Best 7 Tips & Tricks to Master Reyna in Valorant

In the world of Valorant, where every ability counts towards a team’s success, there is only one agent who barely contributes to the supporting part. Yes, we are talking about the all-out-nothing agent in Valorant, Reyna. She was added to the roster on June 2, 2020, with Valorant 1.0’s official launch. If you’re someone who loves W-keying and shooting people in FPS games, then pick Reyna and forget about helping your teammates with abilities. Follow the tips & tricks we mentioned below to master Reyna in Valorant.

1. Be Tactical and Have a Presence of Mind

Reyna is an aggressive Valorant agent when it comes to pushing opponents or taking the first blood. However, before you peek an angle make sure you have a plan in your head on what you will do next in case you get a kill. A lot of times a rookie will dismiss out of a fight even if there are no additional threats. Instead, they can use Devour and heal up in case of damage taken during the first tussle.

Picking early fights as Reyna

If you have a plan to get a kill and exit a fight but you find an opportunity to move forward then never hesitate. Reyna is equipped with enough ability to fight beyond.

2. Utilize the Flash (Leer)

You can cast your Leer ability through walls and place it in any direction you want. Remember to always use this method before peeking at an angle of the wall. Keep in mind that when you take Leer in your hand to cast it you cannot defend yourself.

Reyna Leer forward through the wall

Also, while you are using the Leer ability make sure you put it forward and not to your side. This will help you immediately fight anyone in front of you while they try to destroy it. You can also put the blind on the ground to confuse the enemy’s aim.

3. Pistol Round Advantage

If you wanna win a pistol round playing a Reyna can be always beneficial. It can be even better if you can rock a classic. Buy a half shield and one point of Devour/ Dismiss. This will let you secure multiple kills and sustain in a fight. The early half-shield will help you gather a frag or two. Then you can keep using Devour and dominate your enemies with a shield/ armor advantage.

4. Play Unusual Angles and Use Dismiss

If you are playing as Reyna you are at an advantage when it comes to catching other Valorant agents in vulnerable situations. Other duelists cannot escape after fighting from a vulnerable position to get some kill.

Using Dismiss from a vulnerable position

However, Reyna can escape from situations after getting a kill thanks to her Dismiss ability. This makes Reyna deadly in terms of angle clearance. You can also dodge area damage using dismiss in such situations.

5. Capitalizing on Ultimate

Reyna’s Empress ability can be a game changer depending on the usage. It gives you faster movement and fire rate along with reload speed. This can help you in a multi-enemy situation. You can also use Dismiss after every kill for a healthy duration.

Vision advantage while empress ultimate ability

Once you use the Dismiss while in Empress you also gain invisibility and get healed up to 150. This makes Reyna scary even in a 1 vs. 5 situation. Reyna also gains a massive vision boost as most of your view will go darker and only the enemy Valroant agents will be in a bright color.

6. Have Better Intel Providers

The biggest weakness Reyna has is a lack of supportive utilities. This means if you cannot hit those shots you will be almost useless in your team. Valorant agents are useful when they can contribute even after a bad aim but Reyna is different on that part. If you lack confidence in taking duels you will make your team feel like they are playing as four agents. So, make sure you have your aim game prepared before touching the queen.

Reyna with Gekko in Sunset

A lack of information can be a huge counter for Reyna. As a fight-friendly duelist, Reyna always looks for a fight. However, if you have no information about your enemy’s whereabouts then you can be in a situation where you will be unable to do anything to get out of such situation. Make sure you have proper communication with teammates or you will always be shut down before you can even see who to shoot.

7. You Are Not Invincible

Last but not least thing to understand is that even with damage-dodging skills, Reyna is not invincible. Agents like Kay/o or Breach can counter Reyna easily. Both of these agents are good at clearing off angles and corners. Which can reflect on Reyna being vulnerable. This makes her stop going over-aggressive in the fights and peeks. Kay/o knife can stop Reyna from using Dismiss to get out of an aggressive situation while Breach can concuss her in a corner. That is why make sure you know which agents to approach while picking fights as Reyna.

Reyna Leading the team

You will also need to understand as a Reyna you will have to do the aggressive carrying for the team. If you are playing Reyna for the first time, make sure you have your aims perfected in the range because you will need kills to reach the full potential of Reyna. Also, if you want to make a proper combination around Reyna, supportive utility agents like Omen, Skye, Sova, or Gekko can go well.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and tricks to master Reyna in your Valorant games and Let us know your experience in the comments.

Is Reyna noob friendly?

Yes, if you are new to Valorant and you come from other shooter games then playing Reyna will be easier than other agents.

Do pro players use Reyna?

Unfortunately on professional and LAN levels Reyna is pretty one-dimensional and can be easily shut down. That is why Reyna is good for rank climb but not at the professional level.

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