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Shilpa Shetty To Host ‘Hear Me. Love Me’ Dating Show on Amazon Prime Video...

Amazon Prime Video's upcoming dating show, 'Hear Me. Love Me', will debut on September 28 in India. The show will be hosted by actress...
Prime Video Brings More Shoppers to Amazon's Website: Report

Prime Video Is Actually Bringing A Lot Of Shoppers to Amazon

Every time an Amazon Studios original series wins a Golden Globe, Amazon sells more shoes. We're not making this up and the statement was,...
Amazon Prime Video to Add More Regional Content for Indian Subscribers

Amazon Prime Video Focused on Regional Content for India Growth

Amazon has set sights on leading the digital content market in India and is planning to add more regional language content to Amazon Prime Video's...

Amazon Prime Video Finally Available on All Android TV Devices

With all the unseemly bickering between Amazon and Google in recent times, you wouldn't have thought that either of them will be willing to...
amazon prime india vs netflix india (2017)

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix India: Which is Better?

The days of watching movies and TV shows on a cable connection are fast passing by. Set-top boxes are being replaced by internet streaming...