Minecraft Trial Chambers: Best Weapons and Armor You Should Use

Trial chambers are fun and exciting new structures filled with trial spawners, traps, and a ton of cool loot and blocks. If you have never been to one of these before, then no worries, as you’ve come to the perfect place. We listed the essential items, including the best weapons and armor, you should bring with you on this dangerous adventure to a trial chamber, so you can take on the mobs with no issues in Minecraft 1.21. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin!

1. Diamond/ Netherite Armor

Player wearing full diamond armor which are definitely items you should bring to trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21

First things first, since you will face a lot of mobs in the trial chambers, you need to ensure you don’t die as soon as a battle starts. A decent set of armor will help you with that. Though, despite netherite armor being the best, I believe diamond armor is more than sufficient for this job, and it will be far easier to acquire for most players.

So, follow the instructions in our guide to reach the best level to find diamonds and mine them so you have enough to make a full set of armor in no time. Furthermore, the armor itself will absorb a lot of damage, but it’ll only become better with armor enchantments in Minecraft. My suggestions for armor enchantments you should use are:

  • Protection IV
  • Unbreaking III
  • Mending
  • Feather Falling IV (on boots)
  • Respiration III (on helmet)

Moreover, you can make your armor even cooler with some epic armor trims, two of which you can get in the trial chambers.

2. Diamond/ Netherite Sword

Diamond sword with the best enchantments

Besides the armor, a good primary weapon is a must. This weapon has to be a melee one since the Breeze, the new hostile mob that you’ll encounter in every trial chamber, reflects all ranged attacks and simply makes them useless.

Axes deal more damage than swords and can even have some damage enchantments, though they’re slower and cannot have looting, fire aspect, or sweeping edge applied to them.

So, I suggest you make a diamond sword, or if you really want a netherite sword. Though, just like in the case of armor, I think a diamond sword will do the trick just fine. Then, enchant your sword with the best enchantments. The recommended ones are:

  • Sharpness V
  • Sweeping Edge III
  • Unbreaking III
  • Mending
  • Looting III
  • Fire Aspect II

3. Bow and Arrows

You should bring an enchanted bow or crossbow to trial chambers, as well as arrows in Minecraft 1.21

Even though ranged weapons don’t work on the Breeze, there are many other mobs you will see spawn in trial chambers. So, another weapon you should bring to trial chambers is a secondary ranged weapon and I suggest a Minecraft bow.

Bows are easy to make and can be enchanted with power, which boosts the damage, and infinity, which ultimately saves on inventory space and grinding. To check out the best bow enchantments, visit the linked guide. I recommend getting these bow enchantments:

  • Power V
  • Infinity (I prefer infinity, but if you can’t decide between infinity or mending on bow, visit this guide)
  • Flame
  • Unbreaking III

Another option is a crossbow and it’s a fairly good idea especially with some crossbow enchantments like multishot and quick charge. However, its damage cannot be easily increased like the bow’s as it requires firework rockets, which take up the off-hand slot.

Whatever you decide on will need ammunition. So, don’t forget to bring arrows with you to the trial chamber.

4. Great Food and Potions

Golden carrot, golden apple and strength potion in item frames

After you’ve secured good weapons and armor, it’s time to carry some food on this adventure. Food is arguably the most important as it will allow you to replenish your health by keeping the hunger bar full. So, choosing an easy but amazing food source is the best way to go.

Speaking of which, here’s a guide where I’ve ranked the best food items in Minecraft, so you have an easy and clean list to follow.

On top of the food sources you use regularly, I recommend you bring special food items like golden apples, which will give you temporary boosts and allow you to escape a tricky situation in one piece.

In addition to food items, potions are just as important. They are like golden apples, as they provide buffs, but you can choose which buffs those are. You can use potions to deal more damage, run more quickly, fall slowly, and even regenerate health over time.

Check out our complete guide about Minecraft potions or the more specific one where we go over the best potions.

5. Shield

Player holding a cool shield, which is an item you should bring to trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21

Armor is a primary protection from incoming attacks, but we cannot forget about the shield. It’s such a useful item that I use all the time. It can block projectiles, melee attacks, and even completely negate explosions. This piece of equipment will make your trial chamber adventure far easier than it would be otherwise.

It’s also so easy to make that it would be crazy not to bring it. Learn to make a shield using our quick guide. Not only that, but you can also customize it with banners that you can use some cool banner patterns on.

6. Ender Chest

Ender chest in Minecraft

Ender chest is one of the most useful blocks you can bring to a dangerous structure like trial chambers. Just imagine fighting hordes of mobs and finally obtaining heavy core so you can make a mace and you sadly get killed on the way back to the base. What if you don’t make it back in time or just don’t know where you died in the first place?

Your items may dispawn and the treasure you worked so hard for just disappears. Well, that would suck, right? So, making and bringing an ender chest with you is a must. You can pretty easily make it with some obsidian and an eye of ender. It lets you secure any item by putting it inside the ender chest.

Then, it doesn’t matter even if you die, as all the items inside the ender chest are safe and can be retrieved from any ender chest in the world. This block can help you avoid stress and frustration if you die and lose the items. However, if you’re confident in your abilities, you probably don’t need it at all.

7. Water and Milk Buckets

Water and a milk bucket in item frames

The next two items you should bring to the trial chambers are the water and the milk buckets in Minecraft 1.21. The water bucket is useful for avoiding fall damage in a split second and for slowing down mobs. On the other hand, drinking a milk bucket disables all active status effects, so it can be used to protect you from the poison, slowness, and hunger effects.

However, one milk bucket is not enough, especially if the trial chamber you are exploring is home to lots of negative effect-inflicting mobs, which is unfortunately possible. So, a few milk buckets should do the trick.

8. Building Blocks

Building blocks are one of the items you should bring to trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21

The reason why building blocks are on the list may be confusing to some, but trust me when I say you need them. A few stacks of solid building blocks like cobblestone can make your adventure a lot safer and generally better as they allow you to reach higher platforms, cross from one side to the other, and even block off mobs and give you some time to breathe.

However, if you haven’t yet dug into a trial chamber, there is no need to prepare blocks in advance, as you will get lots of them just by reaching this structure.

9. Torches

Torch in an item frame with two torches beside it

Finally, just like with any massive structure in Minecraft, you will need some light source blocks. Torches are simplest to make and easy to use. These structures don’t normally spawn mobs like the caves, but it’s good to light up areas where copper bulbs don’t generate.

Speaking of which, bring an axe as well so you can easily scrape the more oxidized copper bulbs and make them provide more light.

That said, you’re now equipped with information on the items you should bring to trial chambers in Minecraft. These items and gear will make you ready to take on any adventure in the trial chambers, no matter the size, layout, or mobs. So, waste no more time and hurry off to a new adventure!

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