Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world with over 60% of current market share. It is simple, offers powerful features and fast browsing, making it first choice for many. However, that doesn’t mean it is perfect and can satisfy needs of everyone. There are tons of other browsers available in the market with features that even Chrome doesn’t offer.

The other browsers might not be as good as Chrome when compared head to head, but they offer unique features that might interest people who need them. Furthermore, Chrome also has some flaws like direct integration with Google that sends all the data collected to Google leading to privacy breach.

Chrome is also known for memory hogging and use RAM more than many other browsers. Although, Google made some changes in the latest update to make it more memory efficient by not loading un-required tabs, but that still doesn’t solve overall performance issue. So if you are on a bit older PC or like to open tons of active tabs, you might have a bit problem with Chrome.

Whatever the reason is, if you are looking to try some Google Chrome alternatives, then we are here to help. Today, we will list the best alternatives to Google Chrome, you just need to pick the one that suits your needs best.

1. Mozilla Firefox

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Firefox definitely deserves the first mention due to its amazing features and lightweight. Apart from being resource friendly, Firefox also offers similar features to Chrome making it a great alternative to it. You can open lots of tabs as compared to chrome and keep them all active at the same time.

Furthermore, it also protects your privacy by providing you customizable privacy options. All your data is encrypted to protect it from being seen by any one, and you can easily customize your privacy settings to only reveal information that you want to reveal. Although, it might not be perfect at hiding all your private information, but it does a great job as compared to Chrome (you might need to tweaks some settings, however).

When you restart your browser, it also keeps all the tabs closed using no resources unless you navigate to them. Mozilla Firefox does have support extensions and plugins which can be downloaded from its official add-ons website. Here are some of the best Firefox Extensions you must consider installing.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS

Download Firefox

2. Opera

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Opera can be another great alternative to Chrome if you are looking for a similar experience. Opera is based on Chromium just like Chrome, so you will find many features and settings similar to Chrome. Opera is extremely resource friendly with fast navigation, even lighter than Firefox. Opera also has many features that were actually adopted by other browser including Chrome, an example would be “Speed dial”.

It has a special “Turbo Mode” that others don’t offer. When this mode is enabled, all data accessed using Opera is compressed and decreased in size. This provides faster page loading time and uses less internet data, perfect for limited internet data connections.

You can get extension for Opera from its official add-ons website.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS

Download Opera

3. Safari

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If you are using Apple Mac, then Safari can be, and should be your choice browser. Although, it is only supported by Apple devices, but if you have a Apple device then you should definitely opt for Safari. On its home OS, Safari works great with blazing fast speed. It works even faster than Chrome or Firefox in most scenarios and offers some unique features

Safari is also not a big fan of Google, so you will get all the tools and built-in features to protect your privacy. It is quite light, at least lighter than Google Chrome, and works perfectly even on older Mac PCs. However, it might not be too much customizable, so you will have to accept what it offers. The security features, lightweight and fast browsing make it a good alternative for Mac users.

You can download Safari Extensions from Apple website. Here are some of the best Safari extensions you must consider.

Compatibility: Mac OS X and iOS

Download Safari

4. Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft’s latest browser Edge can also be a good alternative to Chrome if you are using Windows 10. So far, it is only available for Windows 10, so you are out of luck if you are using any other OS.

It is still not as good as Chrome, but it also offers some really fast browsing with unique features. You can change its theme and completely customize home page and new tabs. A reading list can be created, so you could read your favorite articles when you please. It will also let you write, draw and highlight right on a web page, and then save and send it to your friends.

Best of all, it has built-in Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant) integration. She can help you in many ways while browsing, including providing answers in the search bar and making suggestions.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is still working on extensions integration, so you will have to wait a bit to get access to them.

Compatibility: Windows 10

5. Comodo Dragon

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Comodo Dragon is a browser offered by web security company named Comodo. So the best you can expect from this browser are all-in-all security features. This browser is also based on Chromium, so you will have similar experience to Chrome. However, its security features are far better than Chrome.

It has the option to route all your traffic from its secure DNS servers. Before loading a page, it will scan the page to insure it is free of any malware or other such harmful data. You will also have full control over your Privacy and you can even block content that may compromise your privacy.

The Chrome extensions will also work on Comodo Dragon. You can download one from the extension’s official website or search and install from within the browser in side the Extensions settings.

Compatibility: Windows

Download Comodo Dragon

6. Maxthon

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Maxthon is just a regular browser with features similar to Firefox and Chrome. What makes it worth a mention is its cloud storage and compatibility. It is designed to ensure that your whole browsing experience is synced all time on all your devices.

All your browsing history, cookies and cache will always stay synced using Maxthon’s cloud storage service. You can also easily share data with your other devices with just few clicks. For example, you can select any picture on the web and share it on the cloud storage to share with all of your devices.

Furthermore, you can also open up cloud tabs, that sync with all your other devices in real-time. This means, you can access and control a tab opened on your PC with your smartphone.

You can download Maxthon extensions from its official website.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux

Download Maxthon

7. Vivaldi

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Vivaldi is a new browser in the market that isn’t even finalised yet, you can only download technical preview to see how it works. The reason why it made to the list of Chrome alternatives is how much noise it is creating between users. The browser is said to be created for power users who want full control over their browsing.

You can customize almost everything in the browser, whether it is design or features. Some of it features include, adaptive colors (changes with the website), auto sync, built-in email client, gestures, tab groups and more coming soon. You can adjust where you want to see the tabs or search bar and also use different commands to access browser features.

Finally, it is also based on Chromium, so you will have similar experience as Chrome here as well. 

You can directly download Google Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store to Vivaldi.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, and Linux

Download Vivaldi

8. Chromium

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If you didn’t like any of the Chromium based browsers, then may be you would like to try out original Chromium itself. There aren’t many features in Chromium as compared to Chrome, and it is also quite connected to the Google circle, so your privacy can be a issue too.

However, what makes Chromium a good pick is its open-source nature. If you are someone who don’t like closed-source softwares, then Chromium is for you. Additionally, many Linux distributions require you to use open-source software, so Chromium can be default browser there as well.

If we go the other way around, it also goes well with Google services and it is lighter than Chrome. This could be a good choice, if you want to stay in Google circle while using a lighter browser. However, it should be noted that it doesn’t come with a updater, so you will have manually update each time an update releases.

You can download extensions for Chromium from Google Web Store.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X and Linux.

Download Chromium

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If you know any other Google Chrome alternative that deserves to be on the list, let us know in comments section.


  1. UCBrowser is a great alternative to Chrome which I use as my default browser….fast loading and faster browsing with its own download manager built in (which I might add, works very well)

  2. I want to be “Google Free”. I don’t want a company telling me what to think or how to think. I keep reading that Google is calling most of the shots as far as Firefox is concerned. So Firefox is not an answer. Someone please help me out.

    • So agree! I’m on a mission to rid my pc, smartphone and my life of Google since they (Google and YouTube) are getting so into censoring. Pleasantly surprised to see many feel as I do and that there are many alternatives. Taking some doing and time, but I’m seeing it’s very doable. Well on my way. Very liberating I might add.

  3. All the above are crap anything to do with google is also crap they save all your searches and personal info avoid at all costs.

  4. Chromium now installs ‘anti-virus’ software to your desktop through their browser. They are now distributing malware through their browsers so I wouldn’t use anything by Comodo.