Best 7 Tips & Tricks to Master Omen in Valorant

Omen is one of the most flexible controllers in Valorant. You can play attacking or total support with Omen given his versatile approach. Be it a small map or a big one, Omen always comes in handy as a controller. So, if you want to be the master of the shadows in Valorant as Omen, then follow all the tips and tricks we have penned down below.

1. Use One-way Smokes

Omen is the only controller who can throw smoke up in the air. Along with it Omen also has the privilege to see the map in a 3d view when using the dark cover. This can help you set up one-way smokes around the map easily. We will recommend Omen mains to use one-way smokes as it helps you peek aggressively which fits his playstyle.

One Way Smoke Omen Valorant

Also, remember that the smoke duration is reduced if you initiate it from a longer range. The minimum duration can be as low as 11 seconds. That is why it is always better to play close to the site you will attack or peek at. If you want to provide cover for other teammates, then move closer to the location of the smoke and initiate it for a maximum of 15 seconds duration of the smoke.

2. The Quick Shrouded Steps Combo

You can also jump inside the smoke and do a paranoia peek. This trick can catch the enemies off guard and you might end up racking a couple of kills. However, the downside is not knowing what is on the other side. That is why combo this trick with Sova recon information. Perform the shrouded step inside the smoke after the smoke starts, otherwise, you will be vulnerable.

Omen shrouded steps, smoke, paranoia combo

3. Early Peek Combo

The early peek combo which is also known as the Omen peek can guarantee you first blood in any Valorant game. You can perform this combo on both sides. Whether you are attacking or defending, you can catch the enemies off guard with this combo. Throw your paranoia from behind a cover and use the shrouded step in front of paranoia-affected enemies. Make sure you do not overdo this as enemies might ready up a plan.

While you are cooking the paranoia make sure you choose direction before initiating paranoia. After making the orb in your hand you will not be able to change direction faster. This works very similarly to Sova’s Hunters Fury. Once you initiate, your aim speed will be slowed until you unequip or throw the paranoia.

4. Catch Them Off-guard From the Shadows

The ultimate ability is always crucial for any agent in Valorant. That is not an exception for Omen either. However, the specialty of From the Shadows is teleporting anywhere on the map. This helps you move around anywhere on the map. If you can use this at the right time, you can penetrate the backline of enemy defense.

Omen from the shadows animation

5. Steal The Spike

You can use your ultimate to move the spike around the sites. In a clutch situation, you can always use the ultimate to grab the spike and move to another site for a guaranteed plant or potential win. Make sure to utilize the ability to take the spike.

Omen Spike Steal using Ultimate in Valorant

If you go to an empty site and use the ultimate right on the spike (wherever it is dropped), you will be able to get it in your hands. Once you are on top of the spike, press F to grab the spike and press your ultimate button (X in our case) again to get back to your initial position. This powerful utility helps Omen be a great clutch agent in Valorant.

6. Keep Your Weapon Ready Before You Teleport

A bonus tip from us is if you are an aggressive Omen main then make sure you have your primary weapon equipped before using shrouded steps or from the shadows. Omen grabs the last quipped weapon right after completing the teleport. This means if you have a melee weapon before the ability initiation and you end up in a duel right after, you might end up losing the duel.

Omen holding an Outlaw

7. Do Not Be Overconfident, Know Your Weaknesses

Overconfidence can be a huge weakness for Omen mains. Although Omen has one of the best early peek or pushing abilities, you can always die if the opponent already knows your plan. It is always better to play according to information about the enemy’s composition and playstyle. As Omen also provides smokes and cover, dying early can cost round after round.

Noise is your enemy when you play Omen. All of the abilities Omen uses make a lot of noise. This helps opponents identify where it is coming from or where you are going. Make sure you have your gun ready right after you use an ability as enemies will be on watch.

It is always better to know which map is better for Omen compared to other controllers. The maps you must play Omen on are Ascent, Haven, Lotus, and Sunset. Pick the right map and agents like Jett, Sova, or Killjoy to be at your true potential as an Omen.

And these were the best tips and tricks you should know to master Omen in Valorant. Already a pro and know more tips we should add? Let us know in the comments below!

Is Omen good in Val?

Yes, according to this patch and our guide, Omen can provide good value to the team. You can be a flex and play aggressive with him. You can also play a supportive role thanks to his controller abilities.

Who is the best solo agent in VALORANT?

Omen is one of the best solo agents with a lot of useful tools to support the team. However, Reyna is the best solo agent in Valorant.

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