Gmail is undoubtedly the king of email clients with over 900 million users accessing this service, as of May 2015. Given the number of Google services like Docs, Drive, Android, Hangouts, and many more are synced through your Gmail ID, it makes sense that Gmail is solely dominating the Email client industry. While there are strong arguments against the use of Google’s Email client as your primary Email address, there are definitely better alternatives to the network that you must definitely consider. Keeping all your eggs in one basket is not a particularly good idea and given the recent issues around privacy, alternatives to Gmail is a good thing to consider.

Why Alternatives to Gmail?

Gmail is Google’s proprietary software and is one of the most widely used tools. Although Gmail has recently added a feature to sync all of your Email clients to a single platform, the network doesn’t even allow you to access two of your Gmail ID’s at the same time. Also, there were claims against Google, back in 2013, regarding how the network is spying on your Emails to better target advertisements for you.

The privacy invasion is pretty obvious with Gmail and given the recent integration of all of your Email clients using Gmail, this is another good way for Google to own all of your data. Although one might sound a conspiracy nut while saying so, it is definitely not a good idea to rely on Gmail entirely for all of your confidential conversations.

9 Gmail alternatives for you

Gmail, no matter how widely applauded it is for the services that it offers, has certain drawbacks mentioned above. If you are looking for more storage space, better privacy or just a makeover of your Email client, below are the best Gmail alternatives to consider.


Chances are pretty high that if you are based on Windows operating system, you might have at least used Microsoft’s Outlook Email client once. If you use Windows as your primary operating system, Outlook is one of the best Email clients you will definitely love once you get the gist of it. Although it looks a tad overdid on the interface, Outlook is one of the best Gmail alternatives you’ll ever find for your Windows system.

This app integrates seamlessly with the interface of your Windows Operating system and it even lets you sync your calendar, contacts, integrates with OneDrive, OneNote, OfficeOnline and much more. All of these apps are integrated perfectly with Outlook client. Given that Microsoft owns Skype, Outlook also features a notifier for your Skype alerts. It also does not spy on your Emails to provide you with targeted advertisements. Outlook allows users to share, view or edit their Microsoft Office files right from the web browser. You can specify your own Email expiration period, after which Emails get deleted automatically. Offering 5 GB of free storage space and with an upload file size limit of 5 MB per attachment, Outlook is one of the best Gmail alternatives.

Key Features: Simple interface, the absence of targeted ads, seamlessly integrates with Skype, Microsoft Office Online, OneDrive, Calendar, People, creation of custom email, and more.

Platforms Available: Web client supporting all major browsers, Mobile applications for Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Custom Email for Businesses: $4/user per month; $8/user per month (Complete Plans).

2. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

Possibly the best thing about Yahoo! Mail is the 1 TB of storage space that it offers with each Email account. That is an enormous storage space and Yahoo! is offering it for free with every Yahoo! Mail account. The recent introduction of Paperless Post gave rise to Yahoo! Mail’s Stationery, that lets you send beautiful personalized Emails to the people you care about.

Syncing of your Calendar, Instant messages, Contacts, and Notepad is pretty easy with Yahoo! Mail. This Email client also supports customizing the looks and feels of your portal. Multitasking is probably the best features of Yahoo! Mail. Using tabs, like in a web browser, you can shift between different Emails, drafts, compose, and more windows at once. With the support of up to 100 MB of file size for a single attachment, Yahoo! Mail offers the best bargains in terms of storage space for an Email client.

Yahoo! Mail do have an ad featured Email client and the possible discontinuation of your account if inactive for more than 6 months straight!

Key Features: Abundant storage space, Bigger file attachment size, Personalization, Tabs for Multitasking, seamless integration with Contacts/Calendar/Flickr and more.

Platforms Available: Webclient, Android and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Email for Businesses:  $34.95 per yr (1 custom email address); $9.95 per month (unlimited email addresses). (Complete Plans)

3. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

Apple’s iCloud is one of the best pieces of software that ties up the entire network of services across all of the Apple devices. Among the features that Apple’s iCloud offers, iCloud Mail is the Email client that works on an Apple Email ID. With 5 GB of free storage space and an individual file upload limit of 20 MB, iCloud Mail is one of the most appealing Email clients for Apple users. iCloud Mail makes syncing of Emails painless across all of your Apple devices.

iCloud Mail is an ad-free Email client and the only thing it lacks is the ability to categorize your Emails into folders. Also, lack of support for POP3 implies you could not access your other Email accounts using Apple iCloud Mail! The unique approach in designing the iCloud Mail interface receives kudos from people worldwide.

Key Features: Seamlessly syncs across all Apple devices, Ad free, intuitive layout and more.

Platforms Available: Mac OS X or Windows, iOS running devices.

4. Zoho Mail


Zoho is one of the most well-respected CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools. One of the pretty well-known services offered by Zoho is their Zoho Mail client. With 5 GB of free storage space and 10 GB of document storage ability, Zoho Mail is one of the best Email clients on the web for business users. If you already have your own domain name, you can easily set-up your own Email address using Zoho Mail.

Given the other numerous services Zoho offers, Zoho Mail seamlessly integrates with calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, docs, and links. An ad-free, powerful and uncluttered Email client is what if you’re looking for, Zoho Mail is your best bet. If you are looking for a free Email client for your business, Zoho Mail offers Business plans starting from $0!

Key Features: Ad-free and simple interface, smooth sync with notes, docs, calendar, links, perfect integration with Zoho CRM, support for business users and much more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Email for Businesses: Plans start from $0 (Complete Plans).

5. AOL Mail

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is another great free Gmail alternative which was widely popular once. AOL Mail provides its users with Unlimited Email Storage capacity and with a maximum file attachment limit of 25 MB. AOL Mail allows its users to integrate their other Email addresses into their network for a streamlined access of your Emails. AOL Mail also provides users with your own choice of Email address Domains including @love(.)com, @wow(.)com, @games(.)com and @ygm(.)com (Acronym for You got mail).

Some of its key features include a perfect integration with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for chats, Text messaging to Mobile phones, Folder categorization, Events, To-Do lists, Personalizations, and more. AOL Mail was given its present intuitive look as a revamp recently, making it more appealing than ever before!

Key Features: Chat on Instant Messenger, Events, To-do’s, Text messaging, choice of Email address domains, Spam and Virus control and more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

6. Tutanota


Just out of its Beta phase back in the March of 2015, Tutanota is a Germany-based Email encryption startup. Based on dealing with the privacy concerns on the web, Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption of Emails with their client. Offering up to 1 GB of free storage space and a maximum file upload size limit of 25 MB, Tutanota offers five different types of domain names to choose from for your Email address on their network.

After the recent revelations regarding the surveillances under progress in different parts of the world, the need for a secure Email client has grown more than ever! Tutanota encrypts all of your Emails, contacts, and everything concerned with your Email client.

Key Features: End-to-end encryption, open-source software, uncluttered interface, extremely secure and much more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Emails for Businesses: €1/user per month; €2/user per month (Complete Plans).

7. Yandex

Yandex Mail

Coming from Russia, Yandex is one of the biggest search engines there. This European Internet giant has services offered in different aspects of the web, with an Email client being one. A 10 GB of free storage space and a possible increase of additional 1 GB once you reach your last 200 MB is granted, provided you remain active on the network. Customization of your Email client is provided and managing of contacts and emails is pretty easy with Yandex Mail.

Yandex Mail allows users to easily organize their Emails into different categories and folders. Yandex Mail provides a maximum upload limit of 30 MB per file as attachments on their Email client. Enable your POP3 or IMAP protocol to integrate any of your Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple iCloud Mail with Yandex Mail.

Key Features: Customizations, easy management of contacts and emails, import mail from other mailboxes, mail security and much more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

8. FastMail


If you are looking for a feature-rich yet simplistic interface for your Email client, FastMail is your best choice. Based in Melbourne, FastMail is one of the most minimalistic and reliable Email clients. With an elegant, ad-free interface, FastMail allows users to pin important Emails to the top of the pile. Another key feature of FastMail is that it allows users to define a customizable anti-spam filter to keep the inbox jun-free. FastMail also allows users to easily manage their Emails and contacts with folders and labels assignments.

FastMail groups all chats with a contact into windows and these emails get pinned to the top of your portal. Accessing all of your vital Emails is made simple with FastMail. It provides users with a Calendar application, that seamlessly syncs with your Email and also allows you to send automated Email invites. The support for timezones makes sure that your Emails are delivered right on the spot. Support for IMAP/POP3/SMTP, DNS hosting, aliases, addressing and more are some of the tons of features that FastMail provides its users with.

Key Features: Ad-free intuitive interface, pin important emails to the top, integrate calendar, customizable anti-spam filter, folders and labels, and more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

Custom Emails for Businesses: Plans starting from $15/year (Complete Plans)

9. GMX

GMX Mail

GMX markets its Email client as providing unlimited storage space for all of your email needs. GMX’s Mail collector allows users to sync all of their Emails from different accounts right into a single account. A clean and intuitive interface make GMX one of the most user-friendly Email clients on the web. Free online calendar for syncing your events, spam filters and support for custom domains, are some of the key features of GMX Email client.

While other Email client providers limit users to up to 20 MB of maximum file attachment size, GMX provides users with a maximum file upload limit of 50 MB! With GMX webmail, you no longer need the standalone mail client that you might be used to. Archiving of old Emails and support for nested folders make GMX one of the best email services on the web.

Key Features: Clean interface, Unlimited storage, bigger file attachment limits, archiving, nested folders, calendar, custom domains and much more.

Platforms Available: Web client, Android, and iOS mobile applications.

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Coming to the end of this list of the best Gmail alternatives, which are your to-go tools for accessing Emails apart from Gmail? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments regarding these tools below.