How to Get Ender Pearls in Minecraft

In Short
  • Ender pearls are drops from the endermen Minecraft mobs. Furthermore, they appear in some stronghold chests.
  • Clerics can offer ender pearls, and piglins may throw them after you give them gold ingots.
  • You can select the ender pearl and right-click to throw it and teleport you. It's also part of the eye of the ender crafting recipe.

Among all the different hostile Minecraft mobs, you’ll very rarely see an Enderman, a dark, tall, and skinny purple-eyed mob. If you’ve ever managed to kill it, you’ll see it drops a very strange item called ender pearl. This is a fairly useful item that grants superpowers. If you seem to find yourself in an ender pearl shortage and want to know how to get more of it, keep reading our in-depth guide here.

1. Defeat Endermen

Endermen in the End

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the main way of obtaining ender pearls is through killing endermen. They rarely spawn in dark places in the Overworld, such as caves or on the surface during the night. Moreover, you’ll also find endermen in the Nether dimension.

They are residents of the warped forest Minecraft biome, and you’ll usually find a decent number of them there. They can also spawn in some other Nether biomes but in far lower numbers. Their home, though, is the End dimension, where you’ll find lots and lots of endermen everywhere.

Endermen are really powerful and tanky mobs that can teleport, so don’t even think about fighting them if you’re not prepared. Make iron or even diamond gear and try enchanting it with basic enchantments. Once you look at the enderman’s face directly, it will get aggravated, so prepare for an attack.

In addition, there are some cheesy ways to deal with these mobs. One of them is to simply stand below a platform that’s right above the player’s head, so it’s three blocks tall. Endermen are three blocks tall as well, so they physically won’t be able to get to you. Swipe at the mob with your weapon, and eventually, it will die.

You can also place a boat near it and nudge the enderman into it. Once in the boat, endermen won’t teleport so that you can kill them pretty safely. However, I still recommend not getting too close. An enderman has a 50% chance to drop one ender pearl. Though, looting III enchantment can crank this number up to 4.

2. Loot Strongholds

Minecraft mobs silverfish in a stronghold

The next best way to get ender pearls in Minecraft is by looting the stronghold structures. They are rare underground abandoned buildings that generate in the Overworld and have some chests scattered about. There is a 23% chance you’ll find a single pearl in the altar chests.

3. Barter with Piglins

Piglin who is ready for bartering has to first examine the gold ingot in Minecraft

Another dangerous method of getting ender pearls involves going back into the Nether and finding some piglins. They spawn in the crimson forest, as well as in the Nether wastes biomes. Make sure to wear some gold armor before approaching them.

Once there, throw some gold ingots at them or right-click them. The process that takes place then is called piglin bartering. They will examine the gold and throw random goods. One of these can be a stack of 3-4 ender pearls. However, the odds of this happening are quite low.

4. Trade with Clerics

Cleric and ender pearls around, also necessary items for beating Minecraft

Now, the only calm way of getting ender pearls is to visit your local village and trade with some cleric Minecraft villagers. Their workstation block is a brewing stand. Level the cleric all the way up to the expert level, and they will most likely offer the ender pearl trade.

5. Make an Enderman Farm

Enderman Spawning area in minecraft farm

Finally, if you need a lot of ender pearls, you should definitely how to make an enderman farm. However, it should be located in the End dimension, so you must learn how to beat Minecraft first. Once done, you should be ready.

How to Use Ender Pearls in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get ender pearls, let’s see what they actually do. The main and the coolest power you get with these items is teleportation. Yes, you can teleport just like the endermen mobs themselves.

Select the ender pearl on your hotbar and right-click towards a random direction. The pearl will get thrown, and you’ll teleport to the spot where the pearl lands.

Player using an ender pearl in Minecraft

This can be a great way of fast travel and a way to get away or out of a tricky situation. However, remember that you’ll take damage from the pearl landing, so make sure to eat and regenerate your health.

You’ll also need to practice quite a bit before understanding how to use the ender pearls, as they are not easy to predict. Unfortunately, it’s possible to land in a block and suffocate while using ender pearls, so be careful.

Furthermore, when an ender pearl lands, it can summon an endermite, a small and annoying hostile mob that is a necessary part of enderman farms.

  • Endermites in the End
  • How to Get Ender Pearls in Minecraft

Finally, ender pearls are part of the crafting recipe for the eye of ender, an item that helps you locate the stronghold and enter the End.

That’s about it. Now you know how to get ender pearls in several ways and how they function in Minecraft. Some players use them all the time, while most never really bother with learning the ender pearl skills. Which side are you on? Share with us in the comments below!

How do you make an ender pearl in Minecraft?

You cannot make ender pearls since they are items you must obtain in other ways.

Can Ender Pearls be enchanted?

Ender pearls cannot be enchanted in vanilla Minecraft. However, these items can be enchanted in some popular mods and even on some Minecraft servers.

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