5 Best Minecraft Backpack Mods

It’s a commonly known fact that Minecraft players keep running out of inventory space. Mojang tried to fix this troublesome issue multiple times but to no avail. So, the community members decided to take matters into their own hands and make some amazing mods that add backpacks. If you’re one of the Minecraft players suffering from this woe, keep reading as I list out the best Minecraft backpack mods you can get to make your life easier.

1. Sophisticated Backpacks

The first mod I’ll discuss is probably the most popular backpack mod you can find. It adds a simple backpack, which you can make with some leather, string, and a chest. You can then upgrade it using precious materials like copper, iron, gold, and diamond inside the crafting table and even netherite in the smithing table. These backpack types provide different numbers of inventory slots as well as upgrade slots.

Sophisticated Backpacks mod in Minecraft

They are reserved for special upgrade items that allow you to possess different abilities. For example, the pickup upgrade automatically stores picked-up items in the backpack, while the smelting upgrade lets you smelt and cook items in an embedded furnace. Many other upgrades are available, so you can automate many actions. Also, you can customize the backpacks by dyeing them in different color dyes.

2. Traveler’s Backpack

The Traveler’s Backpack is a close runner-up when it comes to the popularity of Minecraft mods. It adds a basic backpack you may craft with several items. It provides 27 slots and two fluid tanks to store 3 water and lava buckets.

Traveler's Backpack backpacks showcase

However, it becomes an iron tier once upgraded with an iron upgrade and leather in the smithing table. It will store more items and fluids. It’s possible to have leather, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite tier backpacks. The aesthetic ones among you can even craft the look of your backpack to match your gameplay style! Check this one out for a simple yet customizable backpack mod for Minecraft.

3. Simply Backpacks

As the name suggests, the Simply Backpacks mod is unlike the previous two Minecraft backpack mods, as it’s much simpler. It allows you to craft multiple backpacks that require different resources and provide different number of slots. It’s just that simple.

Ultimate backpack from Simply Backpacks mod

The most basic one is common, with 18 slots, and the best is ultimate, with a whopping 158 slots. So, if you’re looking for an easy and quick-to-pick-up backpack mod, this one is perfect.

4. Backpacked

The Backpacked mod is a fairly simple mod with a cool twist. It lets you craft a little backpack with rabbit hide, string, and an iron ingot, which provides 9 inventory slots. Unlike other backpack mods, this one doesn’t let you upgrade the backpack to gain more space in Minecraft. It allows you to complete different quests and receive skins for your backpack.

Backpacks from Backpacked

Some are tricky, while others are easy. You can also craft backpack shelves from wood to display your hard-earned backpacks. Apart from the aesthetics, the Backpacked mod also introduces enchantments you can put on your backpack in an anvil to make it perform different tasks.

5. Beans Backpacks

Beans Backpacks is the youngest out of all the mods on this list. This mod adds several backpacks, which you craft separately with the appropriate items. You can place them in the world, interact with them by right-clicking, and equip the backpack by pressing Ctrl and right-clicking at the same time. The basic backpack holds 4 stacks, iron and gold hold 7, and the netherite one holds 11 items and is fire-resistant.

Gold backpack inventory from the Beans Backpacks mod in Minecraft

There are a couple more backpacks with special abilities. Furthermore, you can customize the backpacks by dying some and putting armor trims on others. You may also make and equip decorated pots, which hold 128 stacks of a single kind of item, and cauldrons, which hold 24 buckets of any fluid.

We hope you found your dream pick with these best Minecraft backpack mods. You can choose the one you prefer based on your experience and needs. So, which one will it be? Will you go for the all-around best Sophisticated Backpacks mod or perhaps a simple Backpacked mod? Share with us in the comments below!

Is Shulker box a backpack?

Well, you could say that a shulker box is a backpack, but it’s available only in the late game and doesn’t really look or feel like a backpack. Also, you cannot equip it onto yourself like it’s a thing in these mods.

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