Facebook never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to giving its users reasons to use Messenger. Recently, the social media giant introduced Messenger bots, offering its users and businesses a better way to converse. With Facebook bots, you can check out the most updated content of your favourite site/service, subscribe to it, simulate communication, and much more. And between all this, you won’t feel like you are talking to a bot, it’s just like you are interacting with another human.

To get started with Messenger bots, Facebook has offered its own development platform called Messenger Platform. So, if you have a business, you should head over and create your very own bot. If you are a user though, like us, here’s how you can access Messenger bots:

How to Access Messenger Bots?

Accessing bots in Messenger is as simple as talking to a friend on the messaging app. All you need to do is, tap on the “New Chat” button on the top right corner of the app. In the search bar, type “@” followed by the bot name. An example is shown in the image below:

Messenger chatbot

Now that you know how to access bots, here is a list of the Facebook Messenger bots that are worth checking out:

1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk’s Messenger chatbot is an easy way to book flight tickets, explore flights to popular destinations, and make reservations in hotels for your next vacation. The bot lets you do all of that directly from Messenger, and works really well. You can simply tell the bot the city you’re travelling from (or send it your location if you want), and it’ll start off by showing you some popular destinations at low prices. Hipmunk can also find flights and hotels for specific cities if you already have a destination in mind. Along with that, the bot can give you travel advice on things like “What’s the best time to fly to London?” among other travel related queries. It’s a pretty powerful bot that you should definitely try out to plan your next vacation.

hipmunk messenger bot screenshot

If you’re in India, and you’d like a chatbot that does travel bookings and more, you should check out the Niki bot. It lets you book movie tickets, recharge your prepaid smartphone (or pay your postpaid bill) and a lot more. It’s a very easy to use bot as well and will definitely be helpful if you’re trying to quickly make all your bill payments, or book tickets to movies.

Check out Hipmunk bot here

2. Scope Bot

Have you ever been in a situation where some words from a song are stuck in your mind but you can’t figure out what that song actually is? Yeah, we’ve all been there. That’s where Scope Bot comes into play, you simply type the lyrics you remember, and the bot tells you what song it could be. If it’s not the right one, you can just type ‘wrong’ and the bot comes up with more songs that have the same lyrics. I tried it out with ‘Some nights’ by Fun, and by typing ‘you are my fire, my one desire’ and it correctly guessed that I was talking about ‘I want it that way’ by the Backstreet Boys. It also guessed ‘My Heart Will Go On’ when I typed ‘every night in my dreams.’ So it should definitely work out well for you and you should check it out.

scope messenger bot screenshot

Check out Scope Bot here

3. Out of Bacon

Are you out of Bacon? Or anything else for that matter? Well, fret not, since this bot creates beautifully formatted (and completely interactive) grocery shopping lists for you. All you need to do is send the items you need to buy to the bot as messages, and when you’re done, just type ‘done’. The bot will then send you a link to a beautiful looking shopping list, with interactive items so you can cross them off as and when you pick them up at your local grocery store. Plus, you can also add more items to the list as well. Along with that, the bot lets you share the grocery list over Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram. It’s pretty neat.

out of bacon messenger bot screenshot

Check out Out of Bacon here

4. Dungeons & Monsters

Fan of RPG games? Have you played hours and hours of Dungeons and Dragons? Well, then check out this chatbot. Dungeons and Monsters is exactly what it sounds like — a chat bot that takes you on a journey through creepy dungeons on a quest to fight monsters and complete your journey. The chatbot lets you create a new character, choose your main strength, your armor, and more. You’ll then be able to begin your quest and go through a dungeon, fighting monsters, and levelling up to gain access to closed doors, etc. It’s a pretty fun game, and you can collect items along your way including potions and weapons to help you complete your quest, or to regain health after an intense battle.

dungeons and monsters messenger bot screenshot

Check out Dungeons & Monsters here

5. SuperCop

If riddles are your thing, and you like to solve crimes, SuperCop is the perfect chatbot for you to pass the time. The bot puts you in the position of a detective in the police force, and presents cases to you. You get to interrogate witnesses, check out clues, and figure out who the culprit is. The first few cases are pretty easy, and will earn you a rapport with the Police Chief along with special ‘keys’ to access clues when you need help — which you will, because the cases get progressively harder and solving them really becomes quite difficult without using clues. It’s a pretty fun game to pass the time on Messenger and you should definitely check it out.

supercop messenger bot screenshot

Check out SuperCop here

6. Kylo Ren

Star Wars fans, this is the chatbot for you. Kylo Ren will try to take you under his wing, and you can choose to ‘underestimate the power of the dark side’ and stick with the light, or give in to the temptation of the dark side. The chatbot will let you discuss fan theories, and even asks you questions about popular fan theories on which you can give your own opinions. It consists of the characters from the latest Star Wars movies, including Rey and, obviously, Kylo Ren. It’s a pretty fun chatbot to pass the time with, and will definitely let you nerd out about Star Wars.

kylo ren messenger bot screenshot

Check out Kylo Ren here

7. Toni

If you’re a football fan, you can use Toni bot to stay updated about football matches. Toni, as you can see, asks you to select the team that you want to follow, in order to provide all the necessary info that you need to know about them. You can check out the schedule for matches, their standing in the table, and more. The chatbot also lets you share the info directly with your friends, which is just awesome!

Toni Football chatbot

Check out Toni here

8. theScore

If you are a sports lover, theScore bot will keep you updated with everything you wish to know about your favorite games and their scheduled matches. Updates from MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and soccer leagues will arrive in Messenger through theScore. You can ask about your favourite team, follow them, type ‘Settings’ for options to update alerts, unfollow teams and much more.

theScore chatbot

Check out theScore here

9. HP Print Bot

If you have photos or docs that you want to print through the web connected printer, this HP Print Bot is your aid. All you need to do is upload the file and provide the printer’s email address to get the print. In case any of the information is unavailable, you can tap on the “More Help” button to work around.

HP Print Chatbot

Check out the HP Print Bot here

10. Zupcoin

Zupcoin is a cryptocurrency-centered Messenger bot that lets you get the price of any coin of your choice in terms of any other coin on any exchange. The bot supports 800+ coins, and you can simply ask things like ‘What is the price of ether?’, ‘exchanges’, and more. If you are really into cryptocurrency, then this chatbot absolutely worth checking out.

Zupcoin chatbot

Check out Zupcoin here

11. Spotify

The name itself is enough, isn’t it? The Spotify chatbot for messenger lets you stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of music. The chatbot can help you find new music, create a playlist, and more. You can also search for a particular kind of music and share it with your friends directly from within the chat window. It’s a great chatbot, and you must check it out if you love listening to music.

Spotify chatbot

Check out Spotify here

12. Zodiac Fire

Do you like to know your horoscope to predict your day? Well, Zodiac Fire brings you daily horoscope on Messenger. Just enter your Zodiac sign and get set with the prediction for the day. It’s also very quirky when it comes to conversation, so you’ll have a great time using it.

Zodiac Fire

Check out Zodiac Fire here

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How to Create your Own Bot without Coding?

If the idea of creating a Messenger bot for your brand or service is currently on your mind, you can take help of some bot building services like ChatfuelManychat. Building bots with these third-party platforms do not require coding and do not call for any development skills. Give it a try and cut down the manual effort for interacting with customers.

Well, that’s all, these are some examples of creative and helpful bots for Facebook Messenger. Go for it and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.