How to Get Pal Fluids in Palworld

In Short
  • Pal fluids in Palworld are used for crafting water-based items.
  • To get Pal Fluid, you must hunt or capture water-based Pals like Pengullet and more.
  • There is no other way, including crafting, to gather Pal fluids as of now.

Pal Fluids is an essential item in Palworld, and much like leather, you’ll need it often for production purposes. However, unless you know where to get Pal Fluids, you will be roaming around the world with your favorite Pals. To help you with that, we ventured into the wilderness to make it easier for you. So, with that said, here’s how you can get Pal Fluids in Palworld.

Just like leather in Palworld, you currently cannot craft Pal Fluids. As such, the only two methods here involves capturing or killing the Pals. Furthermore, while you can purchase leather from the merchant, the same isn’t applicable for Pal Fluids. With that, let’s begin hunting some Pals.

Method 1: Gather Pal Fluids by Hunting Pals

Kill off Pals to obtain Pal Fluids in Palworld

The most obvious method of getting Pal Fluid in the game currently involves killing water-element Pals. These creatures usually drop vials of Pal fluids, which you can then use to craft items. In the beginning, we suggest eliminating Pengullet to obtain Pal Fluids.

The general vicinity of finding a Pengullet

Begin by crafting a weapon from the crafting table. Now head to the location marked above to find this water-based Pal. They appear in the morning and stay around till nighttime. Once you spot the pal, start hitting them until they die. With that done, collect the Pal fluids from Pengullet.

However, Pengullet isn’t the only Pal that produces the material. There is a healthy variety of water-based Pals that you can find near the coastline. Look for their blue bodies. Some of the best Pals to get fluids from are:

  • Fuack
  • Gobfin
  • Jormuntide
  • Surfent
  • Teafant
  • Celaray
  • Kelpsea

Method 2: Capture Pals to Obtain Pal Fluids

Capture a Pal to obtain the Pal Fluid

Fortunately, if you don’t enjoy killing every pal in Palworld and want to gather Pal Fluids mercifully, you can capture them instead. In Palworld, if you successfully trap a Pal, you will get the items they were holding.

You first need to learn how to craft a Pal Sphere. Once that is done, capture one of the Pals we have mentioned above, and you will get the much-needed Pal fluids. Furthermore, you’ll also have a cute Pal to assign jobs to.

That’s how easily you can obtain Pal fluids. While we know you can’t craft Pal fluids, we expect that to change as more updates are rolled out. Do you know any other method to get Pal Fluids? Let us know in the comments below.

What items can we create with Pal fluids?

Pal fluids can be used to create items like Hot Springs, Water Fountains, and more. In some cases, this item also gets used for Pal gear and components like cement.

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