Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Lineup with Intel Meteor Lake CPU Leaked!

INTEL 14TH GEN CPU leaked on Samsung Galaxy Book 4 2024 lineup

Samsung’s Galaxy Book is the company’s premium lineup of laptops, and as such, it is refreshed yearly to incorporate the latest specifications. While the lineup is set to debut in 2024, it seems some details about it are already out and about. The biggest reveal in this latest coverage is that these new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops will use Intel’s latest Meteor Lake 14th Gen processors.

The information comes via Windows Report, which claims to have a trusty source and has shared key details regarding five new variants in Samsung’s upcoming lineup. We have detailed the various Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops below with their respective specifications:

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book 4 (2024) Variants with Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake

Galaxy Book VariantProcessorRAMGPUDisplay
Galaxy Book 4 UltraIntel Core Ultra 9 185H (Up to 5.10GHz)32GB LPDDR5XNvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU (8GB GDDR6)16-inch AMOLED (2880×1880, Touch-Screen)
Galaxy Book 4 ProIntel Core Ultra 7 155U (Up to 4.80GHz)16GB LPDDR5XIntel Arc Graphics14-inch AMOLED (2880×1800, Touch-Screen)
Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360Intel Core Ultra 7 155U (Up to 4.80GHz)16GB LPDDR5XIntel Arc Graphics14-inch AMOLED (2880×1800, Touch-Screen)
Galaxy Book 4 360Intel Core 5 120U (Up to 5.0GHz)8GB LPDDR5Intel Graphics15.6-inch AMOLED (1920×1080, Touch-Screen)
Galaxy Book 4Intel Core 5 120U (Up to 5.0GHz)8GB LPDDR4XIntel Graphics15.6-inch FHD LED (1920×1080)
Source: Windows Report

These laptops have varying features & specifications, such as the highly versatile Galaxy Book 360 with a touch-screen display and convertible 360-degree hinge. Most laptops will feature AMOLED displays, excluding the starting variant. The non-Pro variants of upcoming Samsung laptops (Galaxy Book 4 & Book 4 360) do not get the Core Ultra chips – instead, it looks like these will receive the more basic Core 5 120U processors. We can also see a dedicated Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU being offered on the highest-end offering, Galaxy Book 4 Ultra.

samsung galaxy book ultra launched
Galaxy Book Lineup (Image Courtesy: Samsung)

As for pricing, WindowsReport could not share any exact details. They estimate it could cost similarly to the current variants with 13th Gen CPUs. But they also said these devices could have a higher price than current-gen offerings. Considering everything, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra with Intel Core Ultra 9 processor will be super impressive, given the specifications.

Differences Between Intel Core Ultra vs Intel Core in 14th Gen

We can see above the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra variant will feature the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H 14th Gen processor. This flagship Intel 14th Gen processor will essentially be the successor of previous Core i9 H series processors, like the i9-13900H. According to rumors, this processor will have up to a 5.10GHz boost clock speed and feature a 16-core configuration with 22 threads. Keep in mind that these CPUs aren’t officially released yet, so these specs can change later on.

Under the hood of new 14th-generation processors from Intel, we have the Meteor Lake architecture, which boasts several improvements. This is a big moment for Intel, hence the new naming scheme with which high-end CPUs will be distinctively called Core Ultra. It is not exactly confirmed what will be cut down in the basic Core variants as compared to the more powerful Core Ultra CPUs. Intel probably won’t include the full feature set of Meteor Lake, such as the Arc GPU or NPU Chip, on the lower-end variants. Moreover, the base variant of the Galaxy Book 4 is even coming with DDR4 memory instead of DDR5.

We will have to wait until Intel’s AI Everywhere event to happen next month to know more details & distinctions within the Intel 14th Gen lineup.

What do you think about these new Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops with Meteor Lake CPUs? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Hi there, wondering if there is a source for the 14″ variant of the Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360, all other sources I’ve seen have cited that it will be 16″ and I would be delighted if there was a 14″ variant.

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