Minecraft to expand your game’s mob selection with a new rideable animal. As for other items, the devs have introduced bamboo wood in Minecraft to expand the item library. Having said that, how are you going to use bundles (storage pouches) in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!

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